Friday, August 29, 2014

[RAW Zettai Joshi X Buka

I finally, FINALLY started scanning that gigantic pile of smut manga I bought and debound a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately school's about to start again in just a few days, so activity on this blog will slow way down again. 

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PS: To end summer break on a high note, my friends and I took a day trip to Kyoto yesterday and we'll be hitting Osaka tomorrow!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

[RAW] Kimi no Koto nado Zettai ni - Chapter 1

Today's release is Chapter 1 of Tanaka Meca's newest series, "Kimi no Koto nado Zettai ni." I have somewhat complicated feelings for Tanaka Meca. I'm not crazy about her art style, and I really, really hate Tsundere charcters, which she tends to use a lot, but there's something indescribable and addictive about the stories she writes. I think I'm going to like this series a lot because the female lead is NOT a tsundere (thank god!)

Tachibana Leo is the heir to a successful clothing manufacturing empire. He studied abroad in America for 10 years and just returned to Japan in order to enter high school, and get revenge on his childhood "friend," Tsuwabuki Tenma, the heiress to another clothing manufacturing company. As children they were forced to play together in hopes that they'd get married in the future and unite their families' companies. However Tenma was an aggressive, domineering, spoiled brat with an intense (nearly psychotic) love for animals, and she often lead (forced) Leo into dangerous and humiliating situations. Due to his trauma from being called Tenma's "manservant" by the other kids when they were young, Leo spent the 10 years he was in America plotting revenge for his childhood humiliation. Now that he's back in Japan, Leo is ready to put his plan into action: he's going to make Tenma fall head-over-heals in love with him and then dump her like garbage! However things aren't quite as Leo expected... The Tsuwabuki family lost their fortune when their company went bankrupt, and Tenma is no longer the spoiled little girl she once was: having to fend for herself has made her into a stronger, more practical and more humble person than she used to be. Furthermore, all of Leo's attempts at seduction seem to roll right off of Tenma?! In fact, Leo is the one who finds himself strangely attracted to the object of his revenge plan... "No one else is allowed to bully you... I reserve that pleasure for myself!"

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Sunday, August 24, 2014

[RAW] Kuuchuu Toshi Rewingardo

It's another one-shot by Yajima Toki! I've told you guys many times that I'm kinda obsessed with this manga-ka. I'm not crazy about the way she draws, but the stories she tells are amazing. Every single one of her one-shots is so unique and packed full of potential for a loooong series, and yet they end in just one chapter. It's such a breath of fresh air compared to the endless number of Shoujo manga that have absolutely no plot or originality whatsoever and yet they drag on for 100's of chapters... 

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This short story is a social commentary set in the future, after a massive world war during which all the best scholars in the world gathered together in protest of the pointless fighting and built their own country in the form of a giant skyscraper 800+ stories tall. This tower is named "Rewingardo" and is the center of education  in the post-war world, and a symbol of hope for peace through enlightened cooperation between countries in the mutual pursuit of knowledge. In order to keep a promise to her deceased older brother, a girl named Tsuta from a poor country that was on the losing side at the end of the war passes the extremely difficult entrance exams necessary for admission the university at Rewingardo. Her peer mentor, Jin, is the son of the prime minister of one of the powerful, prosperous countries that were on the winning side at the end of the war. Both learn a lot from each other as Tsuta drags Jin along on her mission to fulfill the promise to her brother: to view the stars from the only place they are still visible in this broken post-war world; from the off-limits top floor of Rewingardo, above the polluted smog clouds.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

[RAW] Shuriken to Pleats - Chapter 2

So far, I am really enjoying this series. The main reason is because my "hometown" here in Japan is famous for being the home-base for one of Japan's best-known ninja clans in ancient times, so a story about ninja fills me with local pride. Also, I like how this story is really taking its time to develop and flesh out the back story before proceeding forward. After 2 chapters Mikage hasn't even arrived at the school yet, and we still don't know the male-lead's name. 

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In this chapter Mikage tells the guy she met at the end of the last chapter to run away while she fends off the ninja, but the ninja retreat without really engaging with her. This is a good thing, because the guy collapses a few feet away, unable to move. At first Mikage despairs, thinking that he was hit with a shuriken and died because she couldn't protect him. In fact, he is still alive and he tells her that he's out of his medicine and he hands her the business card to a private clinic and tells her to get him there, then he passes out. Mikage brings the guy to the clinic and they fix him right up. When he wakes up he  asks Mikage if she's a ninja too like the guys trying to kill him but she doesn't answer. Then he grabs her and tells her he wants to hire her to protect him from them. It's revealed that the sick guy is very wealthy (Mikage saw he had tons of money in his wallet when she took some money out to pay the taxi driver who brought them to the clinic) but not who or what (job) he is. Mikage declines his request to become his bodyguard, saying that she's vowed to work for only one man her whole life. Sick guy is really persistent asking her over and over again so she thinks that maybe he is misunderstanding her Japanese (she was raised in England) so she rephrases the "a lifetime in service to only one master" bit a few different ways and asks him again if he understands what she's trying to day. From this he misunderstands that she's married to Rod. He makes an off-handed rude comment about Rod and Mikage kicks him in the stomach and then leaves, even while the sick guy tries to have his servant chase after her to pester her about accepting the body-guard job some more. From there Mikage heads towards an apartment her father owns and agreed to let her use while she's in Japan. However when she gets there the apartment is on fire and there is a message written in some ancient ninja-only script that says "This country is our playground. Get out." Mikage understands this as a warning message from the ninja she chased off earlier. She's distraught because all of her luggage was already delivered to the apartment ahead of time, including all of her keepsakes from Rod. She's about to race into the burning building to try and retrieve the keepsakes but the sick guy suddenly appears and tackles her, just in time to prevent part of the roof from collapsing on Mikage's head. Sick guy tells Mikage that with this he has repaid the favor he owed her from when she saved his life. Mikage says he's wrong: when she saved him before it wasn't her doing something nice for him, it was an automatic response due to her training, so he doesn't owe her anything. In fact, she says that she's now in his debt because it must have taken a lot of courage for a normal human to do what he did just now and drag her away from the fire. The sick guy uses this opening to once again demand that she accept the job as his bodyguard. The chapter ends on a cliffhanger(?) awaiting Mikage's answer. Next chapter will be released 9/24.  

[RAW] Colette wa Shinu Koto ni Shita - Chapter 3

The best thing about this chapter is that it's the last chapter for 2 months: Yukimura Alto announced on the last page that she's taking a mini-hiatus from Colette wa Shinu Koto ni Shita in order to work on (hopefully finish up?) Sugar Apple Fairytale. It's not yet been announced whether or not the manga adaption will continue into the 2nd volume of the light novel series yet, but at this point I'm going to assume it won't, so that if it does we can be pleasantly surprised!

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PS: I mentioned a few days ago that I was going in for my second attempt at the driving test for converting my American driver's license to a Japanese one. Well, I went and I failed again! At least I made it all the way to the end this time (the first time I commit a 'serious' infraction and insta-failed and didn't even get to finish the course!) and I got some really good feedback, so I am confident that I'll pass next time for sure. I've heard that the examiners in my prefecture are very racist and that when foreigners take the test they will fail us even if we drive perfectly. One of my friends has failed 7 times, and I've heard that another girl who lived in this city a few years ago failed 9 times! But in my experience the examiners were all very pleasant and they failed me for valid reasons. Not to mention, the guy who went before me at my most recent test (a Brazilian man who didn't speak any Japanese but spoke a bit of English so I translated the examiner's instructions for him) passed! If I drive perfectly next time and still fail, then I'll call the examiners racist but until then I'm reserving judgement. The next driving test is about 1 month away, on September 22nd. 頑張るよ!

[RAW] Kurohakushaku wa Hoshi wo Mederu - Chapter 2

Finally, RAWs of a series I actually like! However I haven't read this chapter yet. To be honest, I've been too busy scanning and uploading manga to actually read much of it lately. I'll get working on that once I'm done writing up this post :D

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PS: In case you missed it in the chatbox, I posted some pictures of my apartment in Japan, in case you are curious to see what kind of place I live in. This apartment is also Leopalace brand, but it's a newer, slightly higher-quality model with some extra features. Unlike other leopalace apartments, this one was completely unfurnished so all of the appliances are mine except for the A/C unit and the gas range. Internet and water are included in my rent, though!  

Thursday, August 21, 2014

[RAW] Cinderella Hakushakuke no Kutsubakokan - Volume 1: Koi Suru Otome wa Ame wo Matsu

My dear friend Mizuouji from Aqua Scans turned me on to this relatively new light novel series. It's published by B's-Log Bunko, the publisher who brought us Shinigamihime no Saikon. So far this is the only volume, with volume 2 scheduled to be released in a few days. I'm interested in it mostly because of the lovely illustrations, which are being done by Aki, the same illustrator who does Sugar Apple Fairytale. However the story also sounds interesting, so I might read it someday, after I finish Sugar Apple Fairytale, of course!

Summary from the back of the book: Upon hearing a rumor that the Dissent family, who are descendants of Cinderella and hold the rank of Earl, are gathering shoes that have stories behind them, Adelle decides to bring the "red shoes" that were her deceased mother's legacy to the next-in-line Dissent family head, Allen, to have them appraised. However, what he tells her instead... is the shocking truth about Cinderella! With the shoes taken away from her, Adelle decides to work at Allen's shoe shop, "Glass Dome"despite the fact that she's extremely shy in order to learn the truth about her mother's death, however...?!

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PS: I pre-ordered the final volume of Sugar Apple Fairytale on Amazon Japan yesterday, so I should get it the day after it's released. I can't wait!