Saturday, May 18, 2013

Android to Hikikomori [Japanese]

I'm working hard to get Love So Life out ASAP, but in the meantime enjoy these unedited Japanese RAWs of a cute story about a robot who teaches a shut-in a bit about what it means to be human.

Download: Link Here!


  1. Can i ask you a site where i can buy on line the comics of Love so Life(preferibly in English).
    :) thanks in advance...

    1. The series isn't licensed yet so there isn't an official english version you can buy. You can find scanlations of the series on the internet (I believe Japanzai is who scans them). If you want to support the author in the meantime, you can buy the Japanese Love So Life tankobons on Kinokuniya's website right now up to volume 12 is available (one of icarusbride's comments say which chapters are in vol 12).

  2. :)thank you so much geowhocooks★!

  3. that was so cute (looking at the pictures)

    do you think you could ever make a summary for it one day? when you have time :)


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