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Love So Life Chapter 52 Summary

 I'm hoping to finish translating volume 10 before I leave for Japan (in 23 days!) so it's time to get serious. I also have about 5 volumes of manga I need to scan for various people in this time, so I don't have to drag them to Japan with me. 

This chapter picks up from the cliffhanger where the last chapter left off. The daycare teacher is panicking and Matsunaga-san is looking completely shocked. The daycare teacher apologizes to Matsunaga-san and promises to be more careful from now on, but Matsunaga-san makes up an excuse for Shiharu, saying that there had been a bug on his clothes just then and it must have scared her. Shiharu doesn't know what to say, and Matsunaga-san tells the daycare teacher not to scold her, then leaves with the twins. The twins say "bye bye" really cutely and Shiharu tells them she'll see them tomorrow. She admonishes herself in her thoughts for shoving him and resolves to call after work to apologize properly. But she doesn't know what she should say to him. She thinks of the real reason that she shoved him, because she was feeling uneasy and was afraid he'd see through her and notice it, but then she admits it's not a good enough reason for shoving someone. In the end, she never called him, and at school the next day Rio and Mai Mai notice that she seems down about something. When they ask her what's wrong, Shiharu insists that there's nothing wrong, and although she doesn't believe it, Rio accepts that Shiharu doesn't want to talk about it and tries to cheer her up instead by feeding her candy. An entire week passes with Shiharu only speaking to Matsunaga-san when absolutely necessary as they pass each other on the way in and out of the house. Finally, the day of the twins' recital at the daycare arrives. The '3 years old and younger' class is performing the bunny exercise routine that they were practicing in a previous chapter. Everyone is dressed up really cutely in fluffy bunny costumes, and Shiharu gives them a pep talk backstage before the show. The twins ask Shiharu is Sei-tan is coming and she says he promised he would. She's overcome by how cute everyone looks and gives the entire class a huge glomp. Just before the show starts, Matsunaga-san sneaks in the back and is shocked by how many people are there. Then the curtain opens and all the kids search for their parents in the audience, and wave and shout out to them. It's a bit of a mess! The music starts and they suddenly remember what they are supposed to be doing, and start dancing along with the song. Matsunaga-san watches intently and smiles really tenderly at the end. When the performance is over, Matsunaga-san meets the twins backstage and told them they did really well. He admits to Shiharu that he got really emotional while watching :P She responds that until just recently, they hadn't been able to remember the choreography, and in her thoughts Shiharu says that she can't take her eyes off of the twins because they are growing up so fast, becoming able to do the things that they weren't able to do just yesterday. She suddenly remembers that she needs to stop making excuses and apologize to Matsunaga-san, so she does. He seems really shocked and denies it immediately, saying that the fault was all his for asking her so instantly and intruding on her private matters. Shiharu is really touched by how mature he is, taking all the responsibility even though she was the one who was really in the wrong. She gets shy and won't look him in the eye, and thinks that she just doesn't know what to do when he treats her so kindly; for some reason her heart starts to ache. The scene changes to a restaurant of some kind, where Matsunaga-san is meeting up with Oikawa after work (probably the next day, but it doesn't actually say). Oikawa asks what the problem is this time, and Matsunaga-san admits that Shiharu is avoiding him. Dr Oikawa tries to prescribe beer as a medicine for this problem and Matsunaga-san gets angry at him for joking around when he's being serious. Oikawa protests that he's heard this story before, but Matsunaga-san insist that he just suspected he was being avoided last time, and this time he's sure. He tells Oikawa how Shiharu won't look him in the eye and how she shoved him the other day. Oikawa accuses him of making a move on Shiharu, and Matsunaga-san vehemently denies it, then backtracks and says "...or at least not intentionally" as he remembers all the times he accidentally ended up touching her tenderly. He tells Oikawa he's worried Shiharu has come to hate him and will quit being the twins' babysitter because of it. He says he wishes she'd tell him about her worries instead of worrying about them all by herself, but that he also can't push her about it. Oikawa, seeming rather uninterested, says that if really Matsunaga-san didn't do anything to Shiharu then she must have perceived his ulterior motives (lol). Matsunaga-san gets huffy and insists he doesn't have any ulterior motives. Oikawa replies that he doesn't get why Matsunaga-san won't admit it even though he's so worried about her, and although he thinks she's cute. Without thinking, Matsunaga-san blurts out that there's nothing wrong with just thinking she's cute. Then he realizes what he's just admitted and starts backtracking and defending himself, saying that he didn't mean it like THAT, and besides at 17 she's no longer a child, and furthermore the incident before was (by some stretch of the imagination) work-related... He gets mad and asks Oikawa if he's even listening, and Oikawa says he's listening, and that he thinks being Matsunaga-san would be really tough. Oikawa says that if Shiharu were over 20 years old, if the twins were at and age that they didn't need such constant supervision, and if Matsunaga-san weren't working in a field where he appears on TV, things might be able to go more favorably. Oikawa also remarks that he can't imagine how Matsunaga-san can live with such severe restrictions. Just then the waitress brings Oikawa some wasabi and he starts hitting on her. Matsunaga-san excuses himself and says he has to go back to work. While he's walking, Matsunaga-san contemplates what Oikawa said about "restrictions" and says that he's just thinking about the normal rules of society that would forbid him from having such [selfish/frivolous] feelings for a child with her whole life ahead of her. On the last page he admits that, even so, he's somehow considering it.


  1. WOW!!! What a beautiful chapter!! :O Thank you so much!!!!

    By the way, at the end of the summary what do you mean when you say "he admits that, even so, he's somehow considering it?" What is he considering?

    Thank you so much!! You are greatly appreciated!! XD

    1. Considering giving in to his feelings for shiharu! hehe

  2. Go for it Matsunaga you like her, but take it slow and easy Shiharu is still young and new to the love game so don't scare her. Let her love for you grow and your love for her will grow also!!!!! THanks again for this update Icarus Bride this is one of my favorite stories!!!! can't wait to see what happens next!!!!

  3. Ah, I loved this chapter *w* (like all the others XD)
    I´m on a trip so I couldn´t share my thoughts earlier but here they are, the short version:
    Matsunaga was THIS ciose to giving in! And Ayumi picked this exact moment to pop up?! I wouldn´t be surprised if he actually decides to get back together with Ayumi since she´d help him uphold his morals...
    Another week till we find out his answer though. I´m glad this manga comes out every two weeks. The wait doesn´t seem too long.

    I'm Kai btw. XD

    1. Ahhh I didn't think of that!! >,< It makes sense, and the exact kind of round-about thing that would happen in shoujo...

  4. (Strangely) I have to agree with Oikawa on this one, lol. I think it's both a blessing and a curse that Shiharu and the twins came into Matsunaga-san's life when they did...

    I thought what Matsunaga was saying at the end, though, was that he thinks there's something wrong with him/that he's the weird one for having romantic feelings for a child.

    ...This was such a sad chapter. Actually most of vol 10 was pretty sad (;-;)

  5. Wow, I understand how Shiharu keeps it to herself and not tell Matsunaga* her problems, but she could at least tell him to not get misunderstandings....poor Matsunaga* and Shiharu.. ; ^ ; Thank you for the Summary!


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