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Love So Life Chapter 63 Summary (Keruto)

So quick! This chapter was released only today (not even available for sale yet at online stores!) Thanks to Kai for informing me, and as always to Keruto-san for her reviews!

[Love So Life <Chapter 63>]
The old woman who appeared in the last chapter is in this chapter too! However, the old lady did a GOOD JOB☆ getting Shiharu-tan to blush while talking about Matsunaga-san; she looked so cute! ♪
Personally, I think it’s been a long time, and want Oikawa-san to appear—. I want him to give advice to Shiharu-tan, who has realized her feelings for Matsunaga-san. (TN: Keruto-san calls Matsunaga-san “Mattsun” as a pet name.)
And then, what was Matsunaga-san up to at the end of the chapter?! Why was he meeting with his ex-girlfriend?!
As would be expected, it doesn’t seem that the two of them have returned to how they used to be, but her appearing now is really unexpected!!


  1. Thanks Icarus for the translation!
    What? Keruto-san wants Oikawa-san to give advice to Shiharu? hhhh I doubt that that would happen :P Who would get advice from a playboy? :D
    Wow! The appearance of Matsunaga-san's ex-girlfriend is really beyond expectations. But, somehow, I feel this is typical, especially if the girl wants their relationship to come back again. Hmm I wonder what does she want. Looking forward to the next chapter to find out what will happen and to the Raws to see this chapter ^^! Keep it up, Icarus!

    1. I can't wait to see the raws! I wonder what the ex girlfriend wants... I can't help but imagine that Kouchi Kaede is just using her as an impetus to get Matsunaga-san and Shiharu to admit their feelings to eachother?? Maybe... Maybe not :D

    2. Yep, Keruto's quick. XD

      Ha, so I was right! He IS meeting his ex-gf! Way to go, my self-aquired Japanese skills XD

      And thanks, Icarus, again for translating =w=

      Hm. I also think the ex would want to go back to Matsunaga. =/ Like,
      version1: she heard the twins are going to the grandparents, she's happy he's getting rid of them, nothing stands in her way, so Hey, Sei-tan, let's get back together? <3
      version2 (more probable, I think?): she broke up with the other guy cuz he doesn't cherish her enough like Mattsun did, she thought about it and she regrets breaking up with Seiji and leaving him alone with two kids when she should've supported and helped him.

      Either way, what happens next is, she goes to Matsunaga's house (after he dumped her?), stumbles upon Shiharu.
      Ex thinks: "That's the girl he chose over me?"
      Shiharu thinks: "That's his girlfriend....? So they are back together...? *heart breaks (image of Nao-kun debatting whether to be furious or happy)*"

      And then it'll be resolved pretty quickly cuz Kaede Kouichi doesn't drag problems much, and I sure hope so cuz in the usual shoujos, that IS a typical situation, like Fati said, and more hopefully, some feeling admittance shall pop up, like Icarus says.
      Cross your fingers, fangirls. XD

      Wow, did I write a lot or what? XD;
      It's been an awfully long while since a manga (shoujo at that!) made my imagination run wild. I really love LsL... =3=

    3. Wow! Such wild imagination you have! I liked the way you hypothesized and theorized the situation that might happen later! :D Good job, Kai! :D
      I agree with you concerning the point that all problems in this manga are quickly solved! :D This is what makes LSL so cute and lovable ^^

    4. Yeah, there's no overreacting and stuff like the usual shoujo. Sei-chan isn't the usual type of character either. That's why I kinda hope I'm wrong with my theories and The Ex-Girlfriend-Appearance-situation doesn't go the usual way.

    5. I totally agree with you. This is why I never got bored with such a great Manga. Moreover, labelled as slice of life is what makes LSL even greater, as it depicts real things like the issue of slow romance, not like most of Mangas when the romance is really fast and even exaggerated! It also teaches many useful things in life; how to raise children is a case in point. These are just few examples (among others) that indicate how amazing this manga is :D

    6. Wow, I'm getting so excited picturing all these scenarios! What if Shiharu gets all depressed seeing Matsunaga-san and his ex together, and then when Nao-kun notices he tells Matsunaga-san off??!

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  3. Hello again :3 Glad I could be of help the other day. I'm gonna try to comment more often! (><)/

    Anyway wow everything seems to be going bad in LSL world lately?! First a concrete date is set for the twins to be taken, then Matsunaga's ex shows up (and according to the HY preview the ex story is gonna continue into the next issue) and another snippet I read (here) says that Rio and Takeru hit a bit of a rough patch too D:

    As for the ex, like Keruto-san said I'm sure they're not going to get back together or anything. I wondered if they're meeting on purpose or just by chance? If he's meeting her on purpose, my guess would be he maybe wants to apologise since he basically ignored her for 3 months when he first got the twins and then they had that bad breakup.

    (Btw does anyone know if the gf from that chapter (61) is the same person as his college girlfriend who wanted the milky/cherry pink bag? They look kinda the same but I wasn't sure if they were supposed to be the same person or not...)

    Either way, since Matsunaga-san has been becoming somewhat aware of his feelings for Shiharu lately, I'm hoping the appearance of this girlfriend will just spark some sort of comparison in his mind between what he felt for her then/how he feels for Shiharu now and maybe make him realise completely xD

    1. Thank you very much nanaga! Your comment is really informative! I did not even expect that the current situation with Takeru and Rio is not going well! (I discovered that blog yesterday, yet I really thought nothing new mentioned there, depending on Google's translation "_) Whoah! all of this could happen just in this chapter! :( I think the author did all of this on purpose since the story will end soon (like after 2 or 3 volumes)Hence, it is high time to see some drama to make things really exciting!
      As for the ex's appearance, luckily it happened after Matsunaga-san and Shiharu realized their feelings for each other. If it happened earlier, it would be problematic. Hopefully, everything will be solved :)
      Concerning your question, yes the ex from chapter 61 and that female college student are the same :)

    2. I can't believe how incredible all of you guys are at picking up on details. I forgot about the chery/milky pink bag until you just mentioned it :D

    3. @Fatima Zahra - Thanks for comfirming that about the ex! And yes, probably lots of drama cos we're nearing the end. I hope everyone gets a happy ending in this one!

      @Icaraus - lol don't worry -- I re-read a lot of chapters recently but before that I didn't even know what grade Shiharu was in at school :P


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