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Love So Life Chapter 44 Summary

In Chapter 44, Shiharu, Rio, Yukina, Mai-Mai and everyone else are back in school for the 2nd semester! The chapter opens with Shiharu reitterating what she realized in the previous chapter; that she needs to be careful when she's around Matsunaga-san so that people won't misunderstand their relationship and cause problems for him. Shiharu walks into class on the first day and finds a half-dead Rio still rushing to finish up her summer homework. She reunites with all her friends, and they have to drag Rio away from her unfinished homework to attend the opening ceremony. Afterwards, Shiharu tells us that in September there will be a school trip to Hokkaido! The class representative hands out forms and instructs everyone to decide on groups for sleeping and free time. Everyone in the class is very excited, including Shiharu, but then she remembers how upset the twins were the time she twisted her ankle and couldn't come to work for a few days, and starts to worry. She passes by a cellphone shop on the way home and it occurs to her that, if she got one, Matsunaga-san could contact her anytime the twins are feeling insecure, but she also worries that if she gets one it will make the other  kids at the orphanage jealous/upset. That evening, she ends up leaving with only a few pamphlets given to her by the salesperson. At Matsunaga-san's house later, she breaks the news to him and the twins that she'll need to take 3 days off for the school trip. Matsunaga-san agrees immediately but the twins make a really precious 'sad face' and ask her how long '3 days' is (they don't really have any concept of time!) She tells them "it's the time it takes to do "oyasumi-nasai" 2 times!" and then they start having a fit and telling her not to go. She remembers again how sad she made them previously when she couldn't come because of her foot injury, and also recalls that they were also 'left behind' by their papa, and concludes that they are really pitiable after all. She then says tentatively that she'll give up on going on the school trip, to which the twins say "Yeah!" but Matsunaga-san says "NO, NO, NO! Don't say 'yeah'!" So, in the end, Shiharu decides to go, and she decides to buy the cellphone to keep in contact with them. The next day at school, Rio has just barely finished her summer homework in time, and asks Shiharu if she's free after school. Rio wants to treat Shiharu in thanks for Shiharu lending Rio her notes. But Shiharu tells Rio that she's going to buy a cellphone, and Rio asks to tag along. Shiharu gets her new phone and is super excited about it! So is Rio! But Shiharu's totally not tech-savy, it seems. Rio uses sekigaisen (infra-red ray: a feature on Japanese cellphones that lets you hold two phones close to eachother and initiate the sekigaisen feature on both, and the phones will detect eachother and program their contact information in eachother's phonebook) to exchange mail addresses with Shiharu's new phone. That evening, Shiharu cheerful informs Matsunaga-san about her new phone and tells him to contact her at any time if there is a problem with the twins. He feels a bit guilty knowing that she bought the phone only for his and the twins' sakes. He asks her if he can have her mail address and if her phone has sekigaisen, and she tells him yes to both, but when she tries to get it to work, she can't figure out how, and ends up near tears, consulting the instruction manual. Matsunaga-san steps in and asks her to let him give it a try, since (as he says) the interfaces on most phones do not very too greatly. He explains to her, as simply as he can, how to use the sekigaisen but it's obvious that it's still going completely over her head. Then he gives up and talks to her very gently in extremely basic terms (as if to a child). At this point Shiharu suddenly becomes conscious of how close he is to her and backs away a bit. Then Akane comes in and wants to play with Shiharu's shiny new 'toy' and Shiharu hands it to her-- only to have it snatched by Matsunaga-san. He then explains about keypad lock mode, and tells her she needs to use it before letting a child touch the phone, or else the configuration might get totally messed up. Shortly after, Shiharu thanks Matsunaga-san for teaching her about cellphones and leaves. On the way out she meets two of the neighborhood obaa-san's, and realizes that they are probably mistaking her for Matsunaga-san's girlfriend, as others have done before. She wants to come out and tell them that she's the babysitter, but since they haven't actually asked she thinks it would be too weird to burst out with that unsolicited information, so she decides to come up with some kind of countermeasures. The next day at the daycare, Akane drags over Kento-kun, one of her classmates, and announces that he is her boyfriend and today they will go on a date, then asks Shiharu to make her hair pretty. Shiharu is reasonably shocked, but agrees to put Akane's hair up in clips. She remarks that Akane's hair has gotten longer, and Akane is very pleased with the idea that she'll soon be "the same as Shiharu-tan." Brushing Akane's hair reminds Shiharu of the way her mother used to brush her hair when she was younger. When the daycare teacher sees Akane, she remarks that although Akane and Aoi have the same face, when Akane has her hair done up in clips, it's obvious that she's a girl. This gives Shiharu the idea to fool the neighborhood obaa-san's by dressing up as a boy when entering and leaving Matsunaga-san's house. When the daycare teacher sees Shiharu dressed up in a tracksuit and with her hair hidden under a baseball cap, she asks Shiharu if she's going for an image change, to which Shiharu cheerfully and matter-of-factly responds that she's cross-dressing. In her thoughts, the daycare teacher says that that getup isn't fooling anybody. Matsunaga-san is also a bit alarmed when he sees Shiharu's disguise, and also asks her if she's going for an image change, to which Shiharu once again responds that she's cross-dressing. She explains that she got the feeling the neighbors were misunderstanding the situation, and that she'd gotten the idea to avoid trouble by disguising herself as a boy. However, Matsunaga-san sheepishly admits that he'd already asked Takeru-kun's mother to spread the false rumor that Shiharu is his cousin. Shiharu is surprised that, preemptive to her preemptive action, action had been taken, and Matsunaga-san appologizes for acting on his own without consulting her. Then he tells her that it's a shame to hide such beautiful hair. *doki doki* Shiharu gets flustered and runs out, then stops outside and wonders what she's so agitated about, since Matsunaga-san was only repeating the same thing her mother used to tell her. Then it occurs to her that a 3 day trip means that, not only the twins, but Matsunaga-san, too, she won't be able to see for 3 days. In an uncharacteristically tsundere-style, she contradicts herself, saying "It'll be over in the blink of an eye!" The chapter ends with the tag-phrase "Far away from my wavering emotions, the school trip is about to begin!"


  1. Hi Icarus! Yay! you summarized a new chapter! Thanks a lot!
    I really liked the scene when the twins didn't know what is 3 days and Shiharu said "it's the time it takes to do "oyasumi-nasai" 2 times!" She is really excellent at providing answers to children's questions at the level that they can understand her with no problems ^^ This Manga teaches us a lot of useful things as to how to handle with children ^^ That's what makes me like it more and more ^^
    I understand why Shiharu is tech-savy. The environment she lives in makes her unaware of many things. Like, In the first chapters, Shiharu used the key for the first time to lock and unlock the door, and for her the key was really something that made her too excited! Her lacking knowledge about many things holds true for love as well! This is new for her, so it's normal that'll take this long just to realize she is in love.
    Loool! Akane made already a boyfriend at that age (Oh poor boy he didn't understand a thing :D)! Wow! that's amazing! Children these days :P Last time she was talking about that husband's affair and now going on a date! One should not ever underestimate children :D
    Aww! How thoughtful and innocent Shiharu is in this chapter! First, buying the cell for Matsunaga-san and the twins' sake and second, disguising herself as a boy so neighbors won't misunderstand the situation between Matsunaga-san and Shiharu! That what makes me like her even more :D
    All in all, this chapter was cute, sweet and funny ^^
    Thanks Icarus for your hard work! 5/5 stars for all of your summaries ^^. Keep up the good work! And good luck with other projects as well!

    1. Wah~~ I love your long responses, Fatiflower! You're welcome as always! I'm so lucky to have you as my number 1 supporter :D

  2. The more I read this story the more I like it. It doesn't matter if its the first chapter are the newest chapter I love them all!!! I could read it over and over!!! Thanks for the new summary Icarus Bride can't wait for the next one Love you always!!!!!!!

  3. Thank you very much for translating!!!! I am really happy! Is there a way you can put parts of the manga online also? Like at the top? I really want to see their emotion >_<


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