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Apothecarius Argentum - Volume 9 Chapter 36 [ENGLISH]

After not so long a wait this time, I have Apothecarius Argentum Chapter 36 for you today! With this, Volume 9 is complete! If you'd have asked me a few years ago if I thought there would be a day when I could translate and edit in high quality an entire volume of manga by myself, the answer would certainly have been no! One year ago I didn't know a word of Japanese beyond "Kawaii desu ne?" and two years ago I had photoshop phobia! Also almost 2 years ago the last published volume of this series was released by CMX... I think we've waited long enough!
I noticed that I made a mistake in translation in the previous chapter (35) that I'd like to bring to your attention. In the complete volume download at the end of this post, the correction has been made. On Chapter 35 Page 21, Amethyst says "Popola, take the inn and Jade with you and go to Beazol with Soda." This should actually say "...take the INNKEEPER and Jade with you..." Sorry about that! In Japanese it does actually just say "inn," apparently that's what they call this character. He appears more in chapter 36.
Some other translation notes for you this time:
1. In a flashback the king of Beazol says to crying Primula, "Are you hurt? I'll do 'pain pain fly away'." I haven't heard of this before, but according to what I read on Japanese wikipedia "Pain, pain, fly away" is something done by parents of rambunctious young children when they hurt themselves to soothe them. The parent chants "pain, pain, fly away!" and rubs the injured area, then picks up the child and swings them around in the air, airplane-style.
2. Throughout the whole series, various people refer to Daniel as the "Balladeer of Love." I have kept this translation because I like it. However, a more literal translation of the Japanese word used would be "Missionary of Love." In this chapter you will read people talking about his "Ballad of Love" when in Japanese they actually said more like "Gospel of Love." I have changed the dialogue slightly to fit with the "Ballad" translation. Just thought you might like to know!
3. I changed the spelling of "Ubella" (CMX) to "Yubella" because it sounds more feminine and in Japanese her name is written in katakana as "YUBERA."
4. Names I kept consistent with CMX cannon are "Carbeau" (the fencing instructor) which is written in Japanese as "KAABO" and "Ibraim" the country to the west of Beazol, which in Japanese is written as "IBURAMU".
I can't think of any more at the minute... I might come back and edit this post later if I can think of any! In the meantime, please enjoy this chapter as always!
Chapter 36:
Complete Volume 9:


  1. Thanks so much for the new chapter and the corrections to the previous chapter. :D

  2. You're welcome! Thank you for commenting! It makes me very happy to know people actually read the scanlations I do, hehe.

  3. omg thanks a bunch!! keep up the awesome work :)

  4. Woohoo!! Thanks once again Icarus, your work and dedication for this series is fully appreciated from me at least! :D

  5. You're welcome tkdluv. And KrimsonStriker, as always your comments are great :D
    I can't wait to see how this turns out, only 2 more volumes.
    When I look at the first few volumes to compare spelling of peoples' names and so on, I can't get over how different the artwork is. Sometimes I wonder if it's even a different illustrator??!

  6. You're welcome so much!!! :D! I'll try to keep up with the quicker pace! Only 8 more chapters!!!

  7. Thank you for the DL. So glad your scanslating this series I was so sad when there wasn't anymore to read.
    I really like the princess, she's got spunk!

  8. @Celestine- I agree! Sometimes I get so frustrated with her when she's acting spoiled or weak but then she always turns things around. It's very refreshing to have a heroine who has actual faults and faces/overcomes them! No Mary-Sues here! (Except maybe Daniel? hehe he's too perfect!)

  9. THANKS SO MUCH!! i just started this series and i'm so glad you guys are continuing it after CMX died. Thank you thank you thank you! Its getting so intense i can't stop reading ;D

  10. Eromenos, thank you for your comment! Actually though, I am not 'you guys' but just 1 person :D It's getting intense, right!!! I want to know what happens next!

  11. One year ago I didn't know a word of Japanese beyond "Kawaii desu ne?"

    ^ Wow! How did you improve your Japanese, if you don't mind sharing? :D I take Japanese classes at my university, at the "intermediate" level (Japanese IV/Intermediate Japanese II) so I have experience with the language, but trust me, I'm still really under-confident about myself. I always want to do better. It sounds like you went through a LOT of dramatic improvements, if you seriously went from "kawaii desu ne" to manga scanlations in just one year. Any advice on ways I can practice better? Thank you!

  12. Hi "..."! Thanks for your comment! I major in Japanese language at university. For language majors my university offers intensive language classes which are 6 credits each and meet 5 days a week, supposedly equal to 2 semesters of normal language study. I've only finished the first year in my program, so 2 semesters or all of the Elementary level Japanese. In the fall I will begin "Intermediate 1". You are probably more advanced than me right now! If you want to measure in more quantifiable terms, my class follows the "Genki" textbook series, and we've completed 16 chapters (of 23). I started translating manga at around 12 chapters or 1.5 semesters of study. It was very difficult, not because of kanji or grammar (verb endings) I hadn't learned yet but more because of grammar patterns and also slang. Slang is so difficult because it isn't in most dictionaries... Basically, I've improved through sheer stubbornness! Pushing through no matter how frustrating and confusing... And complaining a lot :D Now I can recognize a lot more kanji on site, am familiar with much more sentence patterns, and even grammar I haven't technically learned yet I can recognize/understand (not really good at producing some advanced grammar in speaking though...) In the last few months I've translated around 20 chapters from 8 or so different series. Having a lot of different genres gives you a lot of exposure... Hmmm I'll post more later if I can think of them.

  13. Thank you for your helpful answer! It's actually encouraged me to become less discouraged, if that makes any sense! :D And by the way, Genki is the same series my university uses too, hehe. 20 chapters from 8 different series? Wow, you're a hard worker. Keep it up, and good luck with whatever future projects come your way!


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