Saturday, September 7, 2013

Kirikagohime to Mahoutsukai Chapter 6 RAWs

Finally I've managed to scan this chapter, almost 2 entire months after it was released. Sorry, guys! I'm so overwhelmed~~ I won't be writing a summary about this chapter, but never fear, because there are a whole bunch of groups scanlating this title, so you'll soon be able to read it in English, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese. 

Download: Link Here!

In case anyone's wondering what I'm working on, here's the current vague outline (the order is constantly shifting but these are the main things I'm working on):

- Oji Koi Chapter 10
- KKH Ch 34 and Himegoto Asobi Ch 12 Summaries
- Appothecarius Argentum Chapter 40 translation
- Shuuden na Kankei Chapter 2
- Airuika (Oneshot by the author of Oji Koi)
- LSL translations from Ch 64 +
- LSL Ch 70 Summary

When RAWs for Dengeki Daisy come out, they'll cut immediately to the top of this list. 

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