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Love So Life Drama CD - Track 2 "A Precious Place"

Track 2 - "A Precious Place"
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** Just as a disclaimer, there are one or two places I couldn't hear clearly, but after listening many times I filled in the logical words based on context, to make the translation flow smoothly.

Female Announcer (on the TV):  Today it's supposed to be pleasant weather all day. Now let’s look at—
Shiharu: Hello!
Akane: Shiharu-tan, welcome home!
Aoi: Welcome home!
Shiharu: *giggles* I’m home! Akane-chan, Aoi-kun, have you been behaving yourselves?
Akane: Yes…
Twins: [Yelling something incoherent in the background]
Shiharu: [Narration] These two are Matsunaga Akane-chan and Aoi-kun. They are 2-year-old twins. In order to chase after my dream of being a nursery school teacher, I was working part time at the daycare run by Himawari House, but these two who are afraid of strangers for some reason took a liking to me, so now I’m commuting to the Matsunaga home to take care of them as their babysitter.
Akane: Shiharu-tan, come here, come here. I want a huggie!
Shiharu: *giggles* So cute! I love you two so much I could just eat you up!
Twins: *laughter*
Shiharu: [Narration] Akane-chan and Aoi-kun’s mother died last month, leaving the two of them behind. In shock over this, their father went missing. Since then, their father’s younger brother, Matsunaga Seiji has been raising them as a foster parent. About that Matsunaga-san, he’s…
Matsunaga-san (on the TV): Now, then, for the next breaking news. Baby polar bears were born at Seibu Zoo. The two infants are currently resting with their mother, and—
Matsunaga-san: Ughhhhh… Welcome… home… Nakamura-san… Uggghh… I’m so… Tiered… *thunk*
Shiharu: Matsunaga-san! Are you okay?!
Shiharu: [Narration] This person is the owner of this house, the popular TV announcer Matsunaga Seiji-san. Matsunaga-san is Akane-chan and Aoi-kun’s uncle, and he’s raising them in place of their father who disappeared. While working as an announcer, he projects a fresh and energetic personality, but at home the exhaustion from his double life of work and child-rearing leaks out.
Shiharu: You seem even more tired than usual!
Matsunaga-san: Yeah… Those two… They’ve been so excited since last night, it’s like a natural disaster swept through this place…
Shiharu: That can’t be helped! Because today’s…
Twins: Our day-trip!
Akane: Shiharu-tan, here, here!
Shiharu: Hm? I wonder what it is? “Higaeri Onsen Free Admission Ticket”? Where’d you get this, Akane-chan, Aoi-kun?
Akane: It was the spinny-spinner!
Aoi: A red one came out!
Shiharu: Spinny-spinner?
Matsunaga-san: Yeah, the other day at the bookstore they were having a raffle and Aoi won.
Shiharu: Ah, that’s incredible! Isn’t that nice, Aoi-kun!
Matsunaga-san: But I can’t take both of them by myself. If you’d like, I’ll give the tickets to you, Nakamura-san.
Shiharu: I couldn’t possibly receive something like that! Since Aoi was the one who won them, these kids should enjoy the tickets!
Matsunaga-san: I don’t have the strength of will to take these two little demons to a public onsen! [Pause] Well, I guess we could give it a try. How about it, Akane, Aoi?
Akane: Shiharu-tan won’t go?
Shiharu: Eh…he…Umm… Uh-uh…
Akana: Noo, let’s go together Shiharu-ta—n…
Aoi: Go together!
Shiharu: Oh, you two…
Akane: I wanna swim in the big tub!
Aoi: I wanna go together!
Shiharu: But… You can’t swim at the onsen, and…
Twins: *whine*
Shiharu: Don’t cry, you two!
Twins: *painful wailing*
Matsunaga-san: Hey you two! Besides, even if we did go “together”…
Shiharu: Ah, that’s true… It’s the onsen, after all.
Matsunaga-san: Ugh! Even if you make such a big fuss about it, in the end, the onsen is just a big bathtub; what’s so exciting about that?!
Shiharu: Ah, but, a spacious bath is nice, isn’t it? I like them!
Matsunaga-san: Well… that may be so, but… That reminds me, Nakamura-san, have you ever been to an onsen?
Shiharu: U—m… I did on a school trip… Ah, but that might not have been an “onsen”… Everyone bathed together in a large bath, like a public bathhouse…
Matsunaga-san: Ah, no, that’s not an onsen. That’s a large public bath, right?
Shiharu: Ah…Ah? Is that so? Then… I guess I’ve never been to an onsen.
Matsunaga: Hm. Okay, then, if you are not apposed, Nakamura-san, let’s all go together next weekend.
Shiharu: Eh? Is that okay? B-but, that would be a great imposition on you—
Matsunaga-san: No, not at all. On the contrary, if you’d do me the favor, these two will be very happy. It would be a big help.
Shiharu: T-thank you very much! Akane-chan, Aoi-kun, we can go to the onsen together!
Akane: Really?!
Aoi: We’re going together?
Shiharu: Yeah! Let’s go together! Let’s go in a really big bath together!
Aoi: Together!
Akane: Together with Shiharu-tan!
Shiharu: Matsunaga-san, really, thank you very much.
Matsunaga-san: N-no, I’m the one receiving the favor.
Shiharu: It’s not like that at all! I’m very happy. Let’s all go in the onsen together!
Matsunaga-san: Yeah, let’s all go in togeth— Together?!
Shiharu: A-a-ah! Not “together” together! That’s impossible, the pools are divided by gender, right? But we’ll all be enjoying the bath together…! And you get to wear yukata and so on at the onsen, right? I bet there will even be ones that will fit Akane-chan and Aoi-kun!
Akane: I’ll fit!
Aoi: I’ll wear it!
Akane: Are there snacks?
Aoi: What about toys?
Shiharu: (Talking about snacks in the background)
Matsunaga-san: At the onsen… With a high school girl… In a yukata… Nakamura-sa—… I’m getting into really dangerous territory! Is this really okay?! Legally, morally and mentally?! 
Akane: Sei-tan’s all red… Are you angry?
Shiharu: Matsunaga-san, is something wrong?
Matsunaga-san: Ah! Nothing! …It’s nothing. 


  1. Ah, Matsunaga's so cute XD

  2. Oh, it's so cute) Matsunaga really acts as schoolgirl on her first date)

  3. I saw rainbows~~~!
    I keep on listening to this over and over again.
    Everyone is so cute. Shiharu, the twins and Matsunaga-san (eventhough his voice remind me of some bl drama) was extremely cute!
    Thank you so much Icarus Bride!!!

  4. The mediafire link has died ;-; can you reupload this? I wanna hear ;-;


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