Tuesday, April 22, 2014

[RAW] Cherry Pink

Today's release is the last smut magazine I'm going to be posting before I go to Japan! Actually, it's the last magazine I'm going to be posting for a while. I got the information about my apartment and it's going to cost me $2475 up front to move in, plus around $600 to stay in a hotel for two weeks until it's ready. I have a total of $5000 in savings and the remaining ~$2000 needs to furnish my apartment, pay my utilities, get me a cellphone, and pay for my food and gas in my car until my first pay check, two months from now! As a result, I am going to be so broke for the first two months I'm in Japan that I won't be able to afford to buy any manga at all. Except Sugar Apple Fairytale Volume 15! I'll buy that even if it means I have to go without eating, LOL. 

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Monday, April 21, 2014

[RAW] Love So Life Chapter 88

The long-awaited chapter 88 finally appeared on Baidu courtesy of some Chinese internet anon. Thank you, anon-san!! Since Baidu is a POS, I reuploaded the pictures on imgur and mediafire.

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I think this chapter is pretty self-explanatory, but to briefly sum it up: Matsunaga tells Shiharu he loves her and has probably always loved her ever since he first met her, and that although he respects her for how much more mature she is than other kids her age, in the end she is still a child. So he tells her to go out into the world and experience everything she can with whomever she wants, and then when she becomes the age he is now (about 10 years from now) he wants her to think about him again, and give him a response about her feelings for him then.The ring is a symbol of his promise to her that he'll wait with unchanging feelings until then and not be mad even if she decides she doesn't like him. Shiharu's about to blurt out that this is BS because she loves him and wants to do the nasty with him ASAP (or at least that's what I was hoping she'd say) but then Aoi came in saying he had to go pee. 

I'm thoroughly disgusted with this chapter and thinking about forsaking this series completely. I really don't have the fortitude to hang in there for another 100 chapters until the latest drama is resolved. I don't think I have the fortitude for another 20 chapters of this! My gentle heart can't take it!

[Mangalator] QQ Sweeper Chapter 2

Hopefully this chapter will also be scanlated properly soon. In the meantime, I took a few hours and translated it for you guys on mangalator. Thank you to Raffmanga.ch for the scans and the software!

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[RAW] Premium the Beans Volume 1

Before you get too excited, please note that this release is not of a full magazine; I only scanned the pages related to Sugar Apple Fairy Tale. I originally bought this magazine because I thought it might contain one of the Sugar Apple Fairy Tale Drama CDs, but when I got it I found out it only contains the application form to send away for the Drama CD, and the deadline was in 2011 or 2012 (lol). Since I had the magazine, though, I figured I might as well scan the Sugar Apple Fairy Tale pictures and side story. I believe this side story is also included in Volume 12, which is just a collection of side stories, so I won't translate it now.

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Saturday, April 19, 2014

[RAW] S Romance - March, 2014

This is the second-to-last smut magazine I'm going to be posting before I leave for Japan :D There's just one more in my queue. I didn't actually read this, but flipping through it while I scanned it I noticed there's another one shot with a tattooed yakuza guy as the main character! Woohoo!

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Friday, April 18, 2014

[RAW] Hakoniwa Royale

I honestly don't remember debinding this but I must have because it was in one of my boxes from the move back to the US from Japan last year. I believe it's the first chapter in what turned out to be a 1 volume short series. The premise of the story is that this guy and girl are playing some kind of computer game where they are represented by avatars (the little fairies on the cover). Typically I'm not into this kind of plot, but I think I must have debound this and shipped it home because of the lovely art. 

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

[Announcement] Tsutsumi Kakeru New Series

This announcement is a little late, but I just found out that the reason Oji Koi has slowed down lately is probably because the author is currently working on another series as well! Tsutsumi Kakeru's new series, "Shokubutsu Zukan" ("Illustrated Reference Book of Plants") is being serialized in a newly established (?) magazine called "Hana to Yume Bunkei Shoujo" which specializes in manga adaptions of popular novels. The original Shokubutsu Zukan was written by Arikawa Hiro. 

According to the Japanese wikipedia article for the novel, the plot is extremely similar to that of the manga/drama "Kimi wa Petto." A hardworking OL named Sayaka finds a handsome young man, Itsuki, collapsed outside her apartment building when she comes home from work one night. She brings him inside and gives him a hot meal and a bath and lets him spend the night, and when she wakes up in the morning she finds he's repaid her kindness by making her a delicious breakfast. The two strike up a bargain whereby Itsuki will take care of the cooking and cleaning, and Sayaka will let him stay for free. 

You can read a preview of this new series here. According to the official page this magazine also includes serializations of 3 original light novels that are side stories to popular Hana to Yume series; currently they're doing Skip Beat, Sore demo Sekai wa Utsukoshii and Akatsuki no Yona. 

When asked by a reader on twitter, Tsutsumi-sensei said that no official date has been set yet, but that she is expecting the tankoubon to be released sometime in June. I can't wait!! I think Tsutsumi Kakeru might be my favorite mangaka of all time :D