Sunday, April 29, 2012

What I'm Reading Right Now --Oji Koi

So, anyone who knows me fairly well knows that when it comes to manga I have a certain genre that I'm especially particular to, to such an extent you might even call it a fetish! That's AGE GAP manga, with an older man and younger female. I especially like manga where the man is a guardian for the girl when she's younger and then she grows up and falls in love with him, and have read several of that type. But this is my first time reading a story about a nearly full-grown teenager and an oji-san as old as this. Generally it's middle school or high school aged girls and guys in their thirties, but I'm pretty sure this guy is in his fourties.
Anyways, this manga is published in Hana to Yume Online edition, which is FREE! You can check it out at the official website here where the first 2 chapters are uploaded and more chapters will be added as they are released. I also made screen shots of these first two chapters, so if you want to download it in Japanese the links are here and here. And for everyone who can't read Japanese, this series is luckily being scanlated by Panda Scans, so you can download these chapters in English on their website.
The plot of this manga is fairly simple and the chapters seem to be episodic and fairly stand-alone. The main character is high school student Sanjou Arashi, who works part time at Kageyama Detective Agency, where her boss is an eccentric oji-san  with no common sense who spends more time gambling, womanizing and chain-smoking than working. Their interactions are both comical and sweet, and I recommend this manga to all lovers of the Age Gap genre!

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