Monday, February 4, 2013

Love So Life - Side Story [Chapter 71.5]

This month there is unexpectedly a 14-page side story in place of a regular chapter. I don't think they said anything about this in the previous issue, so I wonder if there was actually problem with finishing chapter 72 in time and they ran this (pre-made for emergencies) side story instead? Just a theory. Anyways, please enjoy until 2/20, when we will finally get chapter 72!

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In the side story, Takeru is, for unknown reasons, playing around dressed up as a wizard, brandishing a suspiciously sailor moon-esque wand. He approaches Matsunaga-san on the street, who is trying to get a drink out of a vending machine, and asks to grant his wish. Matsunaga-san says the only thing he wishes is that he could reach the change he dropped that rolled under the vending machine, but Takeru takes a literal approach, and somehow turns Matsunaga-san into a little kid. Due to this transformation, Matsunaga-san's ability to speak has also reverted to that of a little kid (although he can speak fine in his thoughts, the words just come out as incomprehensible baby talk). Takeru takes off to go ask a senior wizard how to reverse the spell, leaving little Matsunaga-san all alone. He is pleased to be able to get his dropped change out from under the vending machine, but now he can't reach to put it in the coin slot! Just then, Shiharu walks by and sees Matsunaga-san sitting by himself in front of the vending machine. She stops to ask if he's okay, and Matsunaga-san tries to explain what Takeru did to him, but Shiharu can't understand a word he's saying and assumes he's just a frightened, lost child. She decides she can't leave him all alone, so she tells him she'll bring him to the koban (kind of like a mini police station) nearby and have them search for his family. Shiharu holds his hand and leads him towards the koban. She introduces herself, and Matsunaga-san tries to tell her his name but Shiharu misunderstands it as "Teiji" instead of "Seiji." Suddenly, Matsunaga-san starts yawning and rubbing his eyes, and is alarmed that he's so tired even though he know he slept properly and shouldn't be tired yet. Shiharu notices and offers to carry him the rest of the way. Shiharu picks him up and continues walking, remarking that carrying him is like carrying Akane-chan and Aoi-kun when they were around 2 years old. Matsunaga-san, on the other hand, is panicking about the impropriety of touching Shiharu so intimately, even by accident. He starts struggling so Shiharu puts him down on the ground, apologizing for picking him up if he didn't want to be touched, and Matsunaga-san thinks "That's not it..." but can only communicate in his current form by shaking his head "no." Shiharu picks him up again and continues on, and all the while Matsunaga-san is blushing and thinking "I'm surely going to have to pay for this one day..." Just then Takeru reappears, and after seeing him Matsunaga-san fairly jumps out of Shiharu's arms. Takeru tells Shiharu that he knows Matsunaga-san's family, so he'll take him the rest of the way home. Shiharu says goodbye to Matsunaga-san and leaves. Afterwards Takeru tells Matsunaga-san that the wizard he consulted said that this is a really weak spell that will wear off naturally after 20 minutes or so. Just then, Matsunaga-san poofs back to his normal self and tells Takeru off thoroughly. In the last panel we see a sleeping Takeru with manga and chocolate under his pillow (there are urban legends that say if you eat right before falling asleep, you'll have strange dreams; also, there's scientific proof linking what you were thinking about before falling asleep-- in this case manga-- to what you dream) being bonked on the head with a magic wand by Mana-chan.

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  1. LOL I loved Matsunaga's face on the first page. I myself do it quite often, hahah!
    Ah it's just a filler but chibi Mattsun is so cute XD "Nyatamuna-tan" instead of "Nakamura-san" aahahahah, hilarious! XD And then Takeru says "Ah, he's still mad"? OF COURSE HE'D BE! Boke XD Ah, even I feel like hitting Takeru sometimes. Actually, many times XD

    Thanks for the chapter.


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