Thursday, March 31, 2011

Apothecarius Argentum - Volume 9 Chapter 34 (ENGLISH)

Today I finally finished Chapter 34! This took me so long because every time I got to a really difficult part of the translation I got super depressed and couldn't even look at it again for a week. Haha.
I am going to write some translation notes here. I don't think they are very spoiler-y but, just in case, maybe you should read the chapter first and come back and read the rest of my post later, if you remember?
There are a few things that I didn't translate well that I want to bring to everyones' attention. I'm not sure how much these things will factor into the rest of the series, but they may be worth mentioning.
1. When Goriel and Trildan talk to each other, it's hilarious. First of all, Goriel uses extremely extravagant/arrogant Japanese to talk about himself. Trildan uses extremely polite Japanese to talk to Goriel, but occasionally you can get an undertone of how much he actually disdains him. 
2. Throughout this chapter, in several instances I got the feeling that there are supposed to be discreet implications of a correlation between the country of Mord in the story and the United States in the real world. Mostly this is not language-related but my own personal opinion, however, the official name of the country is written as モルド連合諸国 which I chose to translate more neutrally as "allied nations of Mord" but other definitions I found in the dictionary include "The United States of Mord" and "The Confederate States of Mord" and "The United Nations of Mord". Also, when the mysterious hooded guy says "You will be welcome in my country, the sick, especially are given shelter there", in Japanese it sounded vaguely (very vaguely!) reminiscent of the whole "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free" thing. 
3. You will see Trildan talking about various people being "bound by a curse". This is a direct literal translation. If you want to know what I thought he was talking about, I understood the 'curse' that people are bound by is the limitations the current society system puts on people according to their social class, and their opportunities in life are 'bound' by what class they are born into. This is my opinion based on the context, again, I translated it as literally as possible in case I was misunderstanding.
4. I apologize sincerely for any butchering I may have done or may yet do to the fundamental laws of science. In English, I know almost nothing about science and technical vocabulary, so please be patient with my translation about topics relating to medicine.
5. (Last topic!) I am not really sure about some things that happened previously in this series. I've tried my best to keep the consistent spellings of peoples' names from the CMX version, but my copies are all in my parents' attic, whereas I'm stuck at University. Also, I'm not totally sure what the government system in Beazol is supposed to be. Is it a constitutional monarchy? A (regular?) monarchy? This chapter mentions 'the council' a few times, I wasn't sure if this is supposed to be 'the senate' or 'the council of advisors', so I used the obscure-er term. 
Thanks for reading all that! 


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