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Love So Live Chapter 62 Summary (Me)

If you all aren't sick of this chapter by now, I'm going to post a summary of my own now! This is made possible to FairGame over at JCafe24, who posted RAWs for this chapter, and Fatiflower who let me know about it! 

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On the first page and the title page, Matsuanga-san is putting a copy of the official portraits taken during the twins’ shichi-go-san a few chapters ago into an envelope and addressing it to the twins’ grandparents in Shikoku. Then on the first two pages of the main chapter, Shiharu is doing the dishes and washing/drying the mug Matsunaga-san got for her, and while thinking “Matsuanga-san’s kind words repeat over and over in my heart” she unconsciously grins at the mug and even rubs it against her cheek. Just then the twins come up and ask her what she’s doing, and Shiharu panics and after a lot of stammering tells them she’s checking to see if she got it thoroughly clean. Aoi asks her if it’s clean and she says it is, but in the process she ran out of dish soap and invites the twins to go out to buy more. They enthusiastically agree, and Aoi goes to get a jacket while Akane asks Shiharu to put her hair up in pigtails. When Aoi returns he watches the two of them and remarks sadly that he can’t have his hair done, since he’s a boy. Shiharu tells him that isn’t true, even boys need to comb out their hair, and invites him to sit in her lap while she does it. On the way back from the store, Shiharu decides to take a round-about route home, in order to enjoy the nice weather. She remarks as they walk that fall is about to end and they discuss the various things they did this year (autumn leaf viewing, acorn collecting, making and eating baked sweet potatoes, etc). Akane notices something fallen on the ground and points it out to Shiharu, who tells her it’s a Kaki (“Japanese Persimon”) and explains that it was born on the tree overhead, and that when it gets deep red and falls out of the tree, it’s ready to be eaten. The old lady who lives in the house were the tree is growing starts talking to them and at first Shiharu’s embarrassed to be caught idling in front of someone else’s home, but when the old lady notices the twins she begins to fawn over them, calling them super-fashionable and adorable, and asks Shiharu and the twins to take some Kaki home with them. Shiharu hesitates and asks how much each Kaki will cost, and the lady responds saying that of course she’s offering them for free. Shiharu gets a bit flustered, since Kaki are a valuable commodity, but the old lady insists that since she’s living alone and can’t eat them all by herself, and has already given everyone in the neighborhood as much as they can eat, she’s really troubled leaving the rest to rot on the tree. She also laments that young people these days want to eat junk food and don’t appreciate fruits anymore. Shiharu finally gives in and agrees to accept the Kaki once the old lady starts in with “I guess the birds will eat them for me, at least…” The old lady gives them each one perfectly ripe Kaki and then Akane blurts out “What about Sei-tan—?” and Shiharu gets a bit embarrassed, wondering if it’s okay to infringe upon the old lady’s hospitality further by asking for another, but she offers them one more to bring home for him.  They thank the old lady and the twins shout “Bai ba—i!” as they walk away. Shiharu hold hers and Matsunaga-san’s Kaki together and smiles, while Akane holds hers on her head (lol). On the way home, Shiharu asks the twins if it’s their first time eating Kaki, to which they respond it is, and she tells them that, in that case, they should only eat a little bit today, because if they are allergic, their stomach will hurt. In Japanese, the word for allergies is borrowed from English, and pronounced “arerugii” but Akane is unfamiliar with this word and mistakes it as “ageru gii.” Ageru is a verb meaning “to give [something] to someone else” and “gii” is not a word, so Akane is thinking Shiharu said “giving Gii to someone will give you a belly ache.” When they get home, Shiharu peels and cuts the kaki and the three of them eat it together. They say it is very sweet and delicious. Shiharu thinks again that she feels guilty receiving such delicious Kaki for free from a stranger, and gets the twins to agree to go with her the next day to thank the old lady again for her gift. Shiharu tries to put the leftovers in the fridge, but Akane protests, because she wants to eat more! Shiharu tells her “This portion is the one you got for Matsunaga-san” to which Akane replies “That’s okay!” (as in, “Who cares, I’ll eat it anyway!”) This is the まあいっか I was unsure of in Keruto-san’s review; those of you who wrote comments about the possible meaning were correct! Shiharu responds that she’ll ask Matsuanga-san when he gets home and if he says it’s okay for Akane to eat, she’ll give it to her then. Akane agrees reluctantly, and Shiharu praises her for her self-restraint. Shiharu thinks to herself that the normally shy twins were not at all shy today when they met the old woman, even though she was a complete stranger, and concludes that they seem to be becoming less vigilant against other people as they grow up. When Matsuanga-san gets home and is told about the Kaki, he responds that it was really generous of that woman to give them the Kaki for free. Shiharu asks Matsuanga-san if he knows the woman who lives in the house whos Kaki tree can be seen from their yard, and he says that he knows of the house, but hasn’t met it’s occupant. He tries the Kaki and says that it really is delicious and resolves to introduce himself to the old lady as soon as possible (lol!) Shiharu starts blushing about how cute Matsuanga-san looks while eating, and just then Akane shows up with her mouth wide open and says “Ah—“ trying to prompt Matsuanga-san to feed her more Kaki. Matsunaga-san reluctantly agrees, and when he turns around Aoi is hold his cup, and pressing it to his face, the way he’d seen Shiharu do. Matsunaga-san asks him what he’s doing and Aoi says “Acting like Shiharu-tan!” Shiharu totally freaks out and tries to deny it but just ends up stuttering incoherently. Aoi, in the background, reinacts the cover story Shiharu had told him earlier saying, “Hmm, I wonder if it’s perfectly clean…?” and Shiharu latches on to it, saying “That! Yeah, that!” and tells Matsunaga-san that she noticed some tea stains on the mug and was undecided about whether or not she should bleach it. Shiharu then gets all proud of herself, thinking it was a totally smooth lie, but Matsunaga-san just stares incredulously, and thinks that her behavior is very strange. Just then, he gets a phone call from a pay phone, and it’s the twins’ grandmother, calling from a payphone in the hospital to thank Matsunaga-san for the twins’ shichi-go-san pictures, which she’d just received. She gushes over how cute the twins look in the photos, and say she can’t wait to see them again. Matsunaga-san offers to let her talk to them on the phone, which she accepts but she tells him that first she has something to talk to him about. She says her discharge date has been decided. Matsunaga-san congratulates her, for which she thanks him, and suddenly there is a feeling of being “outside” because it shows Matsunaga-san still talking to her on the phone, but not what they are saying, and it also shows Shiharu playing with the twins, but it also doesn’t show what they are saying. Then Matsuanga-says “I see, understood” and just like that, the spell is broken. Then he asks Akane and Aoi if they would like to talk to their grandmother on the phone, and they are like “Granny…? Granny who gave us Kaki?” He tells them it’s their real grandmother, and hands the phone to Akane. Shiharu urges her to say hello, which she does. The grandmother asks Akane what she’s been doing, to which Akane replies “Kaki!” (lol). The grandmother asks if Akane ate the Kaki with Aoi-kun, and Akane doesn’t really answer the question, but says “Ao-kun? He’s here!” and hands him the phone. Shiharu remarks to Matsunaga that she’s noticed that the twins have become able to converse with a lot of different people, including the old lady who gave them the Kaki. She tells him how Akane even asked for an extra Kaki for him, and took to from the old lady herself, despite how shy she used to be. Matsuanga-san seems amused by this. Then Aoi says “Bye bye!” and hangs up with the grandmother. Shiharu asks him what they talked about and he says he also talked about how sweet the Kaki were. As he watches Shiharu hug the twins, Matsunaga replays the rest of the conversation with their grandmother, in which she tells him in a somewhat round-about way that she and her husband are planning to take custody of the twins around the end of March. We are left with the impact of this news, and a lovely image of Shiharu, Matsuanga-san and the twins, playing together just like a real family. <3 


  1. At last the Raw for this chapter is out with an in-depth summary! Thanks Icarus!
    Ah! The first page has the picture that, for a long time, I wanted to see that badly -- the twins in their Japanese traditional clothes! Aww! How cute! I could never imagine they will be this cute, wearing the Yukatas! Even though we could not see the chapter about this event -- shichi-go-san-- now we could see how the twins looked like back then! We are lucky, right? :D
    This chapter is filled with many funny scenes to which I really kept smiling till the end (including the ones Keruto-san and Saruri-san pointed out to). However, it is such a sad thing that the twins will be separated from Shiharu so soon (by the end of March). I wonder what kind of story we will see in the next chapter ^^.
    Keep up the good work, Icarus!

  2. No way I'll ever get tired of LsL. I must've reread the manga like 20 times already and I'm still not bored with it.

    4 days left till next chapter =3=

  3. I remember one time you said that the author had said that we were nearing the end--do remember what chapter she said that in? I really don't want this manga to end--I would have at least liked to see a few months of dating between Shiharu and Matsunaga =[

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. The author said that in chapter 59, where it was the first appearance of the twins' father. I think what the author meant when she said that the story will reach an end soon was that maybe there are two or three volumes left after volume 10.
      The story now revolves around October (according to what Kai told me) So, there is still much time until March. Let us hope the author will not rush things to end the story. I also do not want it to end soon T-T It is such a great manga!


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