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Love So Live Chapter 53 Summary

Sorry for the big white stripe down the middle, this portion of the picture is missing in the RAWs and I was feeling especially lazy today. Regardless, this picture is just too cute! Coincidentally, this is the 53rd post in this blog, and the subject is Chapter 53! With this summary, I've caught up to the first chapter of Love So Life that I ever summarized (54). In case you're curious, my plan is to translate the chapters I've summarized already and to both translate and summarize the chapters that I only translated Keruto-san's summaries of because I didn't have RAWs before. Thanks to FairGame over on, we now have RAWs for all of the chapters released in Japan up until now.

On the first page it shows Shiharu and Matsunaga-san reprising the position they were in at the end of the last chapter, and Shiharu admits that lately whenever she closes her eyes, all she sees is the same person’s figure… The scene changes abruptly to some kind of community garden where Shiharu and the twins are participating in a local “sweet potato digging event.” Akane-chan tries to use brute force to yank the sweet potato out without digging at all, and when it pops out all at once, it goes flying out of her hands and hits someone digging nearby on the head. Luckily, that person was Nanami, Takeru-kun’s younger sister, who came with her younger sister, Mana-chan! Which Shiharu and Nanami are greeting eachother, Aoi-kun approaches with a handful of earthworms and asks Shiharu sweetly “What’s this?” Nanami totally freaks out and Shiharu is also quite frightened. Trying to disguise her irrational fear, Shiharu tells Aoi-kun that he might be hurting the worms by holding them so tight and tells him to let them go. Aoi-kun innocently asks Shiharu if the earthworms are “dirty” and Shiharu finds herself in a moral predicament, because although the worms are disgusting to her and they might carry germs, she feels it’s wrong to teach a child that any living creature is intrinsically “dirty,” especially those like worms who help humans out by cleaning the soil. So instead, Shiharu says the first thing that comes to mind and tells Aoi that the worms will be surprised if you touch them and might bit you. Of course this isn’t true since worms don’t have teeth! But it is exactly the explanation the twins’ grandmother gave in a previous chapter about why it’s not okay to pet unknown dogs, so I guess that’s where she got the idea from. Aoi doesn’t seem to believe it either. On the way home, Shiharu asks Nanami how she and Takeru-kun have been getting along, to which she replies “So-so” and then in return Nanami asks Shiharu how she and Matsunaga-san have been getting along, at which Shiharu gets typically flustered and doesn’t answer, which Nanami remarks is, in itself, an answer. Shiharu makes a disappointed (?) face and admits to herself that she’s been really weird lately. Back at Matsunaga-san’s house, Shiharu asks the twins if they’d like to make baked sweet potatoes with the sweet potatoes they dug, and when they enthusiastically agree, she reveals that she had anticipated they would, and cooked the potatoes ahead of time. The three of them are shaping the cooked potatoes back into round potato-esque shapes when Akane-chan decides to “taste test” some of the mixture by stuffing handful after handful of it into her mouth. At first, Shiharu is accidentally oblivious to how much Akane-chan is putting in her mouth at once, and tells her “It’s delicious, right? That’s because everyone worked hard to dig this potatoes together.” But once she ‘snaps out of it’ so-to-speak, Shiharu scolds Akane-chan gently for putting too much in her mouth at once, and pats her on the back. Even so, Akane starts choking, and Shiharu runs into the kitchen in a panic to get some water for her to drink, to wash the sweet potato down. In her haste, Shiharu knocks the cup she received as a birthday gift from Matsunaga-san off the shelf and it falls to the ground and shatters. When the twins come to investigate the source of the noise, she yells at them sharply not to come in, but then explains more gently that she broke a cup and it’s not safe for them to come in because they might get hurt. She quickly regains control and gets Akane a glass of water, then asks the two of them to wait in the other room while she cleans up the broken glass. While picking up the pieces, she laments that this is the cup Matsunaga-san bought for her for her birthday and that having it sit in the cupboard in this house with everyone else’s cups made her feel like she really belonged here. Shortly after, we see Matsunaga-san loitering outside his own house, hesitating to go inside because he feels it’ll be hard to face Shiharu after having admit to himself (through the confrontation with Oikawa in the last chapter) that he thinks she’s cute. When he finally goes inside, Shiharu greets him weakly. He remarks that there’s a good smell and while in her head Shiharu is thinking “Tell him! Apologize right now!” in the end she can’t say it and just tells him that the smell is from the baked sweet potatoes they made with the sweet potatoes they dug today. She manages to tell him that there’s something that she has tell him, but looking at his kind and trusting face, she thinks “I don’t want him to be disappointed with me!” and can’t bring herself to say it. She finally just says “Can we talk about it tomorrow?” to which Matsuanga-san agrees, while looking rather confused and more than a bit concerned. Shiharu, looking suddenly exhausted, urges him to eat the baked sweet potatoes the twins made, then makes a hasty escape. Once she gets outside, she collapses against a telephone pole and wishes to disappear. Back inside the house, Matsunaga-san eats the baked sweet potatoes and thinks to himself that this is the result of the previous incident where he pushed Shiharu to tell him what was troubling her, and he tells himself that he needs to mentally prepare to receive Shiharu’s resignation letter! Around the same time, Shiharu is back at the orphanage and trying to glue the pieces of the cup back together, but it’s no use. She seems really depressed and thinks to herself that she hasn’t made any progress (her own personal development) in all this time. But then she sees some crafts the twins made for her hanging on the wall and recalls some memories of them, and slaps herself hard on both cheeks, as if ordering herself to “get it together!” The next day, Shiharu kneels on the floor in front of Matsunaga-san and asks him if he has a moment (using very formal speech.) He’s quite surprised by this super-formal and humble behavior, and immediately recalls his expectation that she might be planning to quit being the twins’ babysitter (this behavior would not be unusual in that case.) He also kneels on the floor beside her and tells her to raise her head. Shiharu tells him that she should have told him about this matter earlier, and in response Matsunaga-san makes and expression of deep concern, most likely convinced now that she’s going to quit. Then Shiharu comes out and tells him that she accidentally broke the cup he bought her for her birthday. This is absolutely not what Matsunaga-san was expecting and after a page and a half of looking dumbfounded he finally responds, basically saying “Is that all?” Shiharu is not happy with this response, and starts to tell him “To met, that cup…” but then excuses herself and runs out. In her thoughts she finishes the half-spoken sentence with “I thought of it like proof that I belong here.” Matsunaga-san begins to chase after her, but is interrupted by Aoi-kun who has woken up and has to pee (or perhaps has already peed…) The chapter ends with Shiharu crying outside Matsunaga-san’s house, thinking “I’m the one who destroyed that” (about her “place to belong” and about the cup.)


  1. Just another sad chapter :( Luckily all of this were resolved in chapter 55 :D (I want to read it that badly! XD)
    I have a question. I noted that Shiharu says "suimasen" when she wants to apologize. At first, I thought it was a mistake since the common one is "sumimasen" (I assume?) but seeing it recurring many times, that only indicates that the word is correct. I just want to make sure if they are different in terms of formality?

    1. You're right "Suimasen" is a kind of slang forum of "Sumimasen" which is rather casual and in my experience only used by girls.

    2. Thanks for answering my question :) hmm even Matsunaga-san said "suimasen" in chapter 55 page 111. So, it seems even guys can say that :)

    3. Really? Weird. I've also seen him and Takeru end their sentences in "wa" rarely, which I thought was seriously only for women. Manga confuses me >,<

  2. thank u so much 4 this summary.. love it


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