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Dengeki Daisy Chapter 74 - RAWs and Summary

I gotta say, this arch of the story has been drawn out for what seems like forever. I want to see the conclusion already! However, I can't believe that in only 1 month, Dengeki Daisy will end. Dengeki Daisy was one of the very first manga I ever read online when I learned of the existence of scanlations, back in high school. Well, let's set those thoughts aside, because we've still got an entire chapter until the end. For now, let's enjoy chapter 74 together! As always, thanks goes out to Asahi, who provided these RAWs for us! 

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I don't know what's going on on the cover page of this chapter, does anyone have any guesses? The tagline says "Together with a lot of people's "feelings"...!!" and the title of this chapter is "Let's Go Home Together."

The chapter starts off anti-climatically with Kiyoshi, Rena, etc back home worrying about Teru and Kurosaki off on their dangerous mission. They don't even know if Kurosaki has found Teru yet (remember she'd been kidnapped) but they say that if it's Kurosaki X Teru, they should be fine, one way or another. Kiyoshi observes that the weather is especially nice all over Japan today and wonders if it's also clear and sunny where Teru is. He vows that when she gets home safely, he's going to treat her to a parfait.

In another location, Riko and Takeda are also waiting impatiently for news. Takeda tells Riko that he just heard from Andy, and that Andy said that they haven't heard anything from Kurosaki's group since dropping them off on the island, and that he (Andy) will contact them (Takeda+Riko) again if he hears anything.  Takeda then offers Riko some snacks he bought and tries to get her to get some sleep. He tells her if anything happens, he is also capable of running Kurosaki's machinery (IDK what this means but perhaps it will be important later.) However Riko declines, and while gazing at a photo of Teru and Souichirou  says that even if it's just with her feelings, she wants to fight along beside them.

As the scene finally changes back to the island, Teru's narration bridges the transition "There are people waiting for me. That's why, I absolutely have to make it home!"

Master and Kurosaki are in the chapel and Master is reeling with shock from Kurosaki's declaration at the end of the last chapter that "the Will of M" can't be postponed or stopped. Master yells at Kurosaki and asks if there's really no way. Kurosaki confirms grimly that according to the diary of the system engineer who created the "Will of M" code, once the program is initiated there's no way to stop it. Master still hasn't fully processed the meaning of what Kurosaki's saying until Kurosaki tells him that he's going after Teru, and orders Master to call the helicopter back immediately and escape. Master angrily tells him not to screw with him, because there's no way he'd run away and leave them to die, but Kurosaki yells back at him to do as he says, and in this way each of them will be doing their best. He says that the system engineer who created The Will of M couldn't stop it, but he did his best trying to. Souichiro and Professor Midorikawa also risked ("spent") their lives to do their best for the people they cared about. Kurosaki explains that they have inherited these people's feelings (the way he says it implies "picking up where someone else has left off"), and even now Teru is doing her best, fighting on.   

The scene changes to deep below, where Teru is confronting Akira. Akira is working himself up into quite a rage, and asks Teru who the hell she thinks she is, and why she thinks she knows the first thing about him. In her thoughts, Teru acknowledges that Akira is right, she doesn't know if she can or even has the right to persuade him to turn from his course. He then tells her how pissed off she makes him, talking down to him when she's had such a perfect, blessed life. Once again, Teru agrees inside her thoughts that she has lived happily, and probably couldn't comprehend the depths of the suffering Akira has experienced. 

Even so, she opens her mouth and tries to tell him that he must not remove the final seal, but Akira breaks in accusing her of trying to distract him and steal the treasure, of disregarding the feelings that drove him all the way down here, etc. Teru interrupts him back and yells at him to not interrupt people when they are speaking, and listen to what they are saying. Teru grabs Akira's shirt and yells at him that if he removes the final seal, he won't find what he seeks: instead, the island will explode and they will all die. She asks him if he really wants to waste his life on this fool's errand and die without ever finding what he was really looking for. She tells him that he's only listening to what he wants to hear and closing his ears to all reason and charging ahead full steam, and it's that part of his personality that she wants to beat some common sense into. Akira gets flustered and shakes her off, telling her not to yell at him. He asks where her proof is for all these allegations she's making, and then asks what she's doing here if there really is no treasure and there really is a bomb that he's about to detonate. Teru tells him earnestly that she came to save him, and that Kurosaki and everyone are working hard for that goal: to bring him home with them. She tries to convince him that they are sincere by telling him that Riko has been doing all sorts of things to prepare so that they can help him with his poor health after bringing him home. 

However, Akira hits Teru hard, knocking her to the ground, and tells her not to make him laugh. He asks if she was expecting him to cry with happiness and gratefully accept her offer of salvation. He tells her he never asked to be saved. Akira says that his life is finally his to do with as he pleases: all along his fate has been manipulated by a series of superficial hypocrites. He alleges that their reason for wanting to save him isn't even for his sake: it's because they feel obligated to do so to make up for the mistakes of the past, or because they believe that by helping others they can erase their own sins, or some other selfish reason. Teru's struggling to get back to her feet and Akira looms over her ominously asking how they are any different from the bad guys who have kidnapped him and used him before, and even accuses them of being worse than those other guys because they are totally deluding themselves with hypocritical ideas of being big heroes, riding to his rescue. In her thoughts, Teru acknowledges he's right, that there's not a fundamental difference between trying to change someone's life against their will and trying to destroy it. Akira tells her to hurry up and disappear and stop making him waste his breath, because he's already said it before: he doesn't care what the consequences are as long as he can unlock the Will of M. He asks her if she was expecting everything would simply go according to her wishes just because she's on the side of justice, and tells her not to be naive: it's the strong who always win, in the end. As he turns back to the console to begin decrypting the code, he says almost as if talking to himself that if what she said really were true, then him breaking the final code would cause the island to explode and she'd die too; he seems to feel that it's completely inconceivable that she'd be there even in the face of those odds, and so he tells her to "at least come up with a better lie that that."  As he reaches for the keyboard, Akira says nonchalantly that even if it is true, he doesn't really care if he dies, since he has no attachment to this world. 

Suddenly Teru gets to her feet and grabs Akira's hand. Teru tells him that regardless, she's not going to let him remove the final seal. He gets mad and calls her an ugly bitch and tells her to stop screwing with him and leave him alone. Teru tells him grimly that she also bet her life in this wager and that's not a loss she's prepared to take. She says that if Akira won't listen to reason, she'll stop him by force. She explains that she promised to buy time for Kurosaki to find a way to stop the inevitable explosion, and when Akira tries to tell her once again that he never asked to be saved, Teru cuts in and tells him that even if he never asked to be saved, Professor Midorikawa asked them to save him. Teru tells Akira that Professor Midorikawa never stopped looking for him, and tells him about the video that was Professor Midorikawa's "desperate cry for help" which moved her, Kurosaki and the others to come after Akira. Teru asks Akira if he really doesn't care what happens, then why is he searching so desperately? Akira tells her to shut up and not come near him, but Teru keeps pushing. She speculates that the 'something' he's searching for is proof that Professor Midorikawa loved him. Teru tells Akira that what he really wants is to be able to feel glad to have been born. Not wanting to hear this, Akira punches Teru, hard, but Teru holds her ground. She grapples with Akira, catching both of his hands in hers, and overpowers him, forcing them both to the ground, saying "I caught you. I win." Answering his earlier rhetorical question, she tells him that it's not because she's on the side of justice, simply the fact that she's stronger than him that let her win. Teru starts talking almost euphorically, telling Akira that she won't let him remove the final seal and die, because even if he says no she's going to teach him lots of fun things when they get home, and promises that he'll never be alone again. In her thoughts, Teru promises to crush/destroy Akira's despair. However, Teru suddenly collapses in Akira's lap. Akira tries to wake her up, shaking her and yelling at her to stop screwing around and wake up, but she doesn't wake up. 

Just then, Kurosaki arrives on scene.  Akira recognizes him but calls him "Daisy" not "Kurosaki." Kurosaki calmly asks what happened to Teru and why she's unconscious. Akira makes an "oh shit" face and says he doesn't know, she just passed out suddenly, but it might have something to do with him punching her earlier... Kurosaki puts his head to Teru's chest, presumably listening for her breathing/heartbeat, and then smiles and pats her head. He then asks Akira about "the Will of M" and Akira suddenly gets a childish, frightened expression on his face and says he didn't decode the final encryption, because Teru told him not to. Then Akira repeats what Teru said about buying time for Kurosaki to find a way to stop the explosion, and asks hesitantly "B-but, that was a lie, right? There's no explosion...right?" Kurosaki confirms that it's not a lie, and moreover, that time is already up. Kurosaki reveals to Akira that he discovered there's no way to stop the explosion, and that the countdown screen on the pulpit-computer in the chapel above has shifted to "preparation for explosion." As Kurosaki says this, an alarm starts ringing out and Kurosaki says cryptically over noise of the shrill alarm "in 15 minutes, everything will be over." Akira is completely stunned and without realizing it tears are running out of his eyes, and he looks more than ever like a lost, scared little kid. Kurosaki puts a hand on his head and tells him firmly not to cry because he's a boy. He tells Akira that if he doesn't want to die, it's up to his actions from here on out. Kurosaki smiles and puts his other hand on Teru's head and says "Let's go home, together."

The scene shifts to an off-shore view of an epic explosion, and there's a shot of Chiharu watching with a forlorn expression as black smoke billows into the air. She reports back to headquarters via radio that a large-scale explosion has been confirmed on the uninhabited island, and test subject M-M has been completely eradicated: operation "The Will of M" is now complete.

Next (and FINAL) Chapter of Dengeki Daisy will be released 10/12! Since that's a Saturday, we will probably get it the following Wednesday, 10/16. See you then!


  1. does the ending mean that everyone died in the explosion ?

    1. Dengeki Daisy is a shoujo manga! They won't die! That's what I've learned from reading lots of shoujo manga.

    2. It comes to and end. I feel lonely.

  2. Aww, this chapter made me smile. Go Teru!

  3. I refuse to believe Dengeki Daisy is ending with the next chapter. I hope they at least make it extra long...
    Thanks for the scans and summary, it's VERY appreciated!

  4. Thank you for all your summaries! I appreciate all the hard work you put towards them!
    If I am not mistaken, the cover of this chapter reflects chapter 41 of Dengeki Daisy, when Teru and Kurosaki reunite after it was revealed that Kurosaki was Daisy. If you read the chapter, Teru says something along the lines of "I caught you Kurosaki, finally I got to touch you. I am never letting go, I'm not going to runaway" after Teru 'caught' Kurosaki after him chasing her (which is shown on this chapter cover). I think it parallels when Teru caught Akira in this chapter and says "I caught you. I win." :3
    I hope this series ends on a good note, and again, thank you for the summary~

  5. I've been reading from this blog to feed on my impatiance for latest chapters. Thanks so much for all the hard work. Truly appreciates every single effort of yours and Asahi's.


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