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Love So Life Chapter 64 Summary

Thanks so much to Fairgame over at Jcafe24, we have RAWs for Chapter 64! This chapter even has an adorable, 2-page, full color cover picture of Matsunaga-san and the twins. The tagline says “The finest smile of announcer Matsunaga Seiji is during his time off with the twins.” I gotta agree there! Actually, I just realized when looking at the two of them smiling, that Aoi really resembles Matsunaga-san! On the first page, Akane is once again playing make-believe as a housewife, and this time Aoi is playing too, as her son. Akane sighs dramatically and when Shiharu asks her what’s wrong, she says that she’s thinking about divorcing Kento-kun! Shiharu asks why and Akane reveals that Kento-kun was holding hands with Yuna-chan. Shiharu is a bit surprised to encounter male-female problems even here, but tells Akane that it couldn’t be helped since they were doing sports. Akane doesn’t seem to get it. The scene changes to the restaurant where Matsunaga-san and Ayumi are meeting (wait a minute, he’s using Shiharu to babysit while he goes to meet another girl?! Matsunaga-saaaan!!). Ayumi asks him how he’s doing, how work is going and how his brothers children are. Matsunaga-san replies vaguely saying that they’re managing somehow, with a lot of help. I guess Ayumi feels that Matsunaga-san is looking at her strange, because she asks him what’s wrong and he says that he was just thinking it really had been a long time… The scene changes again to the day Matsunaga-san and Ayumi met. It was the summer of his 3rd year of university and Matsunaga-san went out drinking with his friends for the first time in a while (he’d been to busy with school work). Matsunaga-san remarks to his friend that it’s been so long since he’d gone out with them that there were a lot of people there he didn’t know, and asks who the girl sitting directly across from him is. His friend tells him to ask her himself. As Matsunaga-san watches, she picks out all the green peas from her meal and puts them in a tiny dish to the side before eating. Matsunaga-san is struck by how child-like this is. He asks her if she’s not eating only the peas and when she says that’s right, he randomly asks if he can have them, explaining he’s not been eating enough of them lately (???) She is also a bit confused but agrees, and he eats them all up. Ayumi is surprised he can eat them plain like that and he tells her they are flavored by the dish she took them out of, so they taste good. Ayumi asks him bluntly if they don’t make him feel sick. She goes off on a tangent describing all the things about peas she finds disgusting: they’re round, they get stuck in your teeth, the texture is mushy and gritty, the skins are hard to chew, etc. Matsunaga-san agrees they are disgusting but says he feels it’s rude to the chef not to eat them, and Ayumi looks ashamed and apologizes, but he smiles back at her. Present-day Matsuanga-san narrates that when he met her she was a bit child-like but a good girl, and from that first impression he just couldn’t leave her alone. When Matsuanga-san’s friend announces it’s time to move to the next bar (they are going bar-hopping) Matsunaga-san asks Ayumi if she’s going and she hesitates a bit, and although it seems she hadn’t originally planned to go, she tells him shyly that she’ll go if he’s going. By the way, her last name is Fujita (it was shown in Kanji without furigana in the last chapter, so I wasn’t sure.) On the way to the next place they are discussing an author that they both like. Matsunaga-san is surprised she’s read his books, because (apparently) he’s a total wacko. Ayumi tells him that in this guy’s books the afterwards are more interesting than the main story, and Matsunaga-san agrees. Just when Ayumi starts asking Matsunaga-san if she’s seen the movie that was made based on that author’s novel, when she suddenly falls over. Matsunaga-san asks her what’s wrong and it turns out the heal broke on one of her shoes. Matsunaga-san tells her to wait here while he goes to get some glue at the convenience store. She starts to protest and he thinks it’s because she must be in pain standing on one broken shoe, so he offers her his shoes while she waits! She protests again and he assures her “Don’t worry, I don’t have athlete’s foot or anything” (LMAO). She finally manages to say that that’s not what she’s worried about, but what will he wear? He tells her that he’s fine, and heads off towards the convenience store, and she chases after him, saying she’s coming too. Finally they get the heal glued back on and Ayumi is impressed by how sturdy it is, and thanks him with a big smile. They start to reveal just how intoxicated they are on the way back to meet up with the others at the 2nd bar, when they start talking nonsense about searching for other things that are adhesive. When they join up with the others at the 2nd bar, Matsunaga-san’s friend admits he didn’t even know they were gone, and both Matsunaga-san and Ayumi ask him if he has any adhesives with him (drunk). Present-day Matsunaga-san narrates again that being with Ayumi was fun, and he wanted to keep talking with her, and as they talked they kept drinking more than they would have normally…And without knowing it, he got the drunkest he’d ever been in his life! It ends up with Matsuanga-san dead drunk slumped against a building somewhere. Ayumi tries giving him some water but he’s so drunk he can’t even drink it and just pours it all over himself. Matsunaga-san’s friends are pretty drunk too, so they tell Ayumi “That’s for taking care of him, we’re going to karaoke!” and leave. Ayumi is rather panicked since she doesn’t even know Matsunaga-san’s address. Just then two weirdos, I think they are supposed to be a Yakuza and a cross-dresser, walk by and the crossdresser remarks how adorable Matsunaga-san is and the Yakuza says that it’s no use, since he’s with a girl. As the Yakuza drags the cross dresser away, she says “I just wanted a taste~~!” Ayumi crouches down next to Matsunaga-san and pushes aside his bangs to look at his sleeping face, and blushes a bit but looks thoughtful. The scene changes to the next morning, when Matsunaga-san wakes up with the king of all hangovers, in Ayumi’s bed! What’s more, he’s completely naked and doesn’t remember anything! Of course he assumes the worst! He tries to calm down and remember what happened, and he recalls meeting Ayumi at the first bar, and helping her fix her heal on the way to the second, but nothing after that. She walks in just then, with her hair still wet from the shower. She greets him hesitantly and he returns the greeting as calmly as he can, while thinking “Oh shit, now I’ve done it!!” But she calls him out on it immediately, and says “Right now you’re thinking “Oh shot, now I’ve done it!!” right?” He tries to deny it, while sweating bullets, but she tells him not to worry, because nothing happened. She apologizes for taking his clothes off without permission (??!) but explains that she didn’t want the bed to get dirty (he’d been laying in the street) and that she washed them earlier and they were already dry. There’s a flashback to a very young (~10 years old?) Matsunaga-san making a wish at a temple to become a hottie when he grows up, and then Matsuanaga-san makes a vow to god that he won’t ever drink or smoke cigarettes again. He asks her again if he did anything to her, and she blushes and said that she was a bit worried when she brought him home with her, but he was so drunk that nothing could have happened. His masculine pride is a bit bruised and he’s not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing, but in the end his sense of responsibility kicks in and he decides it was a good thing. He realizes then that his first impression of her was mistaken, and that she was the one, out of the two of them, who was more mature. He sees a book by the author they both like in her room, and recalls the fun they had the night before and asks her if she’d be willing to see him again.  At first she reminds him that nothing happens, so he doesn’t need to feel like he hast to take responsibility or something, and he assures her that’s not it, and explains that he really had a lot of fun the night before. In his thoughts, he explains that her personality was really very level-headed and reliable, but that what he’d glimpsed from the first moment they met was a child-like purity that she kept hidden deep down. Modern-day Matsunaga-san begins to narrate again, and tells how she slowly became a very important person to her. We see glimpses of a date they went on to go shopping at the bookstore, and while Matsunaga-san is waiting for her for another date he’s talking to Oikawa who accuses him of dating “another dolled-up airhead” (lol).  Once Ayumi arrives and they start their date, Matsunaga-san gets a text message from Kouichi telling him that he’s going to get marries. Ayumi congratulates him and Matsuanga-san thinks to himself “Marriage, huh… I wonder if I’ll also be doing it someday…” over a picture of (I think?) himself and Ayumi and a baby. Matsunaga-san also narrates, as they are eating out at a fancy restaurant, that he hoped they would always be together. But of course, that’s not how it happened. The next page shows Matsunaga-san at work, getting the call from Kouichi the day his wife died, and shows him watching over the sleeping twins, who have come to live with him. There are a lot of images on the next page, of Ayumi yelling at him, of Kouchi in the hospital, notifying him on the phone about his wife’s death, of the twins looking at Matsunaga-san with distrust, of them crying missing their parents, and finally of Matsunaga-san and Ayumi sitting in a booth at a café on the day they broke up. Modern-day Matsunaga-san narrates that this was the period when he should have been thinking seriously about his and Ayumi’s future, but the things in front of him kept piling up and he wasn’t able to make her the first priority anymore, and that he wasn’t able to apologize for making so many decisions by himself or thank her for all the good memories. Finally, it flashes back to the present where Ayumi and Matsunaga-san are meeting, and Ayumi takes a huge gulp of her alcohol (for courage?) and says “Do you have any willingness to do things over again with me?” Then the chapter ends on a cliffhanger!  Also, unfortunately, at the end of the chapter it says that there won’t be a new chapter of Love So Life in the 8/20 issue of Hana to Yume, the next chapter will appear in the 9/5 issue. 


  1. Thank you so much for the chapter summary!!! <3

    Firstly, the thought of " Matsunaga-san making a wish at a temple to become a hottie when he grows up" makes me laugh because he just doesn't seem the kind of person to be interested in those type of materialistic things.

    Ever since you informed us of this chapter a few weeks back I've always had this uncomfortable feeling that Matsunaga would consider bringing Ayumi back into his life just because it could create a 'distraction' from his so-called "immoral" thoughts of Shiharu and redefine the kind of relationship he should be having.

    But, then again I hope I am wrong =]

    1. I hope that's not the case too! Mattsun... he's so Masochistic and self-sacrificing... his strong sense of responsibility drives him to be this way.

      Hehe I thought that part was hilarious too. It was his first thought after hearing that Ayumi undressed him while he was sleeping :P

  2. I forgot to elaborate, but the scene where Oikawa accuses Matsunaga-san of dating another dolled-up airhead makes it clear that Ayumi is NOT the girl with the milky-pink handbag, Oikawa is referring to her when he says "again."

  3. Once again, thanks for the summary!
    That was a fun chapter xD and I found myself not being able to dislike Ayumi like I did before, before getting to know her character. Cant really blame her that she wants to go back together with him, can we...
    and I thought about it. If they met in third uni year, then Matsunaga was about 21 years old. Lets say he was 22 by the time they sarted going out and he was 25 when they broke up. That means they were together for what, three years? That's a lot, man, one REALLY cant blame her for wanting to patch things up.
    She is a little late though.
    Poor Matsunaga. That's gonna be a tough decision. I have two or three speculations about what will happen, but I dont have time to write em, too bad, huh, but I am pretty sure Ayumi and Shiharu will meet. >_>;;;

    1. I also do not blame Ayumi for that though the only thing I blame her for is when she left Matsunaga-san while he had to raise the twins; I think at least she should have supported him a little bit.
      Yes, it would be hard on Matsunaga-san to reject her immediately. He is now in a tight spot to give her a proper and decisive answer-- this is at least what I think.
      Oh we have to wait for a month to see what is going to happen next. Aaaargh not in such a cliffhanger! There is a hope this thing would be resolved quickly like the matter with Takeru and Rio before going out with each other. Not to mention LSL is going to end soon. So, yes there is this possibility that everything will go well.

    2. Ah, you keep saying "lsl is gonna end soon!" XD;;; don't scratch it off so quickly, there is so much yet to happen that it's probably gonna continue in 2013 too! (I hope? XD)
      I think even in next chap we won't get to hear Matsunaga's reply. If he is indecisive, he is prolly gonna tell her he'll think about it. (and she'll go to his house and see Shiharu?) =3 and then we get a girl showdown. XD

  4. Thanks for the info as always :) Such a bummer that LSL won't be in the next issue :( I really hate this arc and I wanna get it over with, lol. I can only hope that what happens next is what I originally thought -- that Seiji takes this opportunity to thank and apologise to Ayumi like he wanted, but ultimately doesn't get back together with her because he has Shiharu.

    Sadly, like some others I fear he will get back together with Ayumi in an attempt to forget Shiharu. There has been so much foreshadowing of 'men are from Mars/women are from Venus' problems (with Rio and Akane) that I can't help but think it's leading up to Seiji doing some 'man thinking' and seeing Ayumi as the solution to all his problems -.- But I'd like to think he wouldn't do that. Also, I could only see that progression of things ending the same way as Rio/Takeru's arc did, and I don't think they'd repeat a story?

    About the temple part -- that wasn't young Seiji at a temple, it was a flashback to the part in ch59 when he saw a newsreader on the TV and he vowed 'to become a respectable adult' like the newsreader [as opposed to his own overly-liberal parents who were a bad example]. That's why he thinks of that vow when he wakes up in Ayumi's bed, because he has basically failed it xD;

    The scene of the couple with a baby is also from ch59; it was Kouichi and Misaki and one of the twins... although I don't know why the author put that there, because if Seiji was just getting the notification of Kouichi's wedding, he wouldn't have seen them with the babies yet. I guess it was just to fill the panel with some sort of marriage->family image.

  5. I wonder what Matsunaga's* reply is going to be! I can't wait! Thank you for the summary! I hope he says no lol.


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