Sunday, February 27, 2011

Towazugatari - Volume 1 Chapter 1 (ENGLISH)

This is my first release! I'm really excited. I had actually never heard of this story until I saw the book at the library and realized I could read it. When I looked online, I learned that Towazugatari is actually a piece of literature, and this manga is a shoujo-esque adaption. The original is the autobiography of Lady Nijou, a woman who was concubine to the emperor Go-Fukakusa in medieval Japan. Here is the wikipedia about her. 

I'm not sure how much of the series I'll scanlate, but I'd like to at least finish the next two chapters in the first book, since I already rented it. I hope you enjoy this release! Please read my disclaimers:

1. This chapter contains 'questionably consensual rape' so please don't read if you are bothered by this type of plot device.
2. I am still a low-level student of Japanese, so while my translation is certainly readable, please take it with a grain of salt.
3. Besides translation I also did all of the scanning, editing and proofreading myself. Since I got the volume from the library, I can't dismember it, so I apologize for the lesser quality of the images.
4. Please consider buying this book, it is a pretty easy read even if you are still a beginner at Japanese. If it gets published in English someday, please consider even more seriously buying it!


  1. Congratulation for your first release.
    Thats look interesting. Thanks :)

  2. wow I wish my library had manga like this. Your translation is very good. Keep up the good work! :)

  3. thanks for picking this up to scanlate.
    i don't like those 'consensual rape' plots devices in general but knowing that, i'll give this a shot anyway. so i do appreciate the warning. ^^
    btw i haven't read the chapter yet, but i gotta say you did a fantastic job with the scanning+editing! can't tell it wasn't debinded!

  4. Thank you for the release it was a good read and congrats on ur first release :)

  5. Thank you very much for the release. :)

  6. Thanks to everyone who commented :D

    @shouhaku - I picked this University because it has the biggest/best Chinese and Japanese language department in this part of the country. Our library has an entire floor just for Japanese and Chinese books. There's only 1 bookcase for manga though... the rest are all proper studious books I have no hope of reading for a while yet.

    @yambasket - Yeah I figured people might like a heads up about that scene even if its not something they have a problem with. Me personally, I don't mind it unless its particularly graphic or violent then that might bother me. Generally I just find 'consentual rape' to be a really obnoxious element in plots. However in this case I feel that Gosho-sama is SUCH an unashamed lecher that its almost refreshing that he's so honnest about it at least, you know? Haha. I haven't read the novel Towazugatari but from summaries on the internet, it seems there was nothing consentual about it when this really happened, unfortunately. I think Go-Fukakusa was an old man already when Nijou became his concubine in real life. Trust manga to sugar coat reality until it hardly resembles the truth at all, hm? Anyways thank you for your complimentabout the editibg, that much at least I have plenty of experience with. The raws didn't have a "shadow" from the binding but instead it was kind of blurry which I haven't seen before. I ended up cropping a lot of detail around the margin to get rid of the blur.

  7. Hi, and thank you very much for this chapter! I was wondering whether you're also going to release the rest of the manga? It'd be great! Keep up the good work! ^^

  8. You're very welcome Sango! I will release the rest of Volume 1 and possibly Volume 2 (I rented it from the library but haven't scanned it yet). I probably will NOT release the 3rd and final volume because my school's library doesn't own it, and Kinokuniya (where I buy RAWs) doesn't sell it either. So, maybe SOMEDAY, like when I study abroad, and if I can find a copy of it, I might do it.

  9. Thank you so much for your reply! Would Chinese raws of Volume 3 be of any help to you? I managed to get hold of Chinese scanlations, but I cannot read Chinese... If you're interested let me know :)
    I was also considering releasing it in Italian (I'm Italian, you see ;P)
    I love the book, and I'm loving this manga adaptation :)


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