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Love So Life Chapter 76 RAWs and Summary

Although I haven't gotten my magazine yet, RAWs for Love So Life were posted on Comiczip today. I will share a link to their post, and I urge you to download the RAWs there if you can. But I will also provide a mirror of my own, because I've had problems downloading from exstorage (the upload service comiczip uses) and anticipate others may as well. 

Download: Comiczip and Mirror

On the first page of the chapter there’s a tagline “Children grow and develop through their efforts.” Shiharu and the twins are at the daycare and girl called Mio-chan is telling everyone how she and her older sister went on an errand for their grandmother. Akane hears everyone praising Mio-chan and announces she’s going to run an errand too. That night at home, Shiharu explains to Matsunaga-san, who is surprised and says that he thinks the two of them are too young, but when Shiharu points out that she doesn’t think it’s good to stop them when they’re so full of ambition, and it might be good for them to build confidence in what they can do together even when they’re alone, Matsunaga-san agrees, under the condition that they prepare the twins ahead of time and follow after them in secret. Shiharu prepares by informing the old lady who lives near the convenience store and the convenience store staff and getting their cooperation, and by practicing “buying something at the store” with the twins at home by playing make-believe as cashier and customer. Then, on the pre-decided day, Shiharu “happens to” run out of ketchup when she’s making Omuraisu and asks Akane and Aoi to go get it for her. Akane agrees enthusiastically, but Aoi is more reluctant. Shiharu tells him he doesn’t have to go if he doesn’t want to, but when he asks if doing errands is really cool, and Shiharu says it is, he pictures Mio-chan and Akane being praised as ‘really cool’ and decides he’ll go. Shiharu goes over what to say one last time, gives them money, and sees them off.  Aoi is still reluctant and after leaving once, he runs back to Shiharu and admits bashfully that he might cry. While Shiharu is panicking and trying to figure out what to do, Aoi suddenly recovers and says “But I’m going,” and walks away. Shiharu gives them some snacks and sends them on their way. From here on out, it’s up to Matsunaga-san to trail behind them and keep an eye on them. First the twins stop at the old lady’s house and she pretends to ask if they are running an errand as if she didn’t already know, then praises them for being really cool. The old lady notices Matsunaga-san lurking around, but assumes he’s the person Shiharu warned her would be keeping an eye on the twins. Interestingly, the old lady doesn’t seem to have put two and two together between this Matsunaga-san and the one Shiharu confessed to being in love with a few chapters ago. The twins continue on, and Matsunaga-san is just thinking that they might actually pull this off, they cross paths with someone walking a huge dog (a Doberman, I believe.) They panic and dash off-course into an alley at full speed, and Akane trips while running and falls down. Aoi asks her if she’s okay, and Akane doesn’t answer right away. She looks at her scraped hands, looks back at the dog, and pictures Shiharu telling her to come home and she’ll put a band aid on it.  The chapter ends with Akane crying and saying she wants to go home, and Matsunaga-san recalling what Shiharu said about this being and opportunity for the twins to boost their confidence by working together, and trying to decide if he should step in or let them try to work it on their own.

The next chapter comes out 7/20.


  1. Hm, I already shared my thoughts in the chat but I can't resist from flooding in here as well. XD

    In this chapter the twins want to go to the store on their own. Shiharu-tan and Sei-tan decide to let them go since the kids will have to manage without their help after a very short while... Of course Seiji goes to watch after them and our favourite granny finally sees him! XD

    Anyway, it's noticeable that Aoi is quite passive here... It was already implied that he's the more observant and will grow up into a rather introvert guy while Akane will be the energetic one (she already is XD).
    The chapter ends with Akane crying for home (and Shiharu-tan) and Aoi at loss about what to do with his sister. But I think in next chapter he'll reach for her hand and, being the observant little brat he is, he'll lead her to the convenience store and he'll prove himself to be a reliable young man, just as his uncle.

    However I'm more worried about Matsunaga-san who's following them. =D Will he get mistaken for a suspicious man...? XD At least next chapter is on time (20th july)

    Nothing big happens, but it implies. And helps to pile up the tension. Right now it must be around 20th Feb in-story. So far the plan was that the twins move away in March and Seiji hasn't even told them yet. I wonder how he's going to tell them at all... And I can't help but ponder over-- over everything. We have Seiji's birthday on 26th, twins moving in March and Shiharu turning 18 on 18th April and she'll have to move from the orphanage. Then there's Kouichi. When is he coming back? When they move? Or?? How are the events going to be combined?? LsL is such a simple and natural manga that I can't figure it out and it's driving me crazy! :D

  2. How cute ^^

    thank you really much for the summary!

  3. Ohh (jumping in on the granny/Matsunaga conversation from the chatbox here) so you guys thought she didn't realise it was him? My first thought was that she did, but I was also insanely confused by her reaction, so really open to hearing more of what you guys thought! xD;

    What I got: Going by the comiczip scans, the file ending in "209" is the page where Seiji appears and granny spots him. On 210, he gives granny a nod. In the second panel granny has a flashback to Shiharu telling her that "A man named Matsunaga-san will be tailing [the twins]" and she gets a "!!" bubble, so I think she made the connection at the time that the guy Shiharu loves will be coming by.

    So she thinks this guy must be Matsunaga-san, but then she gets a good look at him and thinks that he looks like a young whippersnapper like Takeru... and that face she pulls and the screentone in the background suggest she's disappointed (I think?). Did she think he'd be older? Is she just confused because he's wearing Takeru's clothes? (Back on p208, there's a little box saying Seiji's hat and scarf were provided by Takeru, I presume as a disguise.) Or does she abandon the idea that this is Matsunaga-san because he looks too young? It kind of all happened so fast and was such an unexpected reaction to me I was pretty confused by it.

    Side note: the co-parenting vibe between Seiji and Shiharu was really cute in this chapter (*´▽`*)

    1. Hmmm I gotta go back and look at it more carefully.
      And I loved the co-parenting too! They work so good together <3 I want to see their own kids :D I bet the boys look like Seiji and the girls look like Shiharu.


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