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Kore wa Koi no Hanashi Chapter 32 RAWs and Summary

After a long wait, I have RAWs of Chapter 32 of Kore wa Koi no Hanashi! And this chapter is certainly all that I was hoping it would be. If you remember the comment at the end of the last chapter, the author promised that from this chapter on, the series would start going in a new direction... Let's go!

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The tagline on the cover page of this chapter says “We’re not adults, nor are we children, but we know love.”
Picking up where the last chapter left off, Shinichi and Haruka are in her house, and he has just told her that there’s no way he could ever come to hate her. Then he tells her directly “I’m probably… In love with you.”  But he won’t look Haruka in the eyes and chuckles bitterly to himself, then turns to put on his shoes. He says that even if he says it out loud, it doesn’t change anything, that there’s nothing they can do about it (their mutual feelings). And he says that Haruka should know that already, right? Then Shinichi sits down on the step in the entranceway and continues talking one-sidedly, saying that he has no choice but to things perfectly clear: what’s between them can’t develop into anything more right now (however, he doesn’t actually say it perfectly clearly, he says it incredibly vaguely in typical Japanese fashion, I’m only interpreting this full sentence by filling in the parts he implied but never actually said!)  Then he changes directions and says “But, if you don’t mind… Come over, like you always did. If you don’t come by, I’ll worry about you. It’s better being together than alone, right?” Just afterwards, Maa-kun is approaching Haruka’s house and he sees Shinichi come out of the house, with Haruka following close behind him, blushing and looking distant.
In the next scene, school has started again and Haruka and Utako are walking home from the first day of school together. Utako calls Haruka out on zoning out and asks her why she’s been so out of it lately. Haruka blushes but doesn’t say anything and Utako tells her gruffly to just come out and say it, so Haruka suddenly comes out with “There’s something I want your advice about!” The two sit down on a bench someplace to talk and Haruka starts speaking really vaguely (I really don’t like this, everyone says the most important stuff in really vague Japanese in this series! It’s hard to pick concrete words to translate it into in English.) saying that she doesn’t know what to do anymore and she was starting to get a feeling that Shinichi felt that way, but… Then Utako shouts skeptically “He confessed?!!! No way!!!” Haruka nods and Utako states how surprised she is, and then after a few moments concludes “…So that old guy was a loli-con (pedophile) after all, eh?” Haruka protests and Utako says she’s only joking, but then goes on to ask Haruka “But he told you it’s impossible right? If anything happened, it would be a crime…” Haruka gets really embarrassed and then asks haltingly if even kissing would be a crime. Utako once again freaks out, screaming “ You KISSED?!! For real??!” and Haruka begs her not to tell anyone. Utako assures her she won’t, that even if she wanted to she couldn’t tell anymore. Utako then sympathizes with Haruka for keeping that secret all to herself this whole time. Finally Utako concludes, regarding the kiss, that things that have already been done can’t be undone, so Haruka should just continue to keep it a secret. Then Utako asks “Besides, it wasn’t unpleasant, was it? In fact, you enjoyed it, right?” Haruka blushes and can only nod in response.  Utako gets a distant look in her eyes and tells Haruka that she’s jealous of how, no matter what happened, Haruka has always be persistent and unwavering in her feelings for Shinichi. But she says at the same time she thinks “Hurry up and let [me/her] be free.” Haruka is confused by this and Utako tells her she was talking about herself (presumably her feelings for Oogaki, even though he got married?) The scene ends with Utako lamenting about how tough they have it; no matter how much bigger they may have gotten, they’re still only in middle school.
In the next scene, Haruka arrives back at Shinichi’s and finds Oogaki is there, and just before knocking on the door to announce her presence realizes that they are talking about her, and waits to listen to what they are saying. Oogaki is telling Shinichi he should be happy that Haruka agreed to come back and Shinichi says he’s not sure he is happy about it, he doesn’t know what to do and the situation feels so awkward. Oogaki tells Shinichi to just come clean to everyone and unabashedly pursue an illegal relationship with Haruka right now; after all, in times past a girl Haruka’s age would be married already. But Shinichi interrupts, outraged, and calls Oogaki a moron and tells him that he couldn’t  get away with even writing about such a thing in modern times, never mind actually doing it. Shinichi then scolds himself, saying he should have known better than to ask Oogaki for advice about this. Oogaki tells Shinichi that this is a good thing, since it’s the first time in a long time that he’s felt like this, right? Shinichi obstinately replies that it’s the first time, ever. Finally he gets frustrated and blurts out “It was better when she was just a little kid! Why does she have to keep getting bigger and bigger?” Hearing this, Haruka remembers Utako’s “joke” about Shinichi being a loli-con and runs away upset, clearly misunderstanding Shinichi’s statement and thinking it really must be true. Oogaki hears Haruka running away but Shinichi says Haruka would have said something when she came in if she was here already. Oogaki then says the road ahead is a long one, and muses on how quickly children seem to grow up and ‘leave the nest,’  and while you knew all along that you only had them for a while and they would one day, when it actually happens, you’ll be completely unprepared for it.  Shinichi thinks in response “Where did I go wrong…?” (lol It’s all Oogaki’s fault!) Meanwhile, Haruka is in the bathroom changing from her school uniform into casual clothes, and while shyly examining her developing body in the mirror while changing, thinks with confusion “It wasn’t supposed to be like this…?” She starts to worry about what she should do, and reasons that she’ll probably keep growing even more than now. Back in the living room, Shinichi explains his earlier statement by elaborating that it was easier to know how to deal with her when she was young, and she was obedient and easy to take care of. He recalls bitterly that, back then, he wished she would hurry up and just grow up already. Oogaki laughs and says that this has gotten really interesting, and Shinichi tells him it’s not interesting at all. Shinichi tells Oogaki that this is all his fault, then gets up to go get some more tea, since he drank all of his.  After he’s gone, Oogaki says to himself that Shinichi’s even more clueless than he thought, and that he’s really amusing. When Shinichi goes into the kitchen to get the tea, he’s surprised to find Haruka’s not there, even though she should be home from school right now. On the way back, Shinichi stops at the bathroom to pee (yes, he announces on the way there that he has to do #1) but when he opens the door (which it seems he’s surprised to find close, I guess the bathroom door is normally open when no one’s in there?) he finds Haruka, halfway through changing her shirt. She blushes furiously but he’s a bit stunned and says only “…Oh, you are home.” Then he realizes exactly what he’s doing and says “Ah, sorry…” and closes the door again, blushing himself. Suddenly Haruka lets out a huge scream and Oogaki comes running, and Shinichi shouts indigently that it’s nothing to scream bloody murder over, it’s not as if he did it on purpose or anything.  He shouts “I apologized already, didn’t I?!” but Haruka responds “Why were you so unfazed?!” Shinichi ‘s only response is “HUH?!” and Haruka continues on to say “You weren’t surprised at all” and although Shinichi denies it and says he was surprised but it wasn’t THAT big of a deal, Haruka comes out with “So it’s true… It’s because I’m this grown up, right?” Shinichi and Oogaki are both dumbfounded and Haruka continues, “You said earlier you liked it better when I was little, right Shinichi-san? So the reason you aren’t surprised now is because I’m not a child anymore?” Shinich protests full force, calling her an idiot and saying that’s not it at all, and that no matter what she might have though she misheard, she should have logically known better. While Oogaki is dying of laughter, Shinichi tells Haruka not to go around mistaking people for loli-cons, and Hakura responds “Oh… So you’re not?”  And thus the chapter ends!

Next chapter will be released on 6/28, I’ll get it in the mail about a month after that.


  1. Loved it!!THAT has to be the MOST unexpected chapter ever, thank you!! Why can't Love So Life be this unexpected every once in a blue moon? =/

    1. I'm wishing the same (for Love so life) XD

  2. Thank you thank you very much. I love this series!


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