Thursday, August 18, 2011

From 5 to 9 (Japanese)

Sharing another RAW today, this one is also from one of those "entire chapter printed in 1-inch images on a playing-card-sized pamphlet" things I got in another volume of manga. I really love those things! This one even had TWO entire chapters, the first chapter of two different series! But I only scanned one because the other one has already been scanlated. 
This one is called "From 5 to 9", I didn't really pay attention to the story that much (sorry!) but it seems to be about a girl named Junko, who is about to turn 27 and has no prospects for marriage. She is an English teacher and dreams of romance like in the foreign movies she likes to watch. I'm not really sure how but suddenly there are a bunch of guys around (I think some friends have been trying to set her up) and she's dating at least one but possibly more than one of them. The main one is a Shinto priest, her private english tutoring student, who actually speaks perfect English and studied literature at Tokyo University!? In the end of the chapter she sleeps with the priest (who dressed in normal western clothes for the first time) but leaves while he's still sleeping.  I wonder what happens in the rest of the volume, but not enough to buy it. Anyways, check out the RAW if you are interested! 


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