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Love So Life Chapter 55, 57, 58 and 59 Summaries

Thanks to Kai, I got to read the summaries of Love So Life written by Keruto-san at her blog: ! Thanks so much for sharing the link with me! I've translated her summaries of Love So Life Chapters 55, 57, 58 and 59 into English for everyone else to be able to read them as well, but remember that these are not my summaries and I've not actually read these chapters: all credit goes to Keruto, I only translated what she wrote! So, the rest of this post are her comments, not mine (though I agree with all of them!) 

[Love So Life <Chapter 55>]
This is what I was looking forward to the most in this issue of “Hana to Yume” !
In the last chapter, Matsunaga-san embraced Shiharu-tan, who finally let her feelings for the twins burst out, and ended up crying!!
Last time it left off with such a cliff hanger, so when I started to read [this chapter] full of trembling excitement, I was surprised that it started out with Nao-kun. Honestly, I thought “Why is it Nao-kun?!” No, it’s not that I hate Nao-kun or anything, but I’m firmly in the Matsunaga-san camp!!
….And, when Nao-kun’s turn was over, finally it switched over to the continuation from last time, but I was already so overwhelmed with emotions!! (sparkle) The kindness of Matsunaga-san, who accepted Shiharu-tan’s worries without judgment and said that he understands how painful it is for her, makes my heart beat out of control (hearts) (*´∀`*)
Matsunaga-san is the best! Especially the scene where he embraced her, saying “…But——… It’s no good. Akane and Aoi… and me too, if we don’t have Nakamura-san…” ——It was so moe, I almost died!!  ( ゚д゚ )
The climax [of the chapter] was on the last page, where Shiharu-tan has a monologue in which she says “I… love Matsunaga-san…” Wa~~~h! At last, Shiharu-tan finally realized it!! This final monologue totally knocked me out…….
The journey to this point, was so long. This, was truly a divine chapter. I’m looking forward to the next chapter so much I think I’m going to die! And then, what I’m worrying about right now is the fact that I definitely can’t lend this divine chapter of Love So Life to my older brother, who loves Matsunaga-san so much, even more than me. When he reads it, my older brother will definitely make a huge fuss. ‘Cause, with the ending of the last chapter, he got so over whelmed from shock that he couldn’t speak…

[Love So Life <Chapter 57>]
Continuing from the development in the last chapter, I thought that this would be the story of the twins doing shichi-go-san, but instead Rio, Takeru-kun and everyone went “fall color hunting”! (Matsunaga-san didn’t participate.)
This chapter was full of doki-doki moments on Aoi-kun’s part!!
Saying “Please marry Ao-kun!”—he’s too cute, right?!
It’s not just me who was totally knocked out by this line….. Because Shiharu-tan, without thinking, said “Yes…”
How should I say… This is getting dangerous! Matsunaga-san’s strongest rival has appeared!! Even so, perhaps Matsunaga-san is no match for Aoi-kun?!
But, in the end when Matsunaga-san came home from work, Shiharu-tan got all flustered after all. Girls in love are so cute  (*´∀`*) 

[Love So Life <Chapter 58>]
It was the story of Akane-chand and Aoi-kun doing shichi-go-san ( but in any event, the twins were SO CUTE, I was totally knocked out! Their shichi-go-san kimono were just so cute! I wanted to take rolls and rolls of pictures!!
And then there’s Matsunaga-san! It’s totally fine by normal standard to tell Shiharu-tan that her dress is “cute”! Don’t be so concerned about morals! With Shiharu as your partner, you should attack more aggressively! (sweatdrop)

[Love So Life <Chapter 59>]
Finally restarting [after an entire month of no new chapters]; I’ve been waiting this whole time! Starting with this chapter [we get to see more of] Matsunaga-san’s past!!
Due to Shiharu-tan’s recent behavior, Matsunaga-san has also become more conscious of her, but he’s desperately employing all his reasoning ability to control his emotions. The source of him developing this kind of personality, we find out, was during his early childhood.
Anyways, what I was really surprised at is that in this chapter Matsunaga-san’s older brother, Kouichi-san, reappears!
He’s finally shown, the twins’ papa!!
Anyways, he looks exactly like Matsunaga-san! Which means, he’s totally gorgeous!! (sparkle)
In the deteriorated family situation in which he was raised, Matsunaga-san spent a lot of time sad and alone. It seems that Kouichi-san also became unable to hold much expectations for his cold family…
Normally, this series has a lot of cute stories that warm the heart, but Matsunaga-san’s story this time weighs heavily on my heart. I knew that Kouichi-san’s disappearance had to do with the shock of his wife’s death, but now that I read the details properly written down in the manga, it’s really painful…
Also, how should I say it… In the author notes of this chapter, she wrote “I was worried about drawing the older Matsunaga brother, but in order to turn towards the conclusion, I drew it.” But, what, what?! We’re turning towards the conclusion?! ( ゚д゚ )
Personally, I can’t accept any ending other than Matsunaga-san and Shiharu-tan getting married, having kid(s) and creating a happy family!
One more thing, the depiction of 9 year old Matsunaga-san practicing riding a bicycle with Kouichi-san was so Moe! (*´∀`*)


  1. BIG THANKS!!!! I really enjoy reading Love so Life its getting better and better. I'm wondering does this mean that we are coming to the end. If so I'm with you I want a Matsunaga and Shiharu happy ending!!!

  2. Thanks for your comment Bibby :D I agree with Keruto, too, I want a happy ending. I don't think the ending will be for at least another full volume (at least volume 12, maybe more) but what the author said in the quote indicated a general shift towards the end of the series, but (hopefully) not the end just yet! I also hope they get married and have kids. Akane and Aoi can help be babysitters for Shiharu and Matsunaga's kids! Imagine the two of them as auntie and uncle!

  3. Woohoo, I just had to post here too, not only in the chatbox. XD Thanks for translating. Makes much more sense than Google Translator. XDD
    I think the comment of the author about the end thing is more in the sense of "If I ever want to end this, I HAVE to introduce the brother", besides things just CAN'T end that abruptly! I mean, Shiharu still has to turn 18 so Matsunaga can properly date her. Till then there's still another half an year or so, according to my calculations (currently it's like September or October). Hence, till her bday we still have to see their next Christmas, next V-day, AND Matsunaga's birthday (the latter I think is rather important, since on his last birthday she asked him "Isn't there something you want?" and he thought "Something I want....." and saw her face. XD) Not to mention I still have a secret suspicion that Shiharu's dad is alive and will pop up. Like, on her 18th birthday. Or high school graduation.

    Of course that may be just my wishful thinking and the mangaka might just as well skip all the things and make it go like that: twins go to their dad, Shiharu and Matsunaga don't meet until she graduates highschool and they suddenly get together. But that'll be too lame. >_>;;;;;

    1. Would you please tell me in which chapter was Matsunaga's birthday? It seems I started forgetting important things ><. I really want to see this scene.

    2. I can't wait to find out what will happen!! I also have been wondering all this time what's up with Shiharu's dad, was he ever mentioned?

    3. @fatiflower: It was in chapter 25 when they went to the mall for her birthday and Matsunaga bought her a cup. That's when she asked "When's your birthday" and he said "26th Feb".

      @icarusbride: Shiharu's dad died before she was born was all that's what's mentioned about him. And that her mom never talked about him. (suspiciooooous~~~)

    4. Oh, that chapter! Yes, I still remember it ^^ I thought there was a chapter about Matsunaga's birthday in which that scene happened. Thank you very much for the reply :)

  4. Wow! Things seem to be very interesting ^^
    Thanks a lot to both of you for summurazing and translating these chapters ^^. I can't wait to see them in Raws especially the scenes of the twins wearing kimono ^^ and the scene where Kouichi-san appeared! ^^ (so his name is Kouichi like the name of the author :D)
    When Aoi said to Shiharu "Please marry Ao-kun!' I was like XDDDD kawaiiii XD As keruto-san said it seems that another rival, but cute rival, apeared :D
    “I was worried about drawing the older Matsunaga brother, but in order to turn towards the conclusion, I drew it.” :O how unpredictable, even the appearance of his brother is unexpected. Even so, I believe the ending will be a happy one. This is such a cute manga ^^
    Looking forward to the next chapter and more detailed summaries for these chapters when they're available :)

    1. You're welcome! If Keruto-san puts up another summary for the next issue, I'll translate it again.
      About Kouichi, I actually kind of GUESSED on his name! Sorry sorry sorry! Keruto used the kanji for his name and that was one way to read those kanji, but... Well I'm really not very good at reading names w/out Furigana, so whenever I get to see some RAWs with him in them (like, when the volume comes out lol) I'll let you know for sure.

    2. So, that's how it is :) It's OK ^^

      Thank you so much ^^

  5. Thank you :3. I was wondering about the teaser at the end of volume 9. Now i don't have to wait till volume 11 comes out to find out
    Still wondering how the author intends to handle the twins' situation though . i hope it won't be too sad (T_T)

    1. Wow it's Nesfe! Thank YOU for the RAWs for v7-9, I was so happy to read them :D
      I hope it won't be too sad, too~~ I can't wait to see a picture of Kouichi-san (^_-)-☆

    2. Haha :) ok, as soon as the volume comes out, I'll scan it.
      Side Note: I think it was mentioned that Shiharu's father died before she was born. Unless her mother lied we probably won't see her him.

  6. ahww,, i cant wait to see the ending of matsunaga and shiharu love story, please please.. Matsunaga is the only man for shiharu no one else but Matsunaga, i cant wait to read the final chapter :)


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