Thursday, November 8, 2012

Love So Life Drama CD - Track 1 "Prologue"

Track 1 - "Prologue"
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Shiharu: Luggage, check! Clothes, check! Nothing forgotten! Alright! I’m leaving now!
Younger Girl: Huh? Shiharu-chan, you’re going out?
Shiharu: Yeah. I’ll come home to Himawari House tonight, okay?
Younger Girl: Okay. Take care!
Shiharu: [Narration] I’m Nakamura Shiharu. I’m a 16-year-old high school student. My only blood relative, my mother, died when I was 5 years old. Having no other relatives, I was taken into the custody of a orphanage, and am now living at this orphanage, Himawari House.
Nao: Oh? Shiharu, where are you going?
Shiharu: Ah, Nao-kun! I’m on my way to work. Keep an eye on the others while I’m gone, okay?      
Nao: You’re going now? It’s already afternoon, isn’t it…?
Shiharu: [Narration] This blunt guy is Nao-kun. He’s a first year high school student, the same as me. He’s living with me and the other kids at Himawari House.
Shiharu: *Giggles* That’s true, huh? It’s a bit later than usual, but today I’ll be taking care of Aoi-kun and Akane-chan until late in the evening.
Nao: Today was supposed to have been your day off… But you’re babysitting again?
Shiharu: Yeah. Today is special!
Nao: Special? What’s so special about that…
Shiharu: Nao-kun, aren’t you going anywhere today?
Nao: I have work too.
Shiharu: Oh yeah, that reminds me, where is the new job that you got? You never told me…
Nao: It’s none of your business! It doesn’t matter, right?! Come on, get going!
Shiharu: Ah, uhm… Okay! I’m going!
Nao: But you know… Recently she’s never around here anymore... Ah—what I mean is, she’s never got any free time to relax. Anyways, I’d better get going too.
Shiharu: [Narration] Original Work by Kouchi Kaede. Drama CD – Love So Life, begins now!

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  1. Hey! this is the first time that I come here but let me tell you that you are doing a great job and thank you very much for the drama CD I'm already exited to hear all of them and read your translation!!!


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