Thursday, March 14, 2013

Shinigamihime no Saikon Volume 3 - Released in Japan

Volume 3 of Shinigamihime no Saikon was released today! I picked up two copies; one for me and one for you :D Here's what yours looks like now:

We've got 6 chapters and a side story left until the end! よろしくね~
Here's the cover:

Click Here for Larger Version


  1. oh dear, I didn't know that volumes had to be pulled apart to be scanned...I feel so bad now T___T

    thank you for spending your money just for us, random anons on the internet, icarus, I am truly grateful ;________;

    1. Depending on your scanner it may be possible to salvage thee manga. With a flatbed scanner you can scan the bound manga but there's usually a shadow or blurring where the pages meet at the binding. It's also possible to use heat to melt the glue and pull the pages out, then later on use heat to reheat the glue and put the volume back together. However the scanner I have is the type that sucks pages through, and if there's any tiny bit of glue on the page it will get stuck, so I have no choice but to cut the pages out before the point with the glue on it. This scanner is acually much faster than others I've used.


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