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Love So Life Chapter 75 RAWs and Summary

After a long wait, here at last are the RAWs for Chapter 75 of Love So Life! Happy Valentines Day (3 months late) everyone! I will post the summary for this chapter after I finish Dengeki Daisy. Thank you for your patience.

Unfortunately, there will be yet another 1-month break for this series. The next chapter will be published July 5th, and I'll receive the magazine about 3 weeks later, so expect the next chapter around the end of July.

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The chapter opens with an announcement over the intercom welcoming guests to the park and thanking them for their patronage, and explaining that the ferris wheel is set at 14 minutes per ride. Inside the ferris wheel carriage, Shiharu is blushing and panicking internally about being trapped in this tiny enclosed space alone with Matsunaga-san for 14 minutes. She muses out loud about how unusual Rio and Takeru’s behavior just now was and wonders if it was some kind of weird prank. Just then they get to a point where Shiharu can see Rio, Takeru and the twins’ carriage out the window behind her, and the twins are both holding new toy. Shiharu exclaims that they really do have toys in that carriage! While she’s somewhat frantically wondering what’s going on, Matsunaga-san suggests they ask when they get off. He takes of his hat, not needing the disguise in here, and runs his hand through his hair. Shiharu stares and blushes, then tells Matsunaga-san that his hair is disheveled from wearing the hat. She asks if the hat and glasses are part of his disguise and when he confirms that they are, Shiharu observes that working in television must be difficult, having so many people know your face that you can’t truly relax even when you’re off of work. Matsunaga-san thinks it over for a moment and says that at least when he’s at home or with Shiharu he can be totally unguarded, so he doesn’t really mind. Shiharu blushes again and suddenly a text message comes in from Rio, urging Shiharu to give Matsunaga-san the chocolate she made while they’re alone together. Shiharu apparently completely forgot about it because she seems to think it’s a great idea. However she suddenly realizes that this is why Rio acted so weird, to arrange for Shiharu and Matsunaga-san to be alone together so she’d have the chance to give him the valentine’s day chocolate. Shiharu blushes, calls out Matsunaga-san’s name to get his attention, and then when she’s got it she blushes again. After a bit of beating around the bush, Shiharu gives him the chocolate, and Matsunaga-san accepts it with a smile, remarking that this is the second time she’s given him chocolate on Valentine’s Day. He asks if it’s home made again this year and she apologizes and admits that it is. But Matsunaga-san tells her it’s not something to apologize for, because her homemade chocolate was very delicious last year [and will probably be delicious this year too.] Shiharu suddenly starts feeling guilty for feeling so happy when she heard Matsunaga-san wasn’t dating anyone currently, when she knows she should be wishing for his happiness above all else. Matsunaga-san remarks that he only just got a Christmas present from her as well, and there sure are a lot of holidays in the winter, which leads Shiharu to say that his birthday is coming up as well, and ask him what he’d like for a present. Of course he tells her she doesn’t need to get him anything and she ignores him completely and asks him if he won’t even give her some kind of hint, with her notepad and pencil out ready to write it down. (This is SO Japanese! Before going to Japan I couldn’t figure out if some of the odd behaviors I noticed in manga were because the characters were Japanese or because they were non-fictional characters in a manga, but taking copious hand-written notes about things one could probably remember easily without is a Japanese thing. ) Matsunaga-san tells her there’s not really a “right answer” but when pressed admits that, when he thinks of “something [he] want[s]” what comes to mind is “a medicine to make him young again.” Shiharu pictures an evil witch brewing up a potion but dismisses it quickly.  She tells him that he’s still pretty young but Matsunaga-san tells her that seeing Rio and Takeru playing around earlier, he felt that they were really free and without worry, and he felt jealous. Finally the ferris wheel ride ends and Matsunaga-san puts his disguise back on. Shiharu blushes again because she lost track of time while enjoying talking with Matsunaga-san, and after he gets out he reaches back into the carriage to help her out. Shiharu stares at his outstretched hand, stammers a bit, blushes, wonders if she’s being overly-conscious of him and finally turns her eyes away and takes his hand, letting him help her out of the carriage. As she jumps down, Shiharu admits in her thoughts that she’s afraid “it’s going to be transmitted through her fingertips,” talking about her feelings for Matsunaga-san, I assume. When they all regroup, the twins confirm that they got the toys from Rio and Takeru-kun. Rio apologizes for doing their own thing then in whispers to Shiharu explains that if she and Takeru-kun hadn’t done this, she worried Shiharu and Matsunaga-san wouldn’t have a moment alone together for her to give him the chocolate. Takeru-kun grins lecherously(?) at Matsunaga-san and asks him if this was a good Valentine’s Day,  and Matsunaga-san secretly touches the bag of chocolates in his pocket and replies “…Thanks to you.” The chapter ends with Shiharu’s narration that although they’d gone to the amusement park in the very middle of coldest month of February (this is also true, at least where I was, February is the coldest month in Japan) her cheeks were hot the whole time.

Next Chapter 7/5/2013.


  1. That was such a cute chapter. Favorite parts:

    -When Matsunaga was taking off his hat and him and Shiharu made eye contact

    -When Matsunaga held out his hand for Shiharu!

    Thank you so much, Icarus!! XD

  2. i didn't understand a word of that but it was so damn cute

    i'll probably explode when your summary is out xD

    thanks as always!

  3. Darn cute >w<
    Hatless Seiji ruffling his hair is hot. *w*
    Shiharu blushed so much, I don't know how she managed not to faint XD
    Thanks, Ica! <3

    So it's settled, the next chapter (or the one after) will feature Seiji's birthday. (Go, Shiharuuuuuu! You're his medicine for eternal youth!)

  4. I wonder why there are so many breaks lately? Exhaustion? Vacations? Trying to drag it out longer so that there's enough content for an anime? The third would be awesome, although unlikely.

  5. Hi! This is the first time I've ever made a comment to your blog spot and let me just say I'm so glad that I found your blog spot, you're the only one so far I've seen that is current. Your summaries are so informative and quite detailed as well, keep up the good work! Looking forward to more of your posts! :)

  6. Awesome summaries. Thanks for being so constant and hardworking
    I really respect you Icarus-San and all the people who work hard in the manga translation/summary department


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