Thursday, August 15, 2013

Sugar Apple Fairy Tale (Novel)

Volume 1: Ginzatoushi to Kuro no Yousei

"The Silver Sugar Master and the Black Fairy"
By: Mikawa Miri
Illustrations: Aki
Joint with Aqua Scans


Chapter 1 (The Scarecrow and the Fairy): Link Here!
Chapter 2 (Reunion on the Bloody Highway): Link Here!
Chapter 3 (Attack): Link Here!
Chapter 4 (The Night at the Doctor's Inn): Link Here!
Chapter 5 (Sugar Apple of the Poison Tree): Link Here!
Chapter 6 (Arising Morning): Link Here!
Chapter 7 (The Path of the Royal Medal): Link Here!

Volume 2: Ginzatoushi to Ao no Koushaku
"The Silver Sugar Master and the Blue Duke"
By: Mikawa Miri
Illustrations: Aki
Joint with Aqua Scans

Chapter 1 (When the Snow Falls): Link Here!

Chapter 2 (Duke Felix's Summons): Link Here!
Chapter 3 (Castle by the Seaside): Link Here!
Chapter 4 (A False Goodbye): Link Here!
Chapter 5 (Held Captive): Link Here!
Chapter 6 (The Fairy from His Memories): Link Here!
Chapter 7 (If I Continue Gazing at You): Link Here!

Drama CD #1: Link Here!
Drama CD #2: Link Here!

Where to Buy: Link Here!

Volume 2 - The Silver Sugar Master and The Blue Duke
Volume 3 - The Silver Sugar Master and The White Nobleman
Volume 4 - The Silver Sugar Master and The Green Workshop
Volume 5 - The Silver Sugar Master and The Purple Promise
Volume 6 - The Silver Sugar Master and The Red Kingdom



  1. I JUST finished reading this today and OMG THANK YOU FOR THE TRANSLATION! It was awesome!!! Are you going to translate the 2nd volume too? And from which volume is that image above from! OMG this was so amazing, thank you a thousand times! I can't wait for more!

    1. You're welcome!! Thank you for reading to the end!
      Yes, I will translate volume 2 onward as well. I'm currently about 1/3rd of the way through translating volume 2, chapter 1.
      That picture is from Volume 4 :D

  2. Suki!! XD thank you for the translation , adore this novel is so cute

  3. Fuwaaaa i love this series ty >W< (need to start learning JP)

  4. Hello! Thanks for the hard work and looking forward for more! Please never get tired of translating this.

  5. Kyaah!! This is absolutely amazing novel!! I love it so much! Thank you for the translation! > v <
    Huoh, why can't there be more translated girl light novel...(There's lots of them..) Baka-tsuki always translate light novel where's like 1 guy and 10+ girl...

  6. Amazing novel! Thanks for bringing it to English audience :3
    Almost 3 months since the last chapter though, I hope you hadn'n dropped it..

  7. Thanks for the raws and translating them... I do not know how to thank you!

  8. I am amazed it took so long for me to discover something this wonderful. I would like to thank you for translating this! I'm very grateful to you for making it possible for me to read this.

  9. When is chapter 7 of volume 2 coming out??

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  11. Thank You soooo much for the Translations, Icarus Bride.

    I tried out this novel yesterday and absolutely loved it. (I've finished it already and am currently re-reading it).

    Again, Thank You!!!!!

    PS, I noticed that Aqua Scans has already released chap 6 of volume 2, but the link has not been uploaded here.

  12. Replies
    1. Nope. it's continued at Aqua Scans, where Icarus Bride is releasing as a joint. Currently v03, prologue has been released.

  13. Wow! I just finished reading and I was pleasantly surprised!! Thanks for translating the manga so fluently, I'm really grateful for it. ^_^
    I flipped the RAWS for it's pictures and I'm really excited about what will happen to their relationship as their feelings grow! XD


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