Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Love So Life Chapter 72 RAWs and Summary

Finally Chapter 72 is here! It's another cute chapter that feels disappointingly like another filler. To describe it really simply, Matsunaga-san gets irritated that Aoi throws tantrums whenever he tells him to do or not to do something, and doesn't obey him, and also because he always does as Shiharu says without much fuss. Shiharu consoles him that this is actually a sign he feels more secure with Matsunaga-san than with her, because he can show his true feelings and selfish side. Takeru comes up with a master plan to get Aoi to respect Matsunaga-san more, and gives her a "secret item" to help with this plan, and instructs her how to use it. At the end of the chapter, Aoi-kun asks Shiharu to play with him and she pointedly says she will, after she hangs up Matsunaga-san's laundry to dry. While Aoi-kun is watching Shiharu hangs up Matsunaga-san's shirts, socks, and... his Cosmo Ranger uniform (Takeru's "secret item.") This leads Aoi to assume that Matsunaga-san has a secret identity as Cosmo Ranger, and gets Aoi to respect him / think he's insanely cool. Unfortunately the chapter ends on a sour note, with the announcement that there won't be another chapter of Love So Life until April 20th, 2013; 6 weeks from now. Sorry for the disappointment guys :( Let's all suffer together by making some awesome fan art and fan fictions to lift each other's spirits!



  1. Loool, even if it's a filler it was a funny chapter =D Aoi's expression when he finds out Matsunaga's secret identity is going to pop up into my mind in the next two months whenever I think about LSL hahah :D

    Thanks for posting it even though you're so busy. ^^

    As for the fanarts and fics I'm all up to the challenge. I sketched one and hope to fix it nicely quickly, maybe not tonight, but by the end of the week.

  2. The chibis are getting soooo big! Aoi-kun looks so grown-up here that I'm starting to feel my age :( HAHA!

    1. Ohhh, and thanks so much for the raws! :)

  3. suffering like hell since its been more than a month! thanks for ur summaries which have helped me for the longest time although its my first time commenting! thanks for all the hard work! :) :) :)

  4. i dowloaded the link above but i cant read it???-.-


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