Sunday, June 3, 2012

Love So Life Chapter 42 Summary

Chapter 42 starts off on a hot summer day with Shiharu calling the kids from the orphanage down to to eat lunch. Just then, she gets a call from Rio, who is in a real jam, having put off all of her summer homework until the last minute. Shiharu goes to meet her at a family restaurant, and Rio explains that, although there is an entire week left to finish the homework, she needs to get it all done today because she agreed to work every day for the rest of the week, because she wants to get money to buy some new clothes. Rio asks Shiharu to help but Shiharu insists that she’s no good at teaching and suggests they call Takeru, who also attended the same school as them when he was in high school. At first Rio says NO WAY because she forgot to put on makeup that day, but in the end it can’t be helped and Takeru shows up. However, it turns out that although Takeru in fact took the same class with the same professor that Shiharu and Rio are trying to do the homework for right now, he doesn’t remember a single thing he learned back then. He explains that that teach had a rule that any student who doesn’t turn in their summer homework would be forced to clean the bathrooms for a whole month—and that he, Takeru, had voluntarily chosen the bathroom-cleaning route every year! When Rio asks him how on earth he got into college like that, Takeru further explains that he has an ability to memorize anything for 3 days, but after those 3 days have passed he’ll forget it completely; he used this special ability to pass his college entrance exams. While the two of them argue about this, Shiharu has a doki-doki moment when she notices that, since they’ve started dating, Takeru’s started calling Rio by her name instead of “Riocchi” like he used to. Both of them are embarrassed when Shiharu points this out. Right afterwards, Shiharu has to leave for work, and Takeru and Rio, who are left alone, have another romantic moment when Rio asks Takeru if he’ll move over to Shiharu’s vacated seat across the table, and he declines saying he’ll stay next to her, so he can shield her from the air-conditioner blowing too strongly. At Matsunaga-san’s house, Shiharu gets a big shock when Akane-chan decides to play make-believe as a housewife and starts repeating the gossip she heard her friends’ mothers saying—about the lady next door who is having an affair, and her husband who is addicted to going to hostess clubs! Shiharu is worried that Akane’s started repeating such words, but also a bit impressed with her cognitive development. Then Aoi-kun tries to copy his hero, Cosmo Ranger, who, on the TV, is clobbering a monster with his Cosmo Sword. Unfortunately, Aoi-kun only clobbers Shiharu! And Akane-chan retaliates by drop-kicking her brother. Instead of climbing on Shiharu crying as usual, Aoi-kun runs away, and Shiharu realizes that he’s also developed cognitively—the ability to realize he’s done something wrong and to worry about being scolded. Shiharu approaches him and offers comfort instead of scolding and soon he crawls into her lap crying and apologizes. Shiharu helps him blow the snots out of his nose, then praises him for learning to blow his nose by himself. After putting the twins to bed, Shiharu washes the dishes and thinks that, even if a time comes when she isn’t able to be with the twins anymore, she’ll always treasure these moments of watching them grow up right in front of her eyes. When Matsunaga-san arrives home, he sees the red mark on Shiharu’s face where Aoi hit her with his sword, and grabs her face without thinking and asks her if she’s okay. Both of them realize what they are doing a second later and get really flustered—especially Shiharu. She starts babbling about being hit by Aoi’s sword but the pain being so minimal that she’d already forgotten about it. In her internal monologue, Shiharu is wondering what on earth is wrong with her lately, blushing and becoming incoherent in Matsunaga-san’s presence, and bursting out crying after he touched her shoulder in the last chapter. Then she apologizes once again for that incident in the graveyard and he tells her not to worry about it, and that crying once in a while is not necessarily a bad thing. The chapter ends (kind of repetitively) with Shiharu wondering why she can’t calm down whenever Matsunaga-san’s eyes meet hers. On the bottom of the last page, Rio is in tears on the phone with Mai Mai, trying to get some of the answers out of her, and finding out that she’s skipped a question somewhere and filled in the entire worksheet with the correct answers written in the wrong places. Takeru has already fallen asleep.


  1. Yay~ 2 chapters in a day! This is our gift for waiting, right? :D Thank you so much, Icarus Bride!
    It's chapter 42 that "starts on a hot summer day with Shiharu calling the kids from the orphanage down to to eat lunch" :P LOL! I know it's just a typological mistake ^^
    Haha! Takeru is somewhat like me, to memorize things, I have to start revision before 3 or 4 days. If I did before a week everything is gonna be forgotten; this happens to me when a course requires learning things by heart T-T
    Memorizing is fine as long as understanding is what matters ^^
    The scene when Akane kicked Aoi really made me laugh hard :D She plays the role of defender. Wow! Shiharu is lucky :P
    Their cognitive development is really awesome! I myself was in awe!
    Though this chapter was too short, it was funny :D , and, as usual, cute!

    1. Whoops! Thanks for noticing my typo, I'll go correct it now :D
      Actually, I think my relationship with kanji is also kind of Takeru-esque... I remember it for the test and then forget it the rest of the time! hehe

    2. LOL! Do you study Japanese as a course in college?

    3. That's so cool! Your major is Japanese and mine is English ^^


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