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Love So Life Chapter 63 Summary (Mine)

Okay, so finally here is my summary of chapter 63. On the first page, Matsunaga-san is looking absolutely gorgeous, still a little wet from the bath, and Aoi brings his cellphone over and asks what it is. Aoi didn’t recognize it because Matsunaga-san recently got a new one. It turns out Matsunaga-san actually lost the phone, though, and Aoi found it for him under the table. That’s when Matsunaga-san notices he’s got a new text message, and the “From” field on the text message lists the name of his ex-girlfriend. At this point that’s all we can see, not the message. The main chapter begins with Shiharu and the twins stopping on the way home to thank the old lady who gave them kaki in the last chapter. She’s very happy to see them and when the twins tell her that they ate the kaki and they were delicious, she asks if “Sei-tan” was also able to eat some. Shiharu remembers how cute she thought it was, and while blushing outrageously, she says he did. The twins give the old lady some acorns the collected as a present, to thank her. She is overcome by their cuteness and starts pulling all the kaki off the tree to give them (lol, this is a logical reaction to the twins’ cuteness.) Shiharu insists they can’t possibly be so rude as to accept even more from her, and tries to think of a way to ‘earn’ the kaki. She remembers that the first time they met the old lady, she was sweeping up the leaves in her yard, and Shiharu asks the lady to let her and the twins help her clean her yard in order to thank her for the kaki. Afterwards, the old lady serves them some kaki as a snack, and they chat a bit. The old lady asks Shiharu if she’s a highschool student, and she says she is. Then she remembers she hasn’t introduced herself yet, and tells the old lady her and the twins’ names. But the old lady has a one-track mind and jumps right to asking Shiharu if there’s a MAN she likes. Shiharu is a little bit freaked out because the old lady says the word MAN in English, trying to sound like a hip youngster, lol. Shiharu remembers her decision to keep going acting as if she weren’t in love with Matsuanga-san, so at first she denies it, but the clouds of steam from her out-of-control blushing are a dead give away and the old lady doesn’t believe her. The old lady asks her what kind of person he is, and promises she won’t tell anyone, even urging Shiharu to whisper it in her ear. Finally Shiharu gives in and starts describing him as “dependable, with a strong sense of responsibility, but he’s always getting completely worn-out and he acts a bit like a child.”  While picturing him and talking about it out loud, Shiharu gets so worked up that she sets on fire. The old lady responds with “Ah— Adolescence…” Then Shiharu tells her that he’s a person she must not fall in love with, and the old lady misunderstand that the person Shiharu likes is a married man. When Shiharu assures her he’s not, the old lady tells her that in that case, it’s fine. While they are talking, the twins are playing in the yard and trying to climb the kaki tree to catch the birds that are eating the kaki. The old lady tells Shiharu she feels like it’s a shame that Shiharu can’t just go for it, and tells her that such a fine man like that will be snatched up by another woman in the blink of an eye. (DUN DUN DUN, foreshadowing?!) The old lady looks pensive and tells Shiharu that this is the advice of an elder with lots of experience. Shiharu pictures Matsunaga-san holding hands with a pretty dark-haired girl in a dress, and thinks that it wouldn’t be unusual for him to be married at his age, and that he might have someone he likes that she doesn’t know about. (Foreshadowing some more??!) Shiharu gets flustered and starts denying the thoughts she was just thinking out loud, but accidentally lets Matsunaga-san’s name slip and freaks out when the lady asks her if Matsuanga-san is the name of the person she likes. The old lady says that she was sure Shiharu was in love with “Sei-tan” because of the way she blushed when the old lady mentioned his name earlier, and Shiharu gives up and admits that they are the same person. The old lady gets a bit introspective and says that youth is a wonderful thing, the twins are like as-of-yet unopened buds that she could never get tired of watching, and tells Shiharu that she has a grandson who is in middle school already who doesn’t come to play with her anymore, and although his family invited her to come live with them in their apartment downtown, she would rather stay here where she’s in contact with the earth and trees, since the kaki tree let her meet such cute guests (the twins.) On that cute, Takeru-kun shows up. It turns out he also met the old lady, who he calls “Kyo-chan,” last year when she gave him some kaki too. He surprises Shiharu by speaking very casually to the old lady and saying they are good friends. She offers Takeru as much kaki as he likes and he says he and his mother really love it but the rest of the family doesn’t. Shiharu and the twins get a few more kaki to bring home, and then say goodbye and leave. After they are gone, the old lady asks Takeru if he knows a person named “Sei-chan” and Takeru, rather surprised, says they live close to eachother and hang out sometimes. The old lady asks Takeru if “Sei-chan” is a fine MAN, and Takeru is once again surprised (by her strange use of the English word?) and says that Matsunaga-san is popular with the opposite sex, tall and his salary isn’t bad either. But the old lady presses and asks about his heart, and Takeru tells her he doesn’t know, but he likes Matsunaga-san and gets advice from him from time to time. This seems to pacify the old lady. Then she asks Takeru if he himself is in danger of falling in love with Shiharu (LOL) and Takeru says he’s already in love. He says that Shiharu is really nice and there’s a lot to like about her, but he has found a girl who he likes even more, and promises to bring her to meet the old lady in the near future. The scene changes to (the next day?) at school, where Rio, Shiharu and Yukina are eating lunch at school, and Shiharu shares the kaki she got from the old lady with Rio. Shiharu mentions that she saw Takeru-kun at the old lady’s house and that despite the huge age gap they seemed to be quite good friends. Rio makes a funny face while saying that Takeru has a huge range of friends and that she has a lot of rivals :P Yukina asks Rio how her and Takeru have been doing, and Rio says it’s good, but… She says a few really vague things to the effect of “It’s complicated,” but doesn’t really give any explanation. The scene changes again, to a fancy restaurant where Matsunaga-san arrives looking exceptionally handsome. The waiter greets him and asks if he’ll be dining alone, but he replies that he’s meeting someone. A girl calls out to him “Seiji-ku—n!” and he turns and sees his ex-girlfriend sitting at a table waiting for  him. He smiles at her warmly and greets her by her first name without any honorific (super intimate), “…Ayumi” and then the chapter ends.


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  2. Ahahah, I love your summaries XD you always find a new way to casually drop a comment on how good-looking Matsunaga is, I totally LOL'ed just now XD

    (that's not the only reason I like your summaries XD)

    Just a couple more days and we'll Find Out. >w<

  3. Thank you very much for the summary :)
    I was looking forward to it, especially the love talk between the old lady and Shiharu XD How cute Shiharu was XD
    On a separate note, I sent you an email about LSL chapter 64. Hana To Yume displayed some pictures there :) Too bad they are just 6 pictures. But well, that is better than no pictures at all :P I hope you translate those for us.

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    2. I uploaded the pictures they displayed in case they will be removed eventually: (it seems Akane says something about divorce while talking about Kento-kun, right?)hhhh I like it when she acts as if she were old :D (loool this scene is really funny. I guess Matsunaga-san refers to the way Ayumi avoids eating something (I dunno what is it? green pea? ) as that of children's :P

      I am looking forward to the translation :D

    3. Ahahah, oh, Akane-chan... XD
      Ica seems to be busy, shall I help out? Won't be word by word though, I can't understand everything.

      page1 -
      Akane: Siiiiiiiiiiigh. I wonder if I should divorce Kenta-kun...
      Shiharu: Eh... Uh, why?

      *Akane explains her trouble*
      Shiharu thinks: There's also bf/gf trouble here...?! o__o
      *scene changes*
      Ayumi: Sorry, Seiji-kun. For calling you out so suddenly.
      Seiji: Not at all. Have you been doing well?

      page 2
      Ayumi: Yes. What about you? Your job? Your brother's children?
      Seiji: I manage somehow. I get help though(?).
      Ayumi: I see.
      Seiji: ...
      Ayumi: What is it?
      Seiji: Ah, well... I just thought it's really been a long time.
      Seiji's thoughts: I first met her...

      Seiji's thoughts: "in summer of my third year in university"
      Everyone: Cheers!
      Girls: It's Matsunaga-kun! How rare!
      *chatting about some annoying assignment. Seiji wrote it faster than the slacker sitting next to him*
      Seiji: Hey, who's the girl over there, I don't know her?
      Slacker: Ask her yourself!

      *Ayumi takes out the peas XD*
      Seiji: ...l-like a kid...?

      Seijiiii, don't get carried away, boke!

    4. Thanks so much Kai! Now everything is clear :D Icarus is on vacation, but she told me she will post the translation tonight :D
      About the reason why Akane-chan was thinking of divorcing Kento-kun *lol*, Icarus explained that to me :D She said "she says she's thinking about divorcing kento kun because he was holding hands with yuna-chan". Awwwww Akane-chan <3

      I think this chapter will focus more on the first meeting about Matsunaga-san and Ayumi since they have not introduced her before-- we only got to see few scenes in which she appeared. So, maybe this chapter will, again, not provide us with answers we are seeking to know? Let us wait and see.

    5. Yeah, I also came to that conclusion. >>; I don't mind a flashback but I want an answer! Is she marrying the other person or does she want Matsunaga back?!

    6. Yes, I want to know, too ><
      By the way Kai, I just noticed something weird, it is mentioned that Matsunaga-san and Ayumi met for the first time when he was a third year college student, which means he should have been 20 or 21, right? but when I came back to chapter 23, Matsunaga-san was 19 years old and already was going out with Ayumi?! There must be a mistake here :s

    7. Hm, you have a point there. To be honest, I'm not completely sure what he said there, but the sentence included the number 3. Maybe he said "the summer before my 3rd year" or sth? Or maybe the author was absent-minded for a second.

    8. It does say that Seiji met Ayumi during the summer of his 3rd year at university, so it must be a goof. I thought it was a bit late for her to be meeting him! Good find ;)

      Heh, it reminds me that ages ago someone pointed out to me on my blog that the White Day chapter came a whole year after the Valentine's chapter :P The continuity is very good elsewhere in the manga though. Oh well ^^;

    9. Thank you Kai and nanaga for your answers. So it was a mistake :)
      Yes they pointed out to that mistake in MF as well. lool! But it is okay as long as the story is great and this is what is important ^^


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