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Aria Issue 01, 2013 - Junketsu + Kareshi Chapter 27, Kore wa Koi no Hanashi Chapter 27, Kirikagohime to Mahoutsukai Chapter 3 [End]

I got the most recent issue of Aria magazine today and took some photo-RAWs for fellow fans of my favorite series in the magazine. As far as I know all of these series are being scanned by their respective groups, so please do the courtesy of not misusing these RAWs, as always.

Junketsu + Karshi Chapter 27:
Kore wa Koi no Hanashi Chapter 27:
Kirikagohime to Mahoutsukai Chapter 3 [End]:

I think Kore wa Koi no Hanashi will be scanlated fairly quickly this month, but here's a **really** rough summary (copy-and-pasted from a chat where I summarized it for a friend while I was reading it, that's why it's really disjointed and unlike my usual summaries; if you really can't bear complete lack of capitalization and punctuation, you might want to abstain from reading any further) to hold you over until then:

shinichi storms out of the house dramatically and disappears, haruka and satomi worry and oogaki already knows where he went, so he goes after him. shinichi went to a hotel where he always goes to escape when he can't concentrate on writing. he tried to distract himself by calling an adult woman friend of his who also happens to be a popular model to come entertain him at the hotel but in the end he got irritated at her and kicked her out without doing anything. then oogaki arrived and is being intentionally dense, first saying "so what, you only kissed her? I figured it was more than that" then shinichi tells him to go to hell and he changes to "but, you know, shinichi, this really won't do. you're her guardian, you can't kiss her!" and shinichi is getting pissed again
lol oogaki is such a little shit
then he starts getting really dramatic and tells  shinichi that he's now in the same position as the main character in his novel. he tells him that he can't make a move on haruka because she's a kid but he also can't give up on her now and abandon her, since she has no one else, so there's only one solution:
he can know the true meaning of "starving"
the word he uses has the notion of "unfulfillment" and "longing"
then he tells him to 我慢 and just bear with it
and points out that novelists for centuries have been known for being eccentric and often insane and did a lot of immoral things
anyways when oogaki mentions the "starving" thing, shinichi gets a really boweled-over look on his face and it seems he got a sudden inspiration because he started writing like crazy
oogaki is a bastard
shinichi stops after a while and tells oogaki that he wants to re-write the entire story up till now; the portion that has not been printed in books at least
it looks like shinichi does serial stories, like manga magazines, so several months worth of chapters have been released already but the most recent book hasn't come out yet so he's gonna rewrite it to change something
because he said the way it is now, his character won't truely fall in love with the heroine
later on, oogaki is at the publishing company and the other editors are talking about how amazing it is that shinichi re-did an entire year's work in a week or something (they don't actually say how long it's been) and they praise Oogaki for being such an impressive editor. Oogaki said he had nothing to do with it, there's no stopping a writer when they flip a switch and their inspiration starts running
the other editors say "I want a "switch" for my author too" and oogaki thinks for a moment and smirks
bastard hoped all along for this, that haruka would be the "switch" to turn shinichi's writing on
so a few days pass and shinichi has written himself half to death, there are cigarette butts and balled up pieces of paper all over the place in the hotel room, and he's asleep at his desk on top of a mountain of papers. Finally shinichi shows up back at his house and calls oogaki on the phone to tell him he's done and he can come pick up the new manuscript, and then on the last page of the chapter you can see that Haruka is in the house playing with Sakura, waiting for him to come home. She seems happy, though.
it says there will be a chapter next month too 


  1. oohh thanks so much for the KKH summary <3
    lol that comments about oogaki being a "little shit" and a "bastard" cracked me up somehow haha
    anyway, hopefully shinichi won't run away from haruka though coz that means we'll get into one progress then 10 regress phase which isnt cool --"

    1. You're welcome, lol. It was part of a two-way conversation, but I cut out my friend's responses for her privacy :D

  2. than's a lot for the chapter 27 of Kore wa Koi no Hanashi... i can't wait ♥

  3. I LOVE YOU ICARUS BRIDE .. KKH 27 ... THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

  4. I love this site! There're lazy translators in Russia, who cannot edit more than 1 chapter per year, lol. But I read nice spoilers there)) Thank you, Icarus Bride!


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