Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Shuuden na Kankei - Chapter 1 : The Station Attendant At My Local Train Station

Please take this release as a peace offering, an apology before the fact, if you will. I have been a terrible slacker in the past few weeks for no real reason, and significantly less is going to get done for the next few months because I am going back to school. I only have to do one more semester, and then I will finally graduate in December. Between school, work, job applications, and my duties as a student ambassador (student mentor for Japanese students studying abroad at my university in the US) scanlation activities are going to get bumped down to last priority. I promise to do the best I can, and ask you guys in exchange to please be patient and try to avoid nagging. It's really annoying.

The release today is the first chapter of a short series (1 Volume) by Oota Yoshio. This is an Age Gap Romance between a girl in her 20's who works as a magazine journalist, and a man in his 40's (?) who works as a station attendant. I was really excited about this series because 1. The balance of their personalities is really good. 2. I love age gap romance more than anything! 3. I want to marry a station attendant. They are soooo useful and their uniform is really cool. <3

I hope you guys also enjoy the story of Hibari and Yokose-san! There are 5 chapters and a Side Story in this volume. I will be scanlating the other 4 chapters, but I'm not going to do the Side Story because it's not about Hibari and Yokose-san, and it looks boring.

I bought this volume as an Ebook, and you can too! In fact, this series is published online and *not* in print (at this time). If you liked this series and want to use your money to persuade the author to write more (this is called commerce, people!) please purchase your own copy at : EbookJapan

Download: Link Here!

PS: I wanted to write a little something explaining Hibari's assignment in this chapter. The article she's writing is a review of things to do near various train stations around town. In urban parts of Japan, most people don't own cars and use trains to commute everywhere. In this kind of society, people will chose the places they shop and the restaurants they eat at based on how close they are to a train station. Places that are easily accessible by train get better business since the customers can actually get there! This is why huge commercial areas have sprung up around train stations, and all the shops and restaurants and pachinko parlors and what-have-you are all clustered around the station. In fact, the busiest stations have entire underground shopping malls attached! Check out this site for an example. These are the shops in the underground shopping mall at one of the busiest stations in Nagoya. I often went here with my friends because it's really convenient. Hibari's article would have the same kind of information as this website. 


  1. Thank you so much for this new release. After reading your post I also think the story might be really interesting and refreshing because it seems to be not the standard age gap story.

    I am sorry to hear, that there are still people out there who nag about faster releases.

    Please don't pay attention to them. Your real life is much more important than anything else and I don't mind patiently waiting as long as you need for the next chapter. Good luck with your exams in December. I had mine at the end of May and afterwards I was really exhausted.

    1. Thank you Saya! I hope you will like Shuuden na Kankei! It progresses slowly and beautifully, like other Age-Gap romances I work on (Kore wa Koi no Hanashi, Oji Koi) and has it's own unique "feel." I'm really impressed with the author, especially considering this seems to be his/her first manga.

  2. Actually for me the fact that scanlator still does scanlate is very, very good enough, and I'm grateful for that. Don't feel burdened by this, and don't let this disturb your real life :|

    Oooh Age Gap! I reaaaally love age gap! Especially if the female side is... minor ( ._.) (yup, like Kore wa Koi no Hanashi, Hajimari no Niina, Bolt and Lantern, Meiji Hiiro Kitan, so on, so on), because the loli in love is sooo very cute, and the male side's denial, even cuuuter! (~ >\\\<)~ But waaah I just love age gaaaaap <3

    Anyway, I just wanna say Thank you so very much for your hardwork ( '3')<3<3<3

  3. Ohhhh another age-gap romance~~~<3 Thank you for this! Can't wait for the next releases. Though I hope it was longer than a volume. ^^

  4. Ica, firstly I want to say that I hope everything works out for you with school, work, job applications, etc., but you seem to be a very hard-working and determined person, so I'm sure you will be able to juggle all these things ;) Please don't worry about us, I think people in this day and age need to learn to be more patient anyway ;)

    Thank you for this gem story amidst all the business in your life! I have to say I absolutely LOVE age gaps too (Kore wa Koi no Hanashi, Love so Life, Oji Koi, Eden no Hana, etc.), especially the ones that take a little longer to develop, I feel those are always the ones that end being more meaningful anyways :DD

  5. I just wanna say thank you for all you do! I totally understand what you're going through as I'm also starting my second fall term... I wish you luck in your endeavors! ;D Also I just want to let you know that give 2 and many, many more thumbs up for this series! I can't get enough of it! Can't wait for the next release!

  6. First of all thank you sooo much for introducing me to this series! Also, on discussing the age gap romance issue of Hanayume...I had to pick up my own copy when I did my monthly Kinokuniya run!

    Also, it doesnt really sound like you're slacking, it sounds like you're too busy to work on anything, which is totally understandable! I went on my trip to Japan in April, and still haven't finished writing about it in my blog because I'm too busy with life (that whole having to make money for a living thing..psh).

    Good luck on your last semester! Enjoy it, because it's going to go fast!

  7. Aw, the mediafire link is dead. I don't mind buying, but I don't understand Japanese :(


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