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Love So Life Chapter 62 Summary (Saruri)

Elise-chan found another summary for Love So Life Chapter 62 for us, and this one even has a few pictures! This is the blog of another Japanese fan, Yamamoto Saruri-san, who in her bio says that she's an OL ("Office Lady" basically an Administrative Assistant) in her 20's and that she's always searching for interesting manga, and for this reason spends most of her days off at the book store :D Saruri-san's summary is very detailed and she has a lot of good insights, and it looks like she's been doing Love So Life summaries regularly, so for the next few months I'll plan to translate both her and Keruto-san's Love So Life summaries for you guys. 

Love So Life – Hana to Yume Issue 15, 2012 <Impressions>
Chapter 62 -- Kouchi Kaede

Matsunaga-san’s kind words resound over and over again in my heart.

It seems that within Shiharu, her feelings for Matsuanga-san are at the point of overflowing. Doing things like pressing her face against the cup she got from Matsunaga-san, and while watching him eat Kaki (a kind of fruit, translated as a “Japanese Persimmon” in my dictionary)…

“…H— He’s so cute, stuffing his face like that…”

she thinks that about him, but…
No, no, Shiharu blushing over something like that is the one who is cuter!
There were a lot of scenes like this that I found myself unintentionally wanting to interrupt with my own opinions.

One of which made me laugh a bit, but Aoi-kun started mimicking Shiharu’s contemplative behavior in front of Matsunaga-san by accident, and…

“What are you doing, Aoi? Sticking the cup on your face like that…”

“I’m acting like Shiharu-tan—“

Shiharu’s flustered manner after hearing this was amusing… or at least, it was cute. From  Matsuanga-san’s point of view, he was probably just confused/uncertain about the whole thing, but as for Shiharu, she probably felt bad, thinking he was thinking of her as being intentionally deceptive, because she’d been acting that way because of wanting to hide her feelings.
When in fact, it ended up that Matsuanga-san’s only thought was probably that she was a little weird!

Although there were many such enjoyable moments with the twins, in this chapter the news of the impending separation has finally been concretely decided. According to Matsunaga-san, he got a phone call from the grandparents who have been saying all along that they want to take custody of the twins, and…

“We’re planning on around the end of March——“

is what they said.
(Which means, basically, they’ll have to separate from the twins at the end of March.)
Matsuanga-san consented to that.
Well… Now that it’s decided, I guess there’s nothing that can be done, but…

Somehow, I’m more worried that Shiharu seems she will lose her cheerfulness because of having to separate from the twins, than because of her worries about love.
But even so, there is still some time until March. And in that time, her relationship with Matsunaga-san might progress…
While holding out hope that it won’t become dark and gloomy, I’m eagerly awaiting the next issue!


  1. The images are not showing. Still..... I'm so excited with this!! Looking forward to some raws and your summary~~~

    Thank you!

    1. Thanks Midoyi :D I noticed they weren't working (shame on me for hot-linking!) but they should be okay now, I re-uploaded them on my photobucket. Let me know if you still can't see them.


    The little girl who loves fluff like that that's living inside me also has her feelings overflowing. Thanks Icarus, and thanks to the one that managed to dig out this blog! >w<

    1. Yeah this blog is great! I don't know how you guys find all these good Japanese blogs even I can't find! You guys rock :D

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  4. Thanks so much for this!!! I can understand her being sad about the twins leaving. She loves them and they are the reason she meet Matsunga. I do disagree about losing her cheerfulness I think she will think if the twins anit there she will have no reason to come and meet Matsunga any more!! Now I'm not saying she won't be sad about the tywins being gone. But lets all remember she is still very young when it comes to love!! Thanks again I really love this story!!!!


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