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Aria Issue 8, 2013 - Part 1

This post with be Part 1 of several. There are a lot of chapters in this issue I want to scan and share with you guys. Of course, Kore wa Koi no Hanashi will always come first in my heart, and so will it come first on my blog! 

Kore wa Koi no Hanashi Chapter 33: Link Here!

I will try to come back and write a proper summary of this chapter once I'm done scanning the rest of the stuff I want to post from this issue, but in the mean time please make due with this brief summary, mostly copy and pasted from the chatbox:
The theme to this chapter is that Love does not equal Happiness; for Maa-kun (and also Satomi) it equals pain. At the begining of the chapter, Satomi is yelling at Shinichi for walking in on Haruka changing in the last chapter. Haruka says it's okay, since it was an accident and he apologized already. then Haruka apologizes for misunderstanding and thinking Shinichi was a pedophile. Then Satomi gets even madder and says Haruka shouldn't be the one apologizing here. Shinichi gruffly apologizes again and says he'll be more careful from now on, so forgive him. It was really cute how he couldn't look directly at them while apologizing sincerely. Later on (probably the next day), Satomi visit's Oogaki's house and Kaho-chan is there, hugely pregnant, making dinner. Satomi finds out from Oogaki that Shinichi admited his feelings for Haruka and she's also kind of apposed to it. She worries that, with the two of them being mutually aware of their feelings for eachother, it's the first time that there's any danger whatsoever of anything morally wrong actually occuring. Also, she seems a bit sad/hurt since she still harbors a bit of her first love for Shinichi. The main event in this chapter is when Maa-kun confesses love to Haruka a 2nd time, and then angrily tells her to give up on Shinichi because he's "never going to feel the same, which prompts Haruka to tell Maa-kun that Shinichi told her he loves her too. Then Maa-kun flips his sh*t, goes to Shinichi's house and screams at him a lot and threatens to go to the police and report him as a pedophile, but then ultimately says that he wouldn't really do that because it would make Haruka upset, and even he's not THAT much of a brat. At the end of the chapter, Shinichi confronts Haruka about telling Maa-kun that he confessed to her, and he starts beating around the bush trying to tell Haruka that he has no right to steal her adolescence. Basically what he's saying (he didn't actually say this, it's my interpretation of what he's saying) is that if she's "trapped" by the knowledge that he also likes her, she'll never date other people, and just steadfastly wait until she's old enough to be with him. He feels like he's stealing from her a lot of normal experiences that are a huge part of growing up by letting her wait for him. But Haruka interrupts him as soon as she catches what he's getting at and tells him that she's never once wavered in her feelings; since the day they met, her feelings haven't changed. He stares at her, surprised for a minute and then thinks to himself that she really is amazing. The really dramatic line on the last page says "From here on out, there's no turning back..."

Also in this post I'd like to introduce the manga that was on the cover of this issue, Nightmare Express. It's a new series starting this month. I won't actually be scanning it (I can provide LQ photograph RAWs though, if anyone has interest, post it in the comments) because I actually didn't like the series at all! The art is lovely, but the main character is super annoying. Anyways, Nightmare Express is a story about a European-esque country where there is a tale handed down generation to generation about how the most unfortunate person in the country will somehow receive a mysterious letter that contains a ticket to ride on the "express train to happiness." A rich aristocratic girl, Luludy, imagines herself to be the most unfortunate person in the entire kingdom, and sets out to find the person to whom the letter was delivered, Anne Marie, and purchase it from her with a suitcase filled with money. Luludy follows the nonsensical instructions contained within the letter, and is able to get on the "Black Train" after is suddenly appears out of the reflection of the moon on the lake. Inside she meets an eccentric but beautiful blonde-haired man and his clever, suspicious butler. The blonde man leaves Luludy in the butler's care and wanders off someplace, and as soon as he's gone the butler calls Luludy out on NOT being the actual most unfortunate person in the kingdom, Anne Marie, and when he finds out that she bought the ticket with money, he wants to reveal her deception to blondie. But Luludy throws a tantrum and insists that it doesn't matter how she got the ticket, since she rightfully owns it she has every right to be here, and furthermore, she's the *real* most unfortunate person in the kingdom so she deserved to get the letter in the first place, not Anne Marie. She then runs away from the bulter, who chases her through several (magic?) doors, each of which lead into different fantastical worlds that logically can't exist inside a train. Finally Luludy finds herself in a world that is made out of candy, roses and sparkles, and blondie is there right in the middle of all the rest of the shoujo glory. Luludy runs up to him and tells him how she *deserves* to be there and how she very much wants to say. Blondie is thrilled and tells her he's never heard that one before. In that case, he proposes, let's begin immediately: I'll make you much, much more unfortunate. Da-da-dum! Looks like the "express train to happiness" story was missing some vital information; like the fact that what happens on board is not making the subject happier, but rather even more unhappy! I can't stand the heroine, but I do think the story is aiming at her reforming herself and developing a less selfish, self-centered character. I just don't think I'll be sticking with the series long enough to see this development. Below is the lovely 2-page spread at the beginning of the chapter: 

In the next post, expect RAWs of the other new series this month, a fantasy story called "The Leftover Princess and the Nights of the Round Table." It appears to be in the same genre as Shinigami Hime no Saikon, but (so far) the characters are pretty standard; no can hold a candle to Alicia and Kashburn in my heart! Until next time, then!


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