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Love So Life Chapter 78 - RAWs and Summary

Once again we have ComicZip to thank for uploading Love So Life RAWs days before I get my copy! The subject of this chapter is Matsunaga-san's birthday, at last! I can't think of much else to say, so let's get to it! After I'm done summarizing this chapter, I can scan Himegoto Asobi Ch 12!

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The tagline on the first page says "The day for giving thanks for the birth of the person you love...<3"

The chapter starts off at Matsunaga-san's house, where Matsunaga-san is alone with the twins. He tells them that he has something he wants to talk to them about, and then reminds them of how they went on an errand alone together recently. He connects that to his main point, and tells them that soon, when it becomes spring, he wants them to go live with their grandparents in Shizuoka. Akane asks if Sei-tan and Shiharu-tan will come too and Matsunaga-san says they won't. He starts to explain, but Aoi interrupts and yells "No! Ao won't go! Ao-kun will say with Sei-tan and Shiharu-tan!" Once again Matsunaga-san starts to explain, and he tells Aoi that even if they go to live in Shizuoka with their grandparents, it's not like they'll never see him and Shiharu again, but Aoi keeps yelling "No! No! No!" Finally Aoi stands up and shouts "I hate you, Sei-tan!" throws all the toys he can get his hands on at Matsunaga-san and then throws himself down on the floor in full-out tantrum mode. Matsunaga-san glanes at Akane and finds her stiff with shock. He reasons that it hasn't sunken in yet. He then thinks that even if they've grown up to the point of comprehending things they are told, it doesn't mean they've grown up to the point of *accepting* those things. 

In the next scene, Shiharu and the twins are making preparations for Matsunaga-san's birthday party. Shiharu notices Aoi is being quieter than usual, wonders if he's feeling sick, and asks him what's wrong. Aoi tells her that Sei-tan was saying they are "going to do bye-bye." Shiharu immediately realizes Matsunaga-san has finally told the twins about going to live with their grandparents. Then Aoi says sadly "I wonder if Sei-tan hates Ao-kun..." Shiharu immediately denies it. She tells Aoi the Matsunaga-san really REALLY loves him and Akane. Aoi shyly asks why Sei-tan wants to do bye-bye if he really loves them, and Shiharu makes a stricken face and explains that she and Matsunaga-san aren't the only ones who love the twins; their Mama and Papa and their Grandparents love them too, and those Grandparents would also like to try living with them. Shiharu gathers both of the twins in her lap and hugs them, while saying that even when they are apart she loves them very much. Aoi seems to finally accept the fact of going to live with his grandparents, though he still seems sad about it.  

The next scene is Matsunaga-san's birthday party! Matsunaga-san comes home from work and Shiharu and the twins great him with poppers and a chorus of "Happy Birthday!" 's. Matsunaga-san admits in his thoughts that he actually forgot about his own birthday because he's been so busy lately. Akane gives him a paper chain she made for him, and then the door rings. It's Takeru, dressed as a clown, and Oikawa. While Matsunaga-san is chastising Takeru for his goofy outfit, Oikawa immediately pounces on Shiharu and tries to give her the flowers that he brought for Matsunaga-san, saying flowers are more suited for pretty girls. Shiharu gets flustered and tells Oikawa she can't possibly accept them, and Matsunaga-san, watching this exchange gets jealous! He makes an adorable pouty face and then throws Oikawa and Takeru out, yelling that people who beat on drums at this time of night and who casually touch underage girls are forbidden in his house. 

Shiharu serves the birthday cake, all the while fretting over whether or not it's really okay to kick Takeru and Oikawa, but Matsunaga-san assures her it's fine, and reasons that the two of them would be noisy all night and never settle down if they were allowed to stay. Shiharu responds by saying that they must love Matsunaga-san a lot out if they came all the way here to wish him a happy birthday. Akane cuts in saying that she loves Matsunaga-san too. Aoi starts to join her but then stops suddenly, after remembering how he told Matsunaga-san he hates him last time. Matsunaga-san teasingly says "Oh yeah, that reminds me, didn't someone tell me they "hate" me recently?" but then pats Aoi on the head and tells him it's okay, because "I'll always love you." Aoi looks at Matsunaga-san with huge, intelligent eyes and doesn't respond. Then Shiharu gives Matsunaga-san his birthday present from her. It's a glasses case. Matsunaga-san thanks her and tells her he was just thinking that he'd like to get one. Then Shiharu pulls out another present and tells him she was a bit unsure which to get, so she got both. When Matsunaga-san opens the second present, a bit incredulously, he finds it's a bottle of alcohol! Matsunaga-san is somewhat shocked, but Shiharu explained that she went to several pharmacies looking for a "medicine to make [him] younger" like he asked for previously at the amusement park, but she couldn't find anything like that. So finally the pharmacist suggested this special "long life" wine, to promote vigor. Matsunaga-san laughs uproariously and Shiharu worries that she's made a mistake with this gift but he assures her that he likes it and thanks her. With a smile on a face and the paper chain around his neck, Matsunaga-san does look a bit younger and more carefree! 

In the last panel, Matsunaga-san remarks that regaining youth is one thing, but a long life is also good, and Shiharu responds by asking him to please live a very long time.

The next chapter will be published in Hana to Yume issue 21, on October 4th, 2013.


  1. thank you! uff next chapter is so far :(

  2. I think this chapter was quite touching. ._.
    The twins took the news much better than I expected though - whenever Shiharu called to say she can't come to babysit, the twins' screaming reached the outer space. XD I don't think the mentality of such a small kid can grow that much for a year or two but oh well, at least Matsunaga-san finally told them and now the story can head towards the drama and separation part.

    Thanks for the summary. My favourite part from it:
    "He makes an adorable pouty face and then throws Oikawa and Takeru out, yelling that people who beat on drums at this time of night and who casually touch underage girls are forbidden in his house." XD It made me laugh a lot!


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