Monday, May 2, 2016

[RAW] Hana to Yume Issue #11, 2016 (2016-05-05)

Hey guys! Normally Hana to Yume comes out on the 5th and the 20th of every month, but this month the issue normally released on the 5th was released early because the 5th is right in the middle of Golden Week and most businesses will be closed. I'm not sure exactly when it was released but I got it yesterday, on the 1st. 
As I mentioned in my last post, I got married today! It still feels totally unreal, and because I got married according to the laws and government of a foreign country I have to do a bunch of extra paperwork and jump through some extra hoops to change my last name, so for the next few weeks I'll still technically retain my maiden name, which doesn't help the fact that I've gotten married sink in. In any case, we're very happy to be married and have ordered our wedding rings, which should be arriving in the next few weeks. Maybe then it will finally feel real!

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Saturday, April 30, 2016

[RAW] Petit Comic Issue #05 (2015-04-08)

Omataseshimashita! Here is the most recent issue of Petit Comic magazine. The next issue is due out on May 8th. 
Right now it's Golden Week here in Japan, and everything's a little hectic, but we have been enjoying taking a few day trips and preparing to get married. After traveling to my fiance's hometown to get his parents' blessing and their signatures on our marriage certificate, we're finally all set and will be passing all of the necessary documents in to city hall tomorrow morning. Next time I post here, I'll be a married woman! ♡

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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

[RAW] Hana to Yume Issue #10 (2016-04-20)

Good morning, everyone! I interrupt your regularly scheduled Petit Comic (one more issue to go until we're up to date) to bring you the highly anticipated most recent issue of Hana to Yume.
First of all, I have to apologize to everyone for making a mistake in my summarization of the first chapter of Life So Happy. The chapter was labeled 前編 in Japanese, which I incorrectly interpreted to mean 'prequel' because the front cover was plastered with the tagline '新連載' ('new serialization!'). In fact, although the words 'new serialization' usually indicate a new SERIES it can also mean new chapters of an existing series (as is the case with Yugi Ou recently), which is how they were using it in this instance. Therefore, in this case 前編 does not mean 'prequel' but actually 'the first half.' As in, the first half of a 2-chapter mini-series :(
This issue of Hana to Yume contains the 2nd half of this two-part mini-series, which is completed for the time being. On the last page of the chapter it says "Finished" and then underneath something like "Please look forward to the continuation of Life So Happy at some point in the future." So we can only conclude that Kouchi Kaede intends to continue the series, but there are no concrete plans for it at this time. Let's all hope and pray that that changes!

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Life So Happy 2nd Half Summary

Kouichi is just returning home from work as the chapter starts. He sees Akane in the entrance way and starts apologizing for missing her open class day because of work, but she blows right past him and keeps going. Grandma is close on Akane's heals, but she stops when she sees Kouichi and when he asks her what's going on with Akane, she explains what happened and says that she doesn't quite know why Akane's upset, but she thinks she must have said something to upset Akane, so she has to find her and apologize immediately. Then grandma takes off, too.
As he enters the house, Kouichi next meets Aoi, who he also asks about Akane. Aoi has an idea why Akane's upset because in the previous chapter she asked him how the kids in his class reacted to seeing grandma, but Aoi is either wise beyond his years, or else just a little brat, because he cheekily tells Kouichi "Why don't you ask her yourself? You're supposed to be her father, aren't you?" Kouichi is a bit taken aback by this answer but he hesitantly goes after Akane and grandma. It's obvious that he still doesn't feel he has any right to be a father to Akane after how he left her and Aoi when they were babies, but he does love them.
Just when Akane starts feeling horrible about how she treated her grandmother, Kouichi catches up with her. He starts to scold her gently about running out and making everyone worry, when he realizes that since grandma left before him to chase after Akane, she should have found her first, but she's no where to be seen. Akane feels even worse when it occurs to her that grandma could be lost or have pulled a muscle or something while looking for her, and Kouichi adds to Akane's angst by telling her that grandma said she thinks Akane hates her. Akane insists she doesn't hate grandma and Kouichi says something very important (translated) "Then you have to discuss it with her properly. If you suddenly run away without any explanation, how do you think the other person will feel?" It's painfully obvious that Kouichi is talking about himself leaving them when they were babies just as much as he is about Akane and grandma's fight today.
Thankfully, grandma arrives just then, out of breath but otherwise fine and immediately apologizes for not being able to understand how Akane feels, and says she won't go to the school if Akane doesn't want her to. Touched by grandma's kindness and selflessness (she never scolds Akane for running out or pushes her to explain why she doesn't want grandma to go to school) Akane starts crying and apologizes. She tries to explain that she didn't like hearing grandma compared to the young and pretty mothers by the other students who she felt were making fun of grandma. After hearing them say nasty things, she feels that she can't (or doesn't want to) explain her family situation to the rest of the class, so she ended up not wanting grandma to come to school again because the same thing might happen again. Finally Akane apologizes for saying it so unkindly when grandma hadn't done anything wrong, and grandma hugs Akane and tells her that it's okay and that she's just happy Akane explained everything to her properly now.
Then grandma comments that it's only to be expected that Akane will be irrational and emotion occasionally since she's 'about that age.' Akane has no idea what she's talking about, but grandma tells her that adults have times like this when they have 'difficult emotions' that they have to deal with, but for kids Akane and Aoi's age it's all new to them, so grandma kindly advises Akane to take things one step at a time and take her time to examine her feelings and think things through before reacting. 
After the touching make-up scene, Akane, grandma and Kouichi return home hand-in-hand to eat dinner. Aoi violently wipes up snot off Akane's face when she gets home, trying to hide the fact that he was eagerly waiting for her to get home, because he was worried about her. 
In the last scene, it shows the whole family at school looking at Akane's picture while Akane narrates that the world is full of things she doesn't know and that frightens her, but as long as they're together, it will surely turn out alright. 
"Please look forward to the continuation of "Life So Happy" at some point in the future."

Sunday, April 24, 2016

[RAW] Petit Comic Issue #04, 2016 (2016-03-08)

I don't have much to say today or much time to write a post, so without preamble enjoy this issue of Petit Comic!

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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

[RAW] Petit Comic Issue #03, 2016 (2016-02-08)

Hey guys! I found the RAWs for this issue of Petit Comic on my computer; I don't even remember buying or scanning it, but it seems that I did, and the very day before moving, based on the release date of the magazine! Sorry I made you all wait so long for the release. 
I also found a random copy of Issue #04 (released in March) still hanging around the magazine shelves at my local supermarket, even though they are supposed to send back all the old issues the day they start selling the next month's issue. So, fortunately, there will be no missing issues of Petit magazine! I have already scanned issues #04 and #05, and am in the process of getting them uploaded, so I should be able to post both later this week. 
I've gotten my hands on the next issue of Hana to Yume as well, so look forward to Life So Happy RAWs in the next few days as well! 

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Monday, April 18, 2016

[RAW] Vampire Knight Side Story - Inochi to Owari to Tengoku no Aida (The Space Between Life, Death, and Heaven)

Hey guys! It looks like this side story was already scanlated into English (and also Italian) by the nice people over at Amethyst Eyes, so I won't bother writing up a summary, but since I had the RAWs sitting around I figured I'd scan and share them for people who want to read the story in Japanese. Just throwing it away after reading feels like such a waste!  

As you may have heard, it looks like Vampire Knight has officially become a regular series (again), but this time it will be published in the quarterly magazine (released every 3 months) Lala Deluxe (aka Lala DX). There isn't much information available about the contents of the new series, but sources suggest that it may be about the relationship between Yuuki and Zero about 50 years after Kaname's 'death.'

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Saturday, April 16, 2016

[RAW] Hana to Yume - Issue 09, 2016 (2016-04-05)

Hey guys! I've been a very bad blogger lately. I apologize. Moving went smoothly and we settled in in record time-- everything was unpacked and put away withing 3 days after moving in. For the past two months we've been blissfully enjoying living together and preparing to get married. If all goes well, we'll bee getting married shortly after golden week, either the 9th or the 23rd of May. If you're curious about my apartment, I've posted a video tour on my other blog.

Unfortunately, I've been pretty busy every since moving. Cleaning an apartment this big and doing two people's worth of laundry and dishes takes more time than looking after just myself and my tiny shoebox apartment did, and my fiance wants me spending my free time with him, not my computer. As a result, I didn't even buy the last few issues of my regular magazines, and they're already out of stores so I can't get the RAWs for you guys. 

HOWEVER there was absolutely no way I could NOT buy and scan this issue! As you can probably guess from the image to the left, Kouchi Kaede, author of Love So Life, has begun a new series called "Life So Happy" revolving around Akane and Aoi's lives as 5th graders. The chapter in this issue of the magazine is a prequel chapter, and the series should be starting from Chapter 1 in the next issue. I will write a brief summary of the chapter below. 

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Summary of Love So Happy Prequel Chapter:
This chapter is narrated by Akane, who as a 5th grader looks remarkably like a smaller version of Shiharu. Akane and Aoi are still living with their grandparents in Shizuoka, and their father lives with them as well. Kouichi now has a job (what exactly he does for a living is not clear, but it seems he's a regular company employee) that keeps him very busy with lots of overtime and weird hours, so grandma is the main one taking care of the twins. 
On their first day of the 5th grade, Akane and Aoi are once again in different classes. Akane is sad that her best friend Kanon-chan is also in a different class, however it's some consolation that her new homeroom teacher, Mr. Kawazu (first name Hiroaki) is a total hottie. 5th grade Aoi has a very dry personality (kind of like his Uncle) and when Akane tells him about hottie-sensei he replies that he'd rather have a crusty old teacher who knows how to teach than an attractive young teacher right out of college who doesn't know his head from his @$$. When Akane relates this conversation with Aoi to her grandmother later at home grandma sympathizes with Akane that Aoi doesn't understand a girl's heart. I thought this scene was worth mentioning because it's clear that the twins are starting to become aware of the differences between boys and girls for the first time. 
It's announced that there will be an "open class day" the following week ('open class day' is when the parents and guardians of students can come to school and stand at the back of the classroom watching the lesson to see how their kids are doing in class and how the teacher's doing teaching them), but because Kouichi has to work, it's decided that grandma will go.
There's a short explanation about how Akane and Aoi's mother is deceased and during this scene Akane admits that she doesn't remember anything about her mother and only knows her face from pictures, and that she wants to know more about her but is afraid to ask because it will just make grandma, grandpa and dad upset to think about her. 
On open class day the following week, Shiharu also comes to watch the class. All of the students are really excited when she comes in and are whispering among themselves "Whose mom is that?! She's so young and pretty!" But then when grandma comes into the classroom, the same kids start whispering "Aw man, who brought their grandma! That's got to be someone's grandmother, right? No one that old has a child in the 5th grade. I mean, I guess bringing your grandparents isn't actually forbidden, but..." Akane suddenly realizes that because most of the people in the class weren't in her class last year, they don't know that her mother is deceased, and she doesn't look forward to having to explain about it to her new classmates. One boy goes as far as to point to a picture in the textbook of a little old lady and remark to his friend how she looks exactly like 'that grandma in the back of the room.' 
On the way home Akane asks Aoi how his open class was, but he says it was normal, so we can only conclude no one was surprised to see grandma when she went over there to watch. Once they get home, grandma tells Akane that Mr Kawazu is really handsome just like she said (lol) and then she announces that she'll be visiting the school again the following week to see a piece of Akane's artwork that is going to be on display. Akane drew this picture during art class as a 4th grader and it was previously displayed at the community center, where grandma also went to see it, but apparently she wants to go see it after they move it over to the school, too. Akane remembers everyone's reactions to her grandmother during the open class and tries to tell grandma that she doesn't have to come see it again since she already saw it before. Grandma insists it's no problem and that she's looking forward to seeing it again, but Akane gets upset and yells at her that she doesn't need to go see it. When grandma asks if she's done something wrong, Akane runs off crying.