Thursday, January 3, 2013

Love So Life Chapter 70 RAWs and Summary

Finally, I have the RAWs for Chapter 70 ready for you! The delay this time was even longer than usual, because I went on vacation for a week and had some troubles with missing luggage and transitioning to a new computer when I got back, but finally everything is sorted out! 
There will be no chapter of Love So Life in issue 3 of Hana to Yume (released today) but it will be back on January 19th. Please look forward to it!



  1. Thanks for always sharing the latest chapters of LSL! And a Happy New Year to you :D

  2. I am sorry, maybe people ask you all the time, but I couldn't find it anywhere (I am an idiot when it comes to finding info about my fav manga >.<)
    So um... how often does this magazine come out?
    Also happy new year and thank you for ur hard work, I really love ur blog ^^

  3. thank u for your work and I always read it thanks

  4. I so confused I can't see a summery anywhere?


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