Thursday, July 5, 2012

Love So Life Chapter 62 Summary (Keruto)

Keruto-san already posted her review of the most recent chapter of Love So Life, which was released officially only yesterday! Thanks to Kai for letting me know :D

[Love So Life <Chapter 62>]
I've been waiting for this series to resume serialization! Now that the story of Matsunaga-san's past is finally over, it's continuing with the twins' shichi-go-san.
The twins have gotten really big, and the day their grandparents will take custody of them is quickly approaching, and Shiharu is worried.
It seems to be planned that they’ll leave around the end of March, so basically starting with the new semester, the twins will no longer be around...?
I’m worried for Shiharu-tan, who was worrying over selecting a career path. Also, Shiharu-tan being increasingly evermore conscious of Matsunaga-san was so cute. (sweatdrop)
That, and Akane-chan saying to herself 「まぁ、いっか」 made me laugh. ww

I suck at baby talk, and without any context I can’t begin to imagine what Akane said, so I left it in Japanese. Maybe we’ll get lucky and some RAWs of this chapter will appear on the net again? :P If anyone sees them, please let me know too!


  1. It says "maa, ii ka~" (oh well, whatever, never mind etc), doesn't it? I guess she was just being cute at that particular situation? We'll see. Thanks for translating ^^

    1. Isn't it 'maa, ikka'?
      So, as you said, it has the meaning of 'whatever' or 'it's okay', or like someone said: "the phrase is used to reassure oneself that nothing's wrong and is acceptable". I found these meanings here:

    2. It does say "Maa, ikka" and it's the same as "maa, ii ka". The only difference is that "maa, ii ka" is the 'correct' form and "maa, ikka" is more slang.

    3. Yes, thanks, I can read hiragana :P It occurred to me Akane might be saying that, but in the rest of the series she and Aoi often mispronounce words (since they are young children just learning to talk) and I wondered if there isn't a character or two missing here, that would change the meaning quite a bit. I can tell for sure when I see the RAWs.

    4. Oh, I didn't know that. Thank you Kai for explaining the difference to me :)

  2. Thank you for translating this chapter, Icarus ^^ Let's hope Jcafe will provide us with the Raws of this chapter as well.
    It seems the story will really end soon! How sad :( And, what about the twins father? They didn't say anything about him in this chapter? How strange! I really thought they will. So, we have to wait for another chapter in the hope it gives us some clues as to how things will be resolved.

    1. I thought so too! I didn't really find out much of this summary. By "the time the twins leave is approaching" and "in March"-- well, I don't know what to think. I mean, the story had reached October! Only! And as I've said before, and still insist on it (and will keep on insisting), we still have at least Christmas, another V-day and Matsunaga's birthday in the end of Feb! and THEN it's March! Can't skip all that, can they? Nope, no way. Nuh-huh, no sir. At least not all of them, right?
      And anyway, the more important thing that's left unclear is indeed the big brother!! Where the heck did he go!? >___> Ah, I know I'm impatient. I want next chapter already! @_@

    2. I'm glad that I'm not the only one who thought this summary somehow doesn't have more interesting things like the other chapters.
      Oh you said that before? I really didn't know that it's October. When I read that sentence-- I mean "the time the twins leave is approaching", I really thought the story revolves around winter period or sth. *Phew* So, there is still time before this story will reach an end. Thank you very much for clarifying this thing to me ^^
      Yes, I also can't wait for the next chapter. I really want to know about the twins' father no matter what!



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