Sunday, May 20, 2012

Love So Life Chapter 61 Summary

Quick as lighting, Keruto-san already posted a review of the chapter of Love So Life in the Hana to Yume magazine that was released only yesterday! Also quick as lighting, Kai saw it and let me know it was up already! Now, quick as lighting I will post the translation of Keruto's post, because I'm really busy today! Sorry for the super short post, but if you check back later tonight I'll have proper scanned RAWs of Love So Life Chapter 60 posted; hopefully that makes up for it a bit!

[Love So Life <Chapter 61>]
This is the last part of the story of Matsunaga-san’s past. It tells about the 3 months after taking custody of the twins, up until meeting Shiharu-tan.
When reading this chapter, I started wanting re-read the entire series from the 1st chapter again.
The twins were so cute, sticking to Matsunaga-san all the time. (*´∀`*) Because the twins have gotten so big recently, it was nice seeing them little again. ♪
And then there’s Matsunaga-san, who has become not wanting to give up Shiharu-tan, not for his brother’s sake or the twin’s sake but purely for himself.
Matsunaga-san seems to be thinking it’s a question of whether or not he should convey his feelings, but for the readers it’s just a feeling of “confess already!!!”


  1. OMG I'm so dying to see this!!! ><

  2. Wow, really quick as lightning :D
    Oh, so Matsunaga-san's past ends here :( I want more XD: this is unusual for me. Normally I hate it when there is a lot of drama; I'm okay with a little of it, though. But this series is an exception! There are many questions than need answers, especially the story of that girlfriend. I'm not even sure if they broke up! I was thinking what if his girlfriend was willing to wait even if it takes long? And then Shiharu learns that he had a girlfriend in the past? Wow! a new rival! :D But I doubt this would happen, knowing the story is drawing to an end soon :(
    Another thing: what is going to happen to the twins? They, of course, cannot be separated from Shiharu-tan! nor can Shiharu! And now Matsunaga-san cannot give up Shiharu, not to mention they have now mutual feelings for each other. Such a twist!
    All we have to do now is to wait for another month in the hope of giving us clues to solve these problems ^^ Or, maybe we will be lucky like now that Kerutu-san would give us a quick review of the next chapter :D
    I'm also thinking what if Matsunaga-san would reach a final decision to confess to Shiharu in the next chapter? Things will be even more exciting! But, I think it'd be better first to solve the current problem after the arrival of his older brother, then Matsunaga-san can confess to Shiharu anytime! :D
    I'm really happy that the story reaches its climax! But I'm a little sad that the story will end soon :(
    Thank you very much icarus bride for your hard work. I'm really grateful to you! I always hoped that someone will take this manga and translate it. At that time I thought that Japanzai will stop working on it. But luckily they didn't! It's really worth reading this manga!
    I'm looking forward to the next chapter, but for now let's wait for a detailed summary about chapter 60! I'm already anxious!

  3. Omg i love you for posting!! I can't believe this actually near of an end. To me it was like shiharu was thinking about her crush on matsunaga and then it was him and nothing seemed to happen between them. But what I love of this manga is that is so nice and calm and with strong feelings at the same time. Cause we all have been thought a death or something like that and it really teachs you that it's important to continue your life and stuff (okay I'm kinda poetic
    But what I want to say is that I will freaking miss it like a lot!!!!

    What's going to happen with the twins? And what happened to matsunaga's brother? ! I want to know everything lol
    And what is shiharu going to do...she usually get depressed and thinks about quit her job xd


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