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Dengeki Daisy Chapter 69 RAWs and Summary

My good friend Asahi over at Halftone Circle has been busy with real-life stuff lately, so she gave me "permission" to post up these RAWs for all you impatient folks as preview for her actual scanned RAWs and in depth summary. Please note that I am not planning to post RAWs and summaries of this series regularly, only this once because Asahi is busy. Now that that's out of the way, on to the main event!

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"The future awaiting Teru and Kurosaki, who have finally affirmed their feelings for eachother, is...?!"

Kurosaki's back at work for the first time in a while, and his slave brigade is creepily happy to have him back. Only Teru is acting rather subdued and the others are a bit suspicious. Kiyoshi assumes that Teru and Kurosaki must have had a fight, but Rena and some other chick say that this level of coldness between them can only mean the opposite, that their relationship has progressed to the next level. They summarily drag Teru off to force her to reveal the tawdy details. When they hear Kurosaki "only" kissed her and told her he loves her, the girls complain that he didn't at least second-base her or something. Teru scolds them for being so crass and goes off about how if this were a shoujo manga, appearing in a magazine such as Betsucomi, for instance, they would never dare have such base scenes, only floofy-love-love romance scenes 24/7. Lol, I really love when the characters refer to manga and Betsucomi as if this isn't a manga, I don't know why but I always find it so amusing. They continue to ask her if anything feels different now, and when Teru says she's happy, they complain again for her lack of dramatics, requesting she at least say that the whole world feels shiny and new, or her whole body feels like it's hot and trembling, or something. Kiyoshi is more practical and sympathizes that it's actually the opposite, likely all of her worries have only increased with the need to always pretend, at least at school, that nothing has changed. Then Rena-tachi get serious and remark on how they'd actually been expecting he wouldn't take it this far until after she graduated, and how Kurosaki's activities are probably going to continue subjecting her to unnecessary danger. Kiyoshi protests the rudeness of this frank remark, but the other chick says that it's no big deal as it's nothing Teru doesn't already know; being put in danger is an unavoidable side-affect doing her part to help and support Kurosaki. Later on, Kurosaki comes home and Teru is there waiting. She asks him why he sent her a message all of a sudden saying to wait for him at home, and says she worried that something had happened. But he says nothing is wrong and opens his arms. Teru blushes and goes "Eh??" and he yells "It's not "Eh??"!! Hurry up and let me hug you!!" While they are hugging, Kurosaki tells her it was hard for him all day treating her coldly, but that's how they are going to have to be in front of others from now on, so he's decided that when ever they are alone he'll make up for all the other times as well. She tells him he doesn't need to worry about her so much, but he tells her that's impossible, "You're mine now, and I won't let you forget it." He asks if she has any objections and she says she has none. He then proposes they should kiss as well and she objects, saying weakly that they should save kissing for special moments only. Kurosaki says that's BS and teases her for blushing, and Teru tells him to go bald. Shortly after when they are sitting on the couch and talking, the conversation shifts to The Will of M. Teru asks how the planning is going and Kurosaki says they've decided who will be doing what: Andy and Riko are backup, and Kurosaki and Master are leaving for the island as soon as the transport is arranged. The rest they are going to play by ear. The conversation devolves a bit into bad-mouthing some suits from the ministry where Master works who may-or-may-not help them on this mission. Then Teru turns the conversation back to the fact that they're going to be departing very soon, and Kurosaki confirms it may be as soon as tomorrow. Teru pouts a bit about how dangerous Kurosaki's work is, and he confirms that he has to be prepared for all sorts of possibilities in this business. I think he might be intentionally bantering with her. But he tells her he's the genius hacker Daisy, so everything will be fine. Teru agrees that yes, he is the ikemen (handsome dude) genius hacker Daisy. Kurosaki hugs her gently and asks if he can kiss her one more time before he leaves and after thinking that she, also, has to be prepared for whatever outcome, Teru agrees but only on the condition that he kiss her again when he comes home safely. In her internal narration, Teru reveals that she's actually very uneasy, but since she suspects that Kurosaki would quit the mission for her if she told him how worried she is, she's going to keep it a secret. She says that she's fighting in her own way, by not becoming his weakness. Elsewhere, Andy and Riko are doing some more masterminding, and Andy mentions to Riko that he's surprised she's not more violently against TeruXKurosaki. She explains that they don't know what will happen from now on and it's better not to leave things undone that you might regret later. Probably, she's thinking of her and Souichiro. Andy applies this thinking to the impressive impact that Professor Midorikawa had on Akira when in fact they were only together less than a year. Andy then wonders out loud if they will even be able to get Akira to open up to them, and Riko says she really doesn't know much about him, as the only ones who've interacted with him are Kurosaki and Teru. But then she says that her impression on the brief occasion she met him was (paraphrasing) that although he seemed to desperately long for human connection, he outwardly rejected it with all his might. She also brings up Andora's comment that Akira was raised without either a mother's gentle love or a father's stern love, and goes on to speculate that perhaps Akira is targeting Teru with the unconscious hope that he can also receive the mother-like unconditional acceptance from Teru that she gives to Kurosaki. However, Riko goes on to say that that's impossible, as Teru can't fulfill the role of mother for him, first of all because Teru is anti-Akira, and also because she'll never have the same level of love and tenderness for any other man as she does for Kurosaki. Riko continues to say that it would also be hard (but not impossible) for Kurosaki to fulfill the role of "stern but loving father" for Akira as he sympathizes with him too much, and in Kurosaki's mind the two of them overlap too much. Andy tells Riko her reasoning is pretty solid, and she apologizes for being so negative before they've even begun. The two of them agree that there was never any intention of laying all the burden of this mission on only Kurosaki and Teru, and that maybe "someone unexpected" will end up fulfilling the "mother" and "father" roles (WTF am I getting some AndyXRiko vibes here??!) Riko jokes that perhaps Akira will get unexpectedly attached to her, and Andy says that indeed maybe he will, if it's actually a huge Masochist. Next they talk about their intending meeting the next day with the guys from the ministry and how it will be their first time watching the "Will of M" dvd video, and how they'll probably be pissed because everyone seemed to be expecting the "will" to contain some huge treasure or something. They say something boring like 'those ministry guys are unexpectedly helpful, we should have depended on them earlier instead of assuming they'd just get in our way.' Then they make some cryptic remarks about not being able to go back once you've made certain choices, and how instead you can only hope it leads to a better future. The scene changes to Kurosaki and Master at the meeting with the ministry guys. Well, actually it's just one ministry guy, because the others were suddenly called off to another location to follow up on some urgent Akira-related information. Master tells Kurosaki to call the others and inform them about the new information but Ministry-asshole won't tell him where the location that the other guys went is, and when Kurosaki tries to leave the room to look for a place with better cellphone reception Ministry-asshole blocks his way. Master gets mad and asks him wtf he's doing, and Ministry-asshole asks him the same thing. He says that from the way Master seems really frantic about anything related to Akira, there's got to be something he's holding back from the ministry, just as "that person" predicted. I have no clue who "that person" is. Anyways they argue about why the ministry is holding back information and again Ministry-asshole says that "that person" told him all about Master-tachi's secret plan to 'work together' with Akira and destroy The Will of M. Master then tells Ministry-asshole to quickly call the other Ministry guys and get their location as he doesn't have time or patience to play games right now, and starts crushing the guy's hand to prove his point. He also demands cryptically to know who "that person" who tattled their plans is. Elsewhere, Teru still hasn't gotten any mail from Kurosaki and is worried. Kiyoshi and Teru are about to get on the bus to go home from school, but he forgot his glasses-cleaning-cloth and has to go back to get it, so he tells her to go ahead. Just as Kiyoshi is walking away, some other Ministry-asshole approaches Teru and tells her some BS about having received intel. that Akira is on the move nearby and she had better come with him or else she might get attacked by Akira again. He also mentions he was asked by Kurosaki to get her and bring her to him because he's busy with something and can't get away. Kiyoshi happens to see this whole thing and when Andy comes up to return his missing glasses-cleaning-cloth, Kiyoshi tells him what he saw.  Meanwhile, in the car Ministry-asshole#2 is making small talk with Teru and asking her if she and Kurosaki are dating, which she stiffly denies, and then he "stealthily" brings up The Will of M and asks Teru if she's really OK with Kurosaki going off to participate in the dangerous mission. She says that of course she's worried but she's decided not to say so to him, and that even if they are apart their feelings are together. She also says she believes that everything will go smoothly and they'll all come home safe and sound. Ministry-asshole#2 laughs and tells Teru she's a good girl, and that he has a feeling Daisy would do absolutely anything for her sake. Then he shoots her up with a drug and tells her that that's why she's useful to them, and that they (the ministry) would be troubled if Daisy prevented The Will of M from following through to the end. Back at the other location, Kurosaki is pissed off that the door won't open and Ministry-asshole#1 explains it's electronically locked and there's also something going on to interfere with cellphone service, as his orders are to delay them for 30 minutes. Ministry-asshole turns off the cell-service-jamming device but still says they are out of their minds if they expect him to suddenly believe this wild story about The Will of M actually being some far-fetched scheme to assassinate Akira. Master is yelling at him that they have definitive proof right here, and that the reason he didn't tell the Ministry everything earlier was because he feared that exactly this would happen. Just then, as the cell service comes back on, Kurosaki gets a text message (in English???) from Ministry-asshole#2 saying he's kidnapped Daisy's princess. On the last page someone (I think Master?) says that there's someone out to destroy everyone who knows the truth about The Will of M.

Notes: [1] Please consider this a LQ summary; I wrote it based on my first reading without using any dictionary. [2] I got a new camera, and this was my first time using it. Pretty nice, right? I think when I get back to the US and can use my tripod it will actually pretty handy. 


  1. OMG I have to say teru's friends are as anxious with their relationship as we fans are. I was hopping kurosaki to second-base her too!!!
    ABC kurosaki ABC!!!

  2. ahh i always read halftone circle and i was wondering what was up after noticing there havent been any new post thanks for letting me know there busy..i'll wait patiently and thanks for posting this chapter up :)

  3. Thank you very much for the summary and raws :D I'm Polish, and in Poland Dengeki Daisy is licensed so I can't read the newest chapters online in my language, but, thanks to you, I can read my favourite shoujo manga in English! I'm very, very grateful! :D *waiting for the next chapter*

  4. OMG..Kurosaki .don't ask permission to kiss your girl?!!..
    That's why heroine on "Betsucomi" blushes after they kiss ..they say no but in the end they like it.
    No girlfriend ever slapped their ikkemen bf for a stolen kiss right?
    -thanks for sharing this.


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