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Love So Life Chapter 46 Summary

This chapter seemed way shorter than it actually was, but I translated it last week and was just procrastinating writing up a summary for it, sorry! I thought the scene in the preview picture was really funny and sadly typical, so that's why I chose it to represent this chapter. 

The chapter opens at Matsunaga-san's house, where he is taking care of the twins alone. I'm struck by how different his parenting style is from Shiharu's. Aoi is somewhat lethargic and refuses his morning rice saying "I don't need it." Matsunaga -san refers to the "Twins Memo" Shiharu prepared for him before she left, and follows her advice to try making the rice into a riceball in order to get Aoi-kun to eat it. Matsunaga-san does just that, and it works! Matsunaga-san starts to appreciate how hard mothers have it, always having to do this kind of stuff. Then he notices Akane trying to stuff an entire loaf of bread into her mouth, after having already eaten a full breakfast! He looks at her and thinks that if he were to even hug her right now, Akane would explode. He reminds her of the time she ate too many strawberries and vomited, and Akane responds "It's okay!" causing Matsunaga-san a lot of frustration. The scene switches to Hokkaido, where Shiharu and her classmates are on a field trip to a glass-work shop. As the girls admire some stained glass items for sale, Kawahara-kun sneaks up behind Shiharu, stares at her for a moment, and when Shiharu greets him, he runs away. What a creeper! Rio and Yukina slyly remark about how strange this behavior is, and then Rio suddenly bursts out with "Shiharu, you are going to be confessed to by Kawahara-kun during this school trip!" Shiharu gets really flustered and denies it. Around the same time in Biei, another town in Hokkaido, Nao-kun is having a tough time deciding if it would seem too pushy if he sent Shiharu a cellphone mail today too, when he was the one who messaged her first the previous day as well. His friends show up and start teasing about looking so concerned over sending emails, and guessing that it must be because he's sending them to a girl. Nao-kun goes in man-tsundere mode and yells at them to get lost, before storming away himself. Just then Hanoka (? I forgot her name already) shows up and goes through the usual ritual of trying to glomp Nao. He, also as usual, side-steps just in time, causing Hanoka to fall over right into a flower patch. Having one of the most severe cases of denial I've ever seen, Hanoka remarks that Nao-kun must be shy to have been caught admiring the flowers (pretending that's the reason he moved out of her way, not the fact that he was trying to escape.) Just then, an arctic breeze that perfectly mirrors Nao-kun's current emotions comes blowing in, and during the distraction this causes, Hanoka snatches Nao's cellphone, and attaches a souvenir cellphone charm to it. She seems thoroughly satisfied that "now it's a matching pair with [hers]" but Nao-kun reacts by ripping the charm off and chucking it as far as he can, resulting in a scolding by the teacher. Back at the glass-work studio, Shiharu is getting to try her hand at making blown glass! On the way out, she is approached by Kawahara-kun, who finally speaks to her and asks to speak with her for a moment alone. Rio has a stupid grin on her face and shoots Shiharu a thumbs-up sign as she and Emi-chan go ahead to give Shiharu some 'privacy.' Shiharu starts getting extremely anxious, remembering what Rio had said before about a love confession from Kawahara-kun. And, as expected, he hands Shiharu a letter, blushing furiously. However, on the next page he asks her to please pass the love letter to its intended recipient-- Yukina. Once Shiharu agrees and Kawahara-kun leaves, Shiharu freaks out about how embarrassed she was and Rio, who watched the whole thing secretly, apologizes repeatedly for putting weird ideas in Shiharu's head. The scene changes back to Biei again, where Nao is still debating over sending Shiharu an email or not, and he wonders why he is hesitating. Hanoka shows up again, wearing lingerie as seems to be her custom when she's on the prowl. When she manages to successfully glomp Nao-kun, he yells at her as pictured in the preview image posted above, and Hanoka responds with "I really love Nao-kun the best, after all!" He tells her not to talk about "love" so frivolously, and when Hanoka responds that it's true, people in love want to tell the person that they love that they love them with all their might, Nao-kun tells her she can't be serious, because if she were, it would be normal to be more hesitant about taking action. In his thoughts, Nao explains that people who are seriously in love with someone will be terrified by the possibility of rejection and have a hard time gathering the courage to act. Hanoka seems a bit puzzled and says something that is a major revelation to Nao, "It's because [she's] serious, that [she]  wouldn't like it if the person [she] likes were taken by someone else because [she] was hesitating and dragging [her] feet." Just when Nao-kun pictures Matsunaga-san, the teacher appears and yells at Hanoka for running around dressed the way she is, and she runs off. Left alone, Nao-kun stares at his cellphone and thinks "No matter when, with all your might...?" On the next page, Shiharu passes Kawahara-kun's letter to Yukina who reads it calmly, thanks her and says she's "going out for a bit" (presumably to meet with him?) Shiharu is impressed by Yukina's composure and maturity. Just then her phone beeps, indicating a new message, but it's from Matsunaga-san, not Nao-kun, asking her if she can talk on the phone right now. Once she calls him, he asks her how her trip is going and explains that the twins really wanted to try talking to her on the phone. Shiharu tells him she also really wants to talk to them. The two of them can't agree on who will go first, so Matsunaga-san has them play "rock-paper-scissors" to decide. Akane-chan wins, but once Matsunaga-san hands her the phone, she's so excited and nervous that she can't say a thing! Shiharu says hello, finally prompting Akane to speak, and then asks her if she's doing well, to which Akane responds with a firm "Yeah!" Akane goes off on a bit of a tangent telling Shiharu about her day, when suddenly Aoi-kun grabs the phone from her. but once he gets it, he doesn't know what to say either. An exasperated Matsunaga-san tells him to say something, anything! Shiharu asks Aoi if he's been eating well, and he says he had riceballs. Shiharu praises him and tells him she'll be home soon, promising to play with him a lot once she gets back. Aoi-kun starts tearing up and hands the phone back to Matsunaga-san. Shiharu is calling out to Aoi, figuring he dropped the phone, but when Matsunaga-san suddenly comes on the line, she gets quite a shock, and seems mortified that he might have heard her speaking with the baby-talk voice you use for speaking with children. She collects herself quickly and tells him that she's been enjoying herself a lot, and the Hokkaido is very beautiful. Matsunaga-san says that he's glad to hear it, and tells her to enjoy the remaining days as well. In the background the twins are shouting that they want to talk to Shiharu again, and the chapter ends with Shiharu saying "...Yes," presumably in response to Matsunaga-san's request that she enjoy the rest of the trip.


  1. As usual, the chapter was cute ^^ Thank you for your hard work to summarize it for us :) I was looking forward to it ^^
    Icarus, you're really awesome! Look, only 8 chapters are left unsummarized. Just in about 5 months you could make the gap so meager :) Good job Icarus! You really inspired me to follow your blog and read anything new about LSL ^^

    1. Thanks so much Fatiflower! I wouldn't have the motivation to do it without you and everyone else's support :D

  2. Thanks you for the summary (and the rest!) .. your summaries are better than others I have read! Thank you so much! It really is like reading the manga right now, even if it's not word-to-word it is very easy to understand! Again, THANK YOU. I will continue on your awesome summaries! And I will make sure to spread the word! ; v ; - KiwiKawaii (MangaFox) XxBunnehwunnehxX (Deviantart & Youtube) *no, it's the same person, just saying my locations*


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