Thursday, March 28, 2013

Aria Issue 5, 2013

I'm still not officially off hiatus but I'm feeling much less comatose and more "normal sick" (if that makes sense) today so I managed to get you guys Aria RAWs on time. Forbidding unforeseeable circumstances, Himegoto Asobi should be on time this month. Thanks to everyone for your support!

Junketsu + Kareshi Chapter 31: Link Here!
Junketsu + Kareshi Side Story: Link Here!
Kore wa Koi no Hanashi Chapter 30: Link Here!

There was no Kirikagohime to Mahoutsukai this month so I'm assuming the series is really over (at least for now?) There were advertisements for a few new series scheduled to begin this summer that look interesting, enough so that I'm considering Aria as one of the magazines I'll subscribe to even after returning to the US. I included a pic of this advert.  at the end of the Kore wa Koi no Hanashi file. Also in this issue (and also in the Kore wa Koi no Hanashi file) is a short interview with Chika, the author of Kore wa Koi no Hanashi. Unfortunately she doesn't reveal anything about what will take place in future chapters, but she does say that since realizing his feelings for Haruka Shinichi has been acting so suspiciously like a middle school girl that even she (Chika) is embarrassed writing it. She also remarks that age-gap manga seems to be a "boom" (trend) recently and she's glad there are others with the same "hobby." (lol). 

In Chapter 30 of Kore wa Koi no Hanashi, surprisingly little happens. The day of the long-awaited beach trip arrives and Haruka-and-co head off to the seaside. There are several separate events of EVERY SINGLE FEMALE except Haruka having giant hooters (chest) and when Haruka gets a little pouty over Shinichi getting hit on by some girls and interrupts, the girls ask if she's his girlfriend and he panics and says "Obviously not!" and lies that she's his little sister. After the girls leave she's still upset about being called his little sister and Shinichi says it couldn't be helped, he was just "making it up as he goes along." Haruka blushes and asks if "that time" was also just "making it up as he goes along" and Shinichi gets flustered and yells at her that "that time was a mistake." Haruka runs off upset and the beach trip ends soon after. On the way home Shinichi asks Oogaki (while everyone else is asleep in the back seat) what he knows about apologizing to women. 


  1. Thank you so much.. =)

  2. thank you, and please do your best to recover soon :-)

  3. Thanks so much for J+K!! ♥ I don't often see people thanking you for your J+K raws as much as they do for your other series, but please do know I'll definitely be the thankful J+K fan here! So really, I appreciate you sharing them every time! Hope you recover from your illness, and may God bless you this Easter! :')

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