Friday, July 19, 2013

Kore wa Koi no Hanashi - Special Bonus Feature!!!

This picture appears in the author's notes at the end of Volume 7. It's Oogaki and his baby !!! <3 SO CUTE <3

Click Here for a Larger Version


  1. Can you tell me please what manga is this? ^ Thank you!

  2. Could you link the original source of this picture? Since I would like to know if there are more pictures made by author which was not published in original chapters. I love this manga ^^

    1. Sure, this is a photograph I took of my copy of Kore wa Koi no Hanashi Volume 7 (Japanese). You can get it on here:

      Also, if you'd like to purchase all the volumes, which may contain other pictures you've not seen before, here is a list of all the volume published so far:

    2. Thanks, my curiosity just grew stronger. Is there any possibility that these series would be published in english?

    3. I hope so! I kind of doubt it, since in western countries the theme of pedophilia (which this story would no doubt be branded as) is much more taboo than other parts of the world. Still, there are books like "Lolita" and so on, so perhaps it will be! Anyways, I doubt anything much more risque is going to happen until Haruka gets to be in HS. Perhaps the English publishing companies are waiting to see how it plays out before committing to buy the license, just in case something unexpected happens that they can't publish in the US.


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