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Love So Life

This is a master list of all summaries of Love So Life by Kouchi Kaede. Please take note that not all of these were done by me! Links to the sites of the other summarizers are listed with their permission; please thank them for their hard work when you visit their site!


Chapter 34: (by Sorasan): Link Here!
Chapter 35: (by Sorasan): Link Here!
Chapter 36: (by Sorasan): Link Here!
Chapter 37: (by Sorasan): Link Here!
Chapter 38: Link Here!
Chapter 39 (by Nanaga): Link Here!
Chapter 40 (by Nanaga): Link Here!
Chapter 41: Link Here!
Chapter 42: Link Here!
Chapter 43: Link Here!
Chapter 44: Link Here! 
Chapter 45: Link Here! 
Chapter 46: Link Here! 
Chapter 47: Link Here! 
Chapter 48: Link Here! 
Chapter 49: Link Here! 
Chapter 50: Link Here! 
Chapter 51: Link Here! 
Chapter 52: Link Here!
Chapter 53: Link Here!
Chapter 54: Link Here!
Chapter 55: Keruto-san's and Mine
Chapter 56: Link Here!
Chapter 57: Keruto-san's and Mine
Chapter 58: Keruto-san's and Mine
Chapter 59 (by Keruto): Link Here!
Chapter 60Keruto-san's and Mine
Chapter 61: Keruto-san's and Mine
Chapter 62: Keruto-san's , Saruri-san's and Mine
Chapter 63: Keruto-san's , Saruri-san's and Mine
Chapter 64: Keruto-san's , Saruri-san's and Mine
Chapter 65: Kanonmanga's and Mine
Chapter 66: Link Here!
Chapter 67: Link Here!
Chapter 68: Link Here!
Chapter 69: Link Here!
Chapter 70: Link Here!
Chapter 71: Link Here!
Chapter 71.5: Link Here!
Chapter 72: Link Here!
Chapter 73: Link Here!
Chapter 74: Link Here!
Chapter 75: Link Here!
Chapter 76: Link Here!
Chapter 77: Link Here!
Chapter 78: Link Here!
Chapter 79: Link Here!
Chapter 80: Link Here!
Chapter 81: Link Here!
Chapter 82: Link Here!
Chapter 83: Link Here!
Chapter 84: Link Here!
Chapter 85: Link Here! 
Chapter 86: Link Here!
Chapter 87: Link Here!
Chapter 88: Link Here!
Chapter 89: Link Here!
Chapter 90: Link Here!
Chapter 91: Link Here!
Chapter 92: Link Here!
Chapter 93: Link Here!
Chapter 94: Link Here!
Chapter 95: Link Here!
Chapter 95.5: Link Here!

RAWs for Volumes 7-9 have been shared by Nesfe, Volume 10 by Renegade334, and Chapters 58+ by FairGame at this website. To download them, you'll need to register but it's free. Please respect the scanner's wishes and not share the links outside that site; if you know someone who wants to download these RAWs, please direct them back to that link. Thank you!

Drama CD #1

1. プロローグ - "Prologue"

2. たいせつな場所 - "A Precious Place" 
3. みんなでおでかけ! - "An Outing Together!"
4. はじめての温泉 - "First Time Going to an Onsen"
5. 双子迷子 - "Lost Twins"
6. 幸せな時間 - "Happy Times"
7. エピローグ - "Epilogue"
8. 葵・茜・詩春のお手軽クッキング! (ボーナストラック1) - "Akane, Aoi and Shiharu's Simple Cooking Lesson (Bonus Track 1)"
9. 詩春の絵本 読み聞かせ (ボーナストラック2) - "Shiharu's Picture Book Read-along (Bonus Track 2)"
10. キャストコメント - "Comments From the Cast"

Drama CD #2 


  1. i can't wait for the next chapter.
    even though the translations have stopped, im so grateful to still be able to follow the story with your summaries.
    thanks heaps

  2. No words can express how am thankful to u
    this manga mean so much to me
    and the last chapter was like WOW
    and am waiting for the 88 Kiaiiiiiiiiiiiiiii :3

  3. Thank you so much for the translations!! I hope you'll translate chapter 89 and 90 soon. things are getting really good

  4. You're amazing ... Thank you so much!!


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