Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Love So Life Volume 11

Just a quick post to share some previews of Love So Life Volume 11 with you. This volume includes Chapters 58-63 as expected, and also a 4-page short side story that didn't appear in the magazines. 

Front Cover:

First 2 pages of the side story: (sorry it's blurry)

Second 2 pages of the side story:

The contents of the side story are very simple. Basically Shiharu is narrating her self-introduction as if to someone who has never read the manga before. The the same time as she's walking to work, we see what's happening at Matsunaga-san's house. He's trying to get changed to go to work, and the twins are asking him to give them ice cream. At one point they start climbing on him and his freshly changed-into clothes start getting dishevleled. He makes his signature "sexy pose" (my name for the pose he often makes, making an aloof expression while fiddling with his tie) and tells them he'll give it to them when he's done changing. Finally he gives them each a popsicle and sits them at the table to eat it. Akane devours hers first and then starts eyeing Aoi's popsicle. When she goes to reach for it, Aoi-kun yells "No!" and tries to keep it away from her, but as a result it ends up falling on the ground. Aoi-kun punches Akane-chan in the face in retaliated, and Shiharu walks in just after. Akane runs to Shiharu crying and when Shiharu notices that her face is red, Akane blames it on Aoi for hitting her. He falls on his face crying, trying to explain in such a rush that his words become incoherent. Shiharu finishes her narration while gathering both of them into her lap, saying that since they've turned 3, the twins have been fighting more than ever, but that to her, this part of them is also "like little angels." 

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  1. Loool, Matsunaga's sexy pose! XDDDD Now that I think about it, he DOES do it a lot. =D

    Glad you're feeling well again ^^


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