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Aria Issue 3, 2013 - Kore wa Koi no Hanashi, Junketsu + Kareshi, Kirikagohime to Mahou Tsukai, Hatsukoi Monster

Kore wa Koi no Hanashi (Side Story): http://www.mediafire.com/?d2drdo6yf42iq3p
Kirikagohime to Mahoutsukai Chapter 4: http://www.mediafire.com/?cnh6dwe5oo3bmes
Junketsu+Kareshi Chapter 29: http://www.mediafire.com/?7miyi4nabpl978a 
Hatsukoi Monster Chapter 1: http://www.mediafire.com/?vuzyvp8tt9l2uyf

Kore mo Koi no Hanshi ~Kare ga Kanojo to Kekkon Shita Riyu~
- Maho is a waitress at the shop her family owns. It's a cafe by day but at night turns into a bar. It's also conveniently close to the publishing company, and as such is frequented by the editors and their authors and clients.
- One day while Maho is at work, the other waitresses are fan-girling because the cool and mysterious author Utsumi Sh inichi is currently at the cafe meeting with his editor. Ironically, of all the girls only Maho has actually read any of Shinichi's books, but she knows very little about him; the other girls idolize him like a celebrity but haven't read any of his books.
- Maho gets a strange feeling while watching Oogaki-san that he's making a face like he wants to cry, but no one else notices it.
- Another customer starts harassing Maho trying to get her to go on a date with her, but when Oogaki and Shinichi come up to the register to pay, Oogaki interceeds. It turns out that guy was another editor in the same company, but the manga division not the novel division.
- Later on (possibly another day) Maho goes to another cafe to meet up with her older brother (it never says why they are meeting). Cooincidentally, Oogaki is also there, and they are seated in booths right next to eachother, although he doesn't notice her. It turns out Oogaki is meeting with his father, who is the director of a big hospital. He wants to retire and he wants Oogaki to take over his position. Oogaki refuses flat-out and reminds his father he has already refused several times. Oogaki's father gets mad and tells him that he's only trying to help him and he thinks it's about time Oogaki give up on his dreams to become an author because he doesn't have talent and they'll never come true. Oogaki doesn't show any response and appologizes bitterly to his father for having such a "lowly" job. Oogaki's father says that he doesn't care about the prestige of Oogaki's job, but that it's pitiful to watch him living in his best friend's (Shinichi's) shadow, clinging to him while at the same time being desperately jealous of him.
- After this, Oogaki's father leaves, and once again Maho sees Oogaki make the same face that she thinks looks like he wants to cry. Just then Maho's brother shows up and calls out to her, appologizing for being late, which causes Oogaki to notices her sitting there and, aside from giving her a haughty glare, he ignores her and goes to leave.
- Maho is puzzled why, although Oogaki didn't show any signs of being depressed she still has the distinct feeling he's very not-okay.
- Later on, possibly a few days later, Maho is at her parents' cafe taking out the garbage, when she once again overhears Oogaki, this time on the phone telling his mom he has no intention of quiting being an editor to take over the hospital, and telling her not to call him with his father's messages anymore. When he notices Maho standing there, he glares at her but ignores her and goes back inside even while she's trying to explain she was not eves-dropping but taking out the trash.
- Inside the bar, Oogaki is drinking with a friend of his. Maho overhears their conversation while working behind the bar. They make small talk and Oogaki's friend remarks he's surprised Oogaki actually showed up, since he's famous for inviting people to go out drinking and then not showing up. The friend tells Oogaki that just because he's Shinichi's editor doesn't mean he has to turn anti-social like him. At this mention of Shinichi, Oogaki once again makes the I-want-to-cry face Maho has become familiar with.
- A few hours later, Oogaki and his friend are drunk and Oogaki puts his friend in a cab, but instead of flagging another cab down for himself, he stumbles back into the bar. All the patrons and staff have left and Maho and Oogaki are alone. Maho finishes all the clean-up work and when she goes to tell Oogaki he has to leave she realizes he's really drunk, and appears to be asleep. Except he finally speaks to her directly and asks her directly why she is always watching him. She gets flustered and denies it, explaining all the cooincidences of their previous meanings in a rush. He laughs and she tells him not to make fun of her, but then he gets a thoughtful expression on his face and accuses her of being the one making fun of him. Then he changes his approach and accuses her of pitying him. Finally, he says he doesn't care if it's pity or whatever, and tells her to "comfort" him and then he kisses her. She is blushing and tells him he stinks like alcohol and he asks her if she hates it and in response she kisses him.
- The next day Maho wakes up naked in a hotel room where she and Oogaki presumably had sex the night before, but she's alone, and she gets depressed for being a fool and having emotions that were obviously one sided.
- The next few scenes show a progression of a few weeks where Maho and Oogaki both continue on with their normal lives, pretending that nothing ever happened and acting like perfect strangers when they meet at Maho's family's cafe. Unfortunately(?) Maho starts getting morning sickness and takes a pregnancy test which comes back positive. She realizes that now she'll have no choice but to confront Oogaki, and she says that although she's an idiot for looking forward to seeing him given the circumstances, she's still looking forward to being able talk to him.
- When Maho first tells Oogaki she's pregnant with his baby, he just asks her with a strait face how she know's it's his, and reminds her of the guy she had a "date" with the day he and his father met in the cafe (he doesn't know it was her brother and thinks it was her boyfriend), and goes as far as to say "You've probably been with a lot of guys, right?" Maho gets angry, calls him scum and throws a cup of water in his face, then meekly sits back down Instead of getting mad, Oogaki bursts out laughing, saying he's been called scum and had water thrown on him more than once before, but never had the perpetrater not storm off immediately after. He asks why she sat back down, even though she looks like she's going to burst out crying. At this metion of a face that looks like looks like its wearer wants to cry, Maho gets angry and calls him out for being the one who's always going around with a face that look likes he wants to cry. While she's worked up, Maho tells him that the man she met in the cafe that day was her brother, and furthermore that she's not the type who would sleep with just anyone; the only reason she slept with him so "easily" was because it was HIM. Then she says that she's always been thinking/worrying about him, since she's seen that face he makes when he thinks no one's looking, even though he acts non-challant even in front of his best friend and his own father. Oogaki's face softens a bit and he suggests they get married, and says he doesn't really mind. He reasons that she probably wouldn't mind, since she seems to like him, and they've not got much choice since she's already pregnant with his baby, and he finds her amusing since she's the first person to thrown water in his face and not go storming off afterwards. But Maho says she doesn't want to because although she admits she likes him, he doesn't feel the same way and after seeing his suffering face she doesn't want to become another reason for him to make that kind of expression. Oogaki starts laughing and reiterates how amusing she is and how she keeps seeing the parts of himself he doesn't want anyone to see, and what's more she's more concerned about his happiness than her security or anything else. Then he makes the first sincere-looking face he's made this entire chapter and says that if he's with her, he thinks he can be his real self and she's still accept him, and as far as "happiness" goes, he can't think of a better definition for it than that. He says that this feeling is as close to love as anything and that he might have just fallen in love with her at this very minute. IDK if he's just not coming out and saying he likes her because he's too used to protecting himself or if he just is apposed to saying "I love you" or if he really just doesn't love her (yet). In any case, he says again "Let's get married" and then starts musing that a jaded, long-time bachelor like him is finally getting married. Maho says "I haven't said yes yet!" but the chapter ends with her narration that "I'm an idiot after all. But maybe it's just that love makes fools of all of us."
- Kore wa Koi no Hanashi Volume 7 comes out February 7th 2013! Please buy it!

Kirikagohime to Mahoutsukai Chapter 4
- It looks like this series has been officially made into a series. It was first announced as a 1-shot, then a 2-shot, then a 3-shot but now it's not even pretending anymore. There will be a chapter next month.
- In this chapter there's not much deep plot development, but a LOT of adorable fluff.
- It seems lately Shuti has been sticking close to Nevelhause. He's still a huge thorny jerk but he goes out of his way to accompany her outside to get some sun exposure and lets her lay her head on his lap and sleep while he reads.
- Shuti accidentally breaks a bottle while cleaning the store room with Kerche. She looks it up in a book later and Nevelhause reading over her shoulder tells her it's a love potion that will make you fall in love with the first person you come into close contact with. After that, Shuti spends the rest of the chapter doki-doki-ing everytime she sees Nevelhause.
- She asks Kerche what "love" is. Kerche asks Nevelhause and Nevelhause says "That's something that's not in my collection" and describes it as a flower that blooms in the hearts of young girls.
- After a few days of being avoided by Shuti, Nevelhause confronts her and tells her stop avoiding him and forces her to admit that she broke the bottle with the love potion it it. She gets flustered and says "Is it that potion's fault? Am I... in love with you...?" Nevelhause tells her that might be it, but that that bottle no longer contains love potion. By the time he bought it for his collection, the love potion was already gone and the bottle contained nothing but a rare perfume. He tells her there could have been some residual power in the bottle and they should do a "test" to make sure. He MIGHT have kissed her then, but if he did the angle of their bodies are hiding it. Afterwards he tells her she's an idiot and she blushes.
- Later on Kerche makes non-burnt pancakes for the first time ever and when he asks Shuti if she figured out if she's in love with Nevelhause or not, and she said that it was a misunderstanding.
- The next time Shuti and Nevelhause are sitting outside soaking up sun he tells her she can lay her head on his lap and sleep but she refuses and runs off to her room. Once there, she admits that she's terribly confused because, although it turned out there was no love potion, her heart is still beating fast when she's around Nevelhause.

Hatsukoi Monster Chapter 1
- This is a new series in Aria starting this month. I'm not sure I'll continue photographing RAWs of it, but it seemed interesting so I figured if nothing else I might interest someone else in it by sharing these RAWs.
- The plot and characters of this series are very generic and shounen-esque, both things I don't like in manga, but there's a twist that gives it potential.
- A 15-year-old rich girl who has been sheltered her whole life decides to go to high school in Tokyo, far away from her family and their influence. She's always been surrounded who, because of her family, will never dare to be anything but nice to her, and as such has never had any true friends who liked her for who she is. She moves into an apartment building where it seems all the characters who'll play any part in the rest of the series happen to be living. She meets a shy, bookish boy, a bold and saucy girl, another guy with glasses and a sadistic personality, and finally a cool guy with a bad-boy-with-a-nice-streak attitude. So, the generic array of characters. The last of these 4 saves her when she's about to be run over by a truck and scolds her for being a moron. She's entranced by his speaking to her in anger for the first time in her life and falls in love with him at first sight. She asks him his name and he tells her there's no way he's telling a total stranger his name. She's even more enchanted, but her spirits fall when she realizes the other residents of the apartment building witnessed her rejection. Later on she's in her room looking out the window wondering if she'll ever see her "first love" again, and decides that if she does it's fate. Just then he shows up outside and announces he lives in this building too. Once he finds out she's another resident, he decides it's okay to tell her his name. Then she tells him that she thinks she's in love with him. He's amused by this and tells her that if she still loves him when she knows the real him, he'll go out with her, and tells her to meet him in the genkan the next morning at 8am. She's awake all night trying to guess what he means by "the real me" but can't come up with anything in the realm of possibility. At 8am she goes to meet him in the genkan and finds out his secret: he's actually in elementary school, 5th grade!


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    I love that part :"That's something that's not in my collection" XD

  2. Thanks so much for Junketsu + Kareshi; I honestly mean it. If it weren't for you, I'd probably still be crying over the Chinese raws, lol. ♥ Really, I appreciate you spending the money and actually taking the time to share these J+K raws. Thanks so much, and hope you have a wonderful Chinese new year~ ♥

    1. Thank you so much for your kind comment, and you're welcome for the raws! I buy this magazine for Kore wa Koi no Hanashi, but I figure it's a waste not to get as much use out of it as possible, and these photograph raws take only a few minutes!

  3. Hi, by chance I came to your blog while reading Kirikagohime. It seems to have a certain German "touch". I didn't see any good scans (I can read Hiragana and Katakana a little bit) so I can't check.
    To me it seems your Kerche and Coertsu(Of the scanlation on Mangafox) would be better Kerze (German for candle/candlestick). Your Nevelhause ist Neverheart in the scanlation. Schreier is calling his friend Nebel(fog). So problably his name is supposed to be Nebelhaus (fog house). Also in the scanlation Shuti ist called Sti. Short for Stimme (voice). Better I would guess.
    Just my 2 cent. And thanks for your great work.

    1. Wow that's really interesting! Thank you so much for telling me all these, I know nothing about German :D In the future summaries I'll use these names.


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