Saturday, July 21, 2012

Introducing: Ore ga Akuma de Aitsu ga Yome de

Just wanted to write a quick recommendation for another Age-gap manga I discovered today. Some of you guys may already know of it, it's called "Ore ga Akuma de Aitsu ga Yome de" (I am a Demon, and She is my Wife). This is a story about a demon who sucks more than anyone else at the primary derivative of all demons: to make contracts with humans, granting the human a wish in exchange for their soul! At last, this demon descends on modern-day Japan, where he manages to make a contract with a little orphan girl, whose wish in exchange for her soul is that he marry her! It's technically classified as a shounen, but I think has plenty of appeal for lovers of shoujo as well. Check out the Mangaupdates Page and stop by the Scanlator's Website for downloads and to leave your heartfelt thanks <3

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