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Love So Life Chapter 64 Summary (Keruto) and Some Spoilers from HtY's Website

Keruto-san posted her review of Chapter 64 super quickly again this month, although it's a bit short here is a translation:

[Love So Life <Chapter 64>]
This chapter is the story of Matsunaga-san and his ex-girlfriend's past. Honestly, for me who frankly wants it to go smoothly for Matsunaga-san and Shiharu-tan even if for only an instant, it's a story that's hard to talk about. 
Don't tell me that after everything, she's asking Matsunaga-san to get back together at this point?!
If Matsunaga-san ends up saying "OK" in the next chapter, I'll cry!  Still, I don't think they will reconcile, but personally I hope he breaks off ties with her right away without faltering.

Fatiflower also found the full-cover cover page and a few preview pages that were posted on Hana to Yume Online, so here's a sneak peak for you all :D

SFX: Sigh--
Shiharu: What's wrong, Akane-chan?
Akane: Um, well, I
Akane: wonder if I should divorce Kento-kun.
Box: Playing Make-Believe as a Wife
Box: The Role of the Son
Aoi: ...
Small Text: Kento-kun
Shiharu: Eh?!
Shiharu: Um...
Shiharu: W...why?

Akane: 'Cause, Kento-kun was holding hands with Yuna-tan.
Akane: I guess that's just how boys are.
SFX: Fume Fume
Shiharu: ...
Box: Th...
Shiharu: B...
Shiharu: But, it can't be helped when we're doing sports, right...?
Thought: This is also a matter of men-and-women's problems...?!
Rio: Because it's between men and women...
Akane: Eh~~~~?
Ayumi: Sorry, Seiji-kun,
Ayumi: for calling you out all of a sudden...
Matsunaga: Not at all...
Matsunaga: Have you been well?

Ayumi: Yeah.
Ayumi: How about you, Seiji-kun? How is work?
Ayumi: And your brother's children and so on...
Matsunaga: Well, we're managing somehow.
Matsunaga: I've been... receiving a lot of help, but...
Ayumi: I see...
Matsunaga: ...
Ayumi: What?
Matsunaga: Ah,
Matsunaga: No...
Matsunaga: ...I was just thinking, it really has been a long time...
Matsunaga: ----...
Box: I met her

Box: the summer of my 3rd year of university.
Everyone: Cheers!
Girl: (Small Text: Ah----) It's Matsunaga-san!<3
Girl: How rare for you to come.
Matsunaga: I just finished a troublesome report.
Guy: (Small Text: Eh--) The report for class?
Matsunaga: Yeah.
Guy: No way, isn't that too quick?!
Matsunaga: It's because I want to do a summer job.
Guy: Is this guy for real?!
Matsunaga: But, during the short time I wasn't able to come, a lot of new faces have appeared...
Guy: That's because you didn't even come to the welcome party for the new students!
Matsunaga: Ah---- I see...
Matsunaga: I don't even know the girl sitting right in front of me...
SFX: Whisper
Guy: (Small Text: Jeez--) Ask for yourself!

Box: Is...
Box: Is she a little kid...? 
Small Text: Alright!
Small Text: Ah----


  1. Thank you very much Icarus! I was waiting impatiently for your translation. Seriously, your translation is really great. Yesterday, I wanted to give it a go to understand some of what has been mentioned in Keruto-san's summary, but I just understood few words and failed to come up with good sentences :P (what will you expect from a beginner hehe I really think there is a long way ahead of me in order to attain this level in which I will be able to fully grasp the meaning and translate it ^^)
    Anyway, I am glad that the purpose of this meeting has been clearly indicated in this chapter; I was really afraid the author will drag it out until next chapter, seeing that flashback. Still, I am sad it is the usual thing-- the ex wanting their relationship back again :( I agree with Keruto-san, hesitating to answer her request will be no good! There is more than enough proof that Matsunaga-san likes Shiharu! He just has to reject Ayumi immediately without even giving it some thought!
    I hope everything will go the way we want to.

  2. *major spoiler*!

    Matsunaga after getting drunk!

    Oh, I am looking forward to reading the translation of Saruri-san's summary XD

  3. Thanks for this summary ^^
    That said, Matsunaga's and Shiharu's relationship certainly progress sllooowwwlllyyyy~ Frustratingly so >.< 64 chapters and still nothing truly 'relevant' even though Love so Life is not centered on their love story nor anything like that, but still, I was expecting something more after so long?


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