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Aria Issue #6, 2013

Unfortunately this is going to be the last issue of Aria magazine I'll be able to buy while I'm in Japan. T_T I'm 90% sure I'm going to keep buying this one from the US, but it's going to end up costing me around 4 times what it costs me now, thanks to shipping and import mark-up fees. Someone please open a Japanese bookstore near me~~ 


Kore wa Koi no Hanashi Chapter 31: Link Here!
Junketsu + Kareshi Chapter 32: Link Here!
Sleeping Beauty Chapter 1: Link Here!
Extra Bonus! Hajimari no Niina Side Story from "The Hana to Yume": Link Here!

Kore wa Koi no Hanashi Chapter 31 Summary:

“I don’t know why, but for some reason when you’re not around I have no appetite…”
For the first few pages, Shinichi and Oogaki are having a really boring and cryptic conversation. Oogaki is praising Shinichi for writing a really bitter-sweet chapter this installation and suggests it’s because Shinichi’s experience has increased. Shinichi more-or-less tells Oogaki to kiss his ass, and then Oogaki changes to telling Shinichi that he has always really admired Shinichi’s talent. Shinichi counters by saying that the reason he was able to write this story was all because of Oogaki (referring to the fact the Oogaki was the one who told him to write a story based on Haruka and who has been manipulating things ever since). Oogaki thanks Shinichi for the praise and Shinichi insists gruffly that he’s not praising him. Oogaki tells Shinichi that he’ll answer his question (in the last chapter Shinichi asked Oogaki in a round-about way advice about how to apologize to women). Oogaki says frankly that he’d apologize to his wife (the way he says it makes it seem that he hasn’t yet had the need to, but she’s the one woman who he would apologize to). Shinichi is surprised to hear a bastard like Oogaki admit this. Oogaki side tracks a bit say “Well I did marry her, after all. Or, maybe should say I “was able” to marry her.” In Japanese, the verb form “to be able to” is a slang meaning “to knock a woman up” so he’s making a double-entendre joke.  Shinichi agrees that when Oogaki does something, he really *does* it (sexual undertones). Oogaki scolds Shinichi for having his head in the gutter and Shinichi gets pissed off since Oogaki started it. They get serious again and Oogaki says poignantly that even a jaded reprobate like him has someone who he can naturally / sincerely apologize to, and asks Shinichi to consider who that person is for him. In the end, Oogaki gives Shinichi this last bit of advice: if he doesn’t hurry up and apologize, he’s going to get stuck with Satomi hanging around all the time again. We see his meaning when Maa-kun comes over to feed Sakura: Haruka hasn’t been to Shinichi’s house since the incident at the beach, and the laundry, dishes etc which she had been taking care of (and Satomi before her) have been going undone.  When Shinichi runs into Maa-kun, he asks  (more like states; he seems to already know that answer) if Haruka isn’t coming again today. Maa-kun starts to reply and stops halfway, and Shinichi gets pissed off when he refuses to finish what he was saying. Watching this exchange, Oogaki remarks that Maa-kun is more mature than Shinichi sometimes. Sometime later Shinichi is alone, laying on the ground and feeling pretty sorry for himself. He’s holding one of the shells that Haruka had collected but then ended up leaving behind at the beach. Sakura comes over and starts meowing at him, and Shinichi tells her to shut up, he knows what he has to do. The scene changes and Shinichi is at Haruka’s house, pushing the doorbell repeatedly until she finally answers. Once Shinichi’s seated in her living room, she serves him tea even though he says he doesn’t need it, and asks him coldly what he wants. He starts off on the wrong foot, by stating that she’s been mad at him ever since they went to the beach (as if it’s her fault) and she denies it. He demands to know why she’s not been coming over, then, if she’s not angry and Haruka says that she’s busy with schoolwork (in the middle of the summer?) After that Shinichi keeps bringing up stupid topics, and although in his thoughts he keeps thinking “No! That’s not what I came here to say! Stop! Apologize already!” he keeps saying all the wrong things. He tries to ask her if she’s been eating properly and when she says she has, he gets a bit mopey and says “Oh, of course you have. Here I was getting worried for no reason. I’ve been eating convenience store food every day, but of course I should have remembered that you can cook even if you’re by yourself.” Haruka gets angry at this, asking if this is what he came here to say. He tries feebly to deny it but she gets more and more worked up and ends up yelling at him that her only function is not as a housekeeper; she doesn’t stay by his side just to be a convenient person to do the cleaning, cooking and laundry for him, and she goes as far as to accuse him of keeping her around just for that reason. Shinichi gets really shame-faced and mentally scolds himself for making her feel this way. Finally he says that given what he’d said just now, it must really seem that’s all he wants, but he actually came because he wanted to apologize  for what he said at the beach. He gives her the shell he brought home. He tells her he’s sorry (literally “I was wrong to…) for speaking in a way that made her feel like he was making fun of her, and also that he’s sorry for saying that it (the kiss) was “just spur-of-the-moment” because the truth is he’d never thought of it that way. He tells her not to worry about him and concentrate on her homework, and goes to leave now that he’d said what he’d come to say. In his internal narration, he asks himself desperately why he can only speak to her like this (coldly, while pretending it’s no big deal to him). But Haruka calls after him to wait. She starts crying while trying repeatedly and unsuccessfully to say that she’s sorry. While watching her crying all alone, Shinichi recalls Oogaki’s words, “Who is that person for you?” and asks her gruffly why she’s crying and apologizing when he was the one who did something wrong, not her. Haruka says that she’s the one at fault for getting mad and acting huffy, and says with tears in her eyes that she doesn’t want to be hated by Shinichi-san. Still looking at her, he answers Oogaki’s question in his thoughts “There was a time I’d immediately run away from messy situations like this. She’s really the one, isn’t she?” Shinichi then puts his hand on Haruka’s head and says “Haruka, there’s no way I’d ever hate you.” The chapter ends here but with a big promise “A huge new development in the next issue?!!” 

1. I accidentally labeled the Kore wa Koi no Hanashi file "Chapter 30" by accident, but make no mistake this is Chapter 31.
2. Sleeping Beauty is a new series in Aria from this month on. It looked interesting, so I thought I'd share. 


  1. Thanks for all your hard work even now! :') ♥


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