Monday, July 30, 2012

Love So Life Chapter 63 Summary (Saruri)

Thanks to fatiflower, I found out a few days ago that Saruri-san already posted her summary of Chapter 63. I was a little busy with work, so I only got around to translating it now, sorry for the wait! It sounds like a really great chapter, I can't wait to see what happens next!

Chapter 63 – Kouchi Kaede

A huge development all of a sudden??!
A “girls talk” unfolds between Shiharu and the old lady who gave her Kaki in the previous issue.

“I see, you’re a high school student… If you’re a high school student, it means THAT. There must be a MAN you like, right?”

As expected, old lady, nice kill-shot. ☆
At first, Shiharu was also saying “There isn’t,” but…
It seems she was defeated by the old lady’s stealthy, stealthy whispered demands.
So she begins to talk about Matsunaga-san. But.

What’s with this, making him seem like a total wuss?!!

“He’s level-headed and dependable, and has a strong sense of responsibility.  But he is also completely worn out most of the time and sometimes acts like a child…”

…is what Shiharu says while picturing Matsunaga-san, and blushing hot enough to boil water.

“There’s no end to how adorable he is!” …is something that she wasn’t able to shout out. 

And then the old lady once again some sweet advice.

“A fine man like that, won’t he be snatched away by another woman in the blink of an eye?”

Upon hearing this, Shiharu comes to a realization. That Matsuanga-san is 26, and at this age it wouldn’t be unusual for him to be married.

Thinking that he might already have someone he likes and she just doesn’t know about it, Shiharu gets a bit gloomy.

In fact, Matsunaga-san’s ex-girlfriend, Ayumi-san
Got in contact with Matsunaga-san—!
What’s more, they met up and were calling eachother “Seiji-ku—n” and “Ayumi”! Oh man!!!

It could be that, even if it doesn’t happen that they get back together, if she’s the one to request to him that they meet, she must have some interest in him still, right…?
However, with her appearance, there’s the expectation that Matsunaga-san and Shiharu’s relationship will make some progress.
I have a feeling that the situation is going to keep getting more and more heated.


  1. This is too adorable!! Thank you so much!! I hope this manga doesn't end soon because it still seems like there's a lot more story to be told =/

  2. I'm not sure when next chapter is out, but I think it's 2nd August.
    I already shared my thoughts on this chapter, I think. But the girlfriend is suspicious >______________> I don't like her. She's selfish. Unpleasantly selfish. So, Seiji-*kun*, please, do kick her out of your life quickly. XD

    1. Hehe, I agree. He needs a good girl like Shiharu who loves children, not a selfish girl like Ayumi who loves only herself.


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