Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Love So Life Chapter 64 Summary (Saruri)

Thank you to Fatiflower and Elise for letting me know that Saruri-san already posted her review of this chapter of Love So Life! And of course to Saruri herself, for writing such a great summary. As always, I love her insight and interpretations of everything. 

Love So Life  - Hana to Yume Issue 17, 2012

It really is——?!!!
I think there are quite a few people who shouted that out after reading this issue’s chapter of Love So Life.

But, the parts that make you unintentionally want to shout out something like that are only a few.
Called out by his ex-girlfriend, Ayumi, Matsunga-san gives into reminiscing.

“I met her the summer of my 3rd year of university.”

Matsunaga-san got an impression of her that was impossible to forget as she ate like a child, avoiding the green peas, while sitting by chance directly across from him in an izakaya (bar).
From there, they started talking about a novelist they both like and got involved in a conversation.

“Now that I think about it, that was the first time in my entire life that I carelessly got dead drunk.”

Matsunaga-san got completely smashed and accidentally fell asleep on the side of the road. It was in such a state that Ayumi brought him home with her to her own house.

For some unknown reason, when he opened his eyes, he was stark naked!
(Ah, but he was wearing underwear. That is to say, he was wearing only underwear.)

In such a condition…

“This is bad, this is bad, this is bad, THIS IS BAD! I don’t remember anything at all!”

is what  Matsunaga-san thought while breaking out into a cold sweat and hastily covering himself.
Just then Ayumi appears, probably fresh out of the bath, saying “G…good morning.”

“Now I’ve done it——!!!”

is how it looks, right?
I know it’s not really the case, but his incompetent trembling was just too amusing!

To such a Matsunaga-san, Ayumi said “Nothing happened, so it’s fine” and his heart was lightened.
Thinking that she’s much more mature than him, and that being together the night before was fun, Matsunaga-san extends and invitation to Ayumi to hang out sometime.

It’s from then that their relationship begun to change.
Just when Ayumi’s existence had become precious to him, and he started thinking that it would be nice if they could always be together, everything happened; his sister-in-law died, his brother went missing, and he came into custody of the twins…

“There was suddenly a lot on my plate, and I was no longer able to give her the first priority.”

“I was in a state of not being able to apologize for a lot of decisions I made selfishly and not being able to say thank you for a lot of wonderful memories…”

And so, the two of them broke up.
Now, a resolved-looking Ayumi has appeared before Matsunaga-san and begins to speak.

“Hey, Seiji-kun… Do you have any willingness to start over?”

Oh nooooooo! She really came out and said it!

But I think that Matsunaga-san will surely completely and thoroughly cut ties with her.
Since she seems to be a good person, it probably won’t develop into a huge sticky mess.

But with that said, if she were to make a huge move on Matsunaga-san and Shiharu were to see it and get excessively enthusiastic and confess, and they became lovey-dovey, that also wouldn’t be bad.  **Please excuse my out-of-control delusions.

To conclude, this issue’s chapter of Love So Life (TN: Japanese fans abbreviate it as “rabu sora” from “rabu so raifu” but the abbreviation also overlaps with the words “love sky.”) had a color cover picture, but I thought it was so cute that I just had to try taking a picture.

I can almost hear their voices calling him “Sei-tan.”


  1. I ripped the pictures for you. Here you are:



    Having those precious memories with Ayumi as well as feeling guilty towards her, I wonder if Matsunaga-san will easily reject her. While thanking and apologizing to her for what happened in the past (this is the right time to do so, right?), will he tell her he will consider getting back or he appreciates that but now it is too late as he is already interested in someone else? Let us wait for the next chapter in the hope of giving us a clear answer.
    Again, thank you Icarus for translating Saruri-san's summary; I was dying to know what she said.

    1. Thanks for ripping them, I added them now!

  2. Hey I can't wait this is getting so good, But I'm a little worried I don't want them to get back together!!! Matsunaga wait on Shiharu !!!! Thanks Icarus I just love this manga!!!!

    1. I don't want them to get back together either! I can just picture him saying cooly "I'm sorry, but there's someone else I like." just like she said to him when she broke up with him!

  3. Thank you so much!! I keep on telling myself I won't read these spoilers, but the story's getting too intense to back out now!! I just LOVE this manga!! XD

    1. Hehe I don't blame you, I can't resist either! I love this manga too :D

  4. Ah... spoilers, I can't resist it. I love this manga sooo much <3 It can be the most adorable manga I've ever seen in my life.. Nice drawings, cute characters and slow-pace of romance... I love all of these... But I wonder is the romance a little bit too slow - even for my taste? I'm so eager for their development, argh...
    Thanks 4 your spoilers, love you guys >:D<


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