Thursday, February 28, 2013

Aria Issue 4, 2013

I love this magazine. It's rare and expensive but there's quite a lot of good stuff in it. Another magazine I've been getting lately is B's-Log Comic, a magazine that was created last month by the merging of two other magazines, and which carried the last 3 chapters of Shinigami Hime no Saikon, among other things. I might post some photograph RAWs of series from that magazine later, but for now I've got some Aria stuff for you. 

- Kore wa Koi no Hanashi Chapter 29
- Junketsu + Kareshi Chapter 30 
- Kirikagohime to Mahoutsukai Chapter 5

Kore wa Koi no Hanashi Chapter 29

This chapter was so~~ cute! It starts out just after Haruka  and Maa-kun have finished their final exams. Haruka shows up at Shinichi's house and asks him to go to a movie with her the next day because she has two free tickets that she got from someone (it's revealed in a flashback that this someone was Oogaki, meddling bastard... he claimed he got them for him and his wife and now she's not feeling well, but I don't trust him). Shinichi tries to tell her to go with her friends or go alone but she says no one else was available on such short notice and finally he gruffly agrees to go with her when he sees her disappointed expression. The day of, it turns out the area near the movie theater is really busy. Shinichi complains about this, and just as he's telling Haruka to watch where she's going, she bumps into someone. He yells at her to give him the tickets (she bumped into someone because she was distracted trying to read the information printed on them while walking) and give him her hand. When he realizes what he just instinctively blurted out he corrects himself, saying she's not a little kid anymore and is about to leave it at that when Haruka grabs instead onto his arm. He starts to protest but she says, with a vulnerable look on her face, that she'll get lost in the crowd, and he gives in. While they're watching the movie he keeps thinking back to the last time they went to see a movie together and how much she's grown up since then, and remarks how time flies. He says several times during this chapter that it's been "2-3 years" since they first met, and the character intro page says they are now 13 and 34 respectively, for those who are trying to keep track of time. Suddenly, Shinichi looks over at Haruka and sees a grown-up version of her who asks him "Don't you believe in "fate," Shinichi-san?" He jumps almost out of his seat, startled by this vision, and in so doing wakes himself up; he actually fell asleep and was dreaming. In fact, he notices that Haruka isn't even in her seat anymore, and the movie is over. He finds her out in the hallway sitting on a bench and it turns out she has a high fever. She was feeling sick since the morning and took medicine but it must have worn off, or else her cold got worse. He tells her they're going home, and when he sees how hard a time she's having just walking to the train station he (forcibly) gives her a piggy-back ride. Once again he recalls the last time they went to the movies, and how much lighter she was back then. He thinks of lots of stuff and the basic conclusions are (1) Him being in love with her isn't just the result of her becoming (more of) an adult, and it therefore becoming (somewhat more) okay. (2) What he really wants for their relationship is just to be together forever like they are now, comfortable in eachother's company. When they get back to Haruka's house, he takes her temperature and asks her if there's anything else she needs (there's a big pile of medicine and health foods on the table next to her bed). She asks him to take care of Sakura's food and he said he already stopped by and did it when he went to the convenience store to get her medicine, and she comments how fond he has become of Sakura, which he denies. He tells her to go to bed and that he'll wait with her until she falls asleep. As he watches her sleep, he thinks that he's never felt about any woman the way he feels about her and asks why his partner for these kind of feelings is this little kid. Then he answers the question that grown-up Haruka asked him in his dream ("Don't you believe in fate?") with something like "I'm starting to have no other option but to." Eventually he falls asleep with his head lying on the edge of her bed. When Haruka wakes up she covers him with a blanket and goes back to be herself. There's a really gorgeous picture of the two of them sleeping peacefully. In the next scene it's a few days later and Haruka is all better, but Shinichi caught her cold. The two of them and Satomi are at 
Shinichi's house when Maa-kun shows up to announce that he got perfect marks on all his exams, much to everyone's surprise. Then he calls Shinichi out on their "man-to-man promise" that they would all go to the beach together. Look forward to it in the next chapter!

Junketsu + Kareshi Chapter 30

- There will be two chapters of this series in next month's issue; a regular chapter and a side story.
- Watch out; there is definitely a 2-page spread featuring incestuous gay kissing in this chapter. If that bothers you, please don't download it. 

Kirikagohime to Mahoutsukai Chapter 5

- I'll write something up for this when I have time (maybe).
- In the meantime, I have proper scans of chapters 3-5 of this series if any English group wants to scanlate it. 


  1. thank you for kore wa koi *__*

  2. Hello! Thanks so much for sharing these manga with us. It's so much fun with the kore wa koi and I'm so excited for the coming "umi" chapter(s). I downloaded the Kore was koi very smoothly and quickly but it comes to zero for the Junketsu. It would be great if you can check whether it's MF's problem etc. Thanks so much in advance!

  3. Many thanks for your translations)
    Wanted to know when it continued manga Towazugatari?

    1. You're welcome.
      I am not going to continue Tohazugatari because I got fed up with the plot. I only started it in the first place because the Japanese was very easy. Maybe someone else will continue it... But not me.

  4. Thanks soooo much for J+K. And HECK NO. That incestuous gay kissing is what KILLED me. Yes, VERY. :') LOL, I really appreciate you taking the time to share your raws with us~ ♥ Maiimaii, can't wait to see what'll happen between Cana and Aki~~~

  5. i like Kirikagohime to Mahoutsukai, hope you'll post the chapter 3-5. and i hope scanlation group picks this up! its killing me to see the characters again. <3 please post the chapters in your free time. thanks so much for the hardwork. ;)

  6. Thank you so much ! Waiting for Kirikagohime to Mahoutsukai summary ^^
    Btw, since you subscribe Aria, is it true that Pika Ichi already over ?

    1. I don't follow the series myself, and I already recycled the most recent issue but I think I remember seeing the last chapter of Pika Ichi in the last few months, and nothing since. SO I think Yes, it's over :D


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