Sunday, September 8, 2013

Oji Koi Chapter 10

In record time (3 days after the Japanese release) I have Chapter 10 of Oji Koi ready for you guys! It's not really such a miraculous feat, given the chapter is only about 20 pages long, but still! This chapter is really intense. I feel this series is turning in a new direction, from a light-hearted, if slightly unusual, romance story into a deeper look at the challenges inherent in non-traditional relationships. I just hope the series doesn't end anytime soon. Boss and Ran-chan have had a lot of character development in the last few chapters, and I want to see how their relationship will play out, not just the "Ok, we overcame the major obstacle in our way and will now live happily ever after, buh-bye!" thing that is common in so many shoujo series. 
I also want to thank everyone who visits  my page to download the releases of my scanlations from me directly. I know most people don't so I value you guys all the more for it! I can read manga perfectly fine in Japanese, and at this point it doesn't really do much to improve my language skills anymore, so there's only one reason left for me to continue scanlation: because I want there to be other fans to discuss my love for these series with, and since I haven't made any Japanese friends who like manga and most English-speaking manga fans can't read Japanese, that involves first bringing the manga to you in a language you can read. So, the reason why I wish people would download scanlations from my blog rather than reading it on Mangafox or wherever is so that our paths can cross and we can discuss how awesome the manga is :D

Download: Link Here!

Next up on my to-do list are the summaries I've been neglecting, translation for SHnS2 Ch 5 (KellyJo finished cleaning it already!) and Dengeki Daisy when it comes out. I forgot to add on the list last time that I also have Shinigami Hime light novels that I do intend to work on, at some point, if I ever have the time >,<;;


  1. i'm such a huge fan of this series and you're effin awesome for scanlating it like lightning! it's nice to see some drama going on and i hope to see some grand gesture or an embarrassing declaration of eternal love or something in the coming chapters! more power to you!

  2. Thanks so much for this new release!!! I like this series, the characters and the gentle atmosphere. Recently we've see much more of their relationship's development, so I hope it continues!

  3. It'll take me 5 min to pass by and thanks you for your translation of this really touching manga so I'll do it ^^

    thanks for providing us your work and I hope you a really good continuation (^_-)b

    1. Thank you very much for stopping by! I'm glad you enjoyed this chapter too :D

  4. Awesome to see the next chapter out so soon!!! You really made my day!!! Thanks for all the hard work :)You mentioned in this chapter that most people don't get their releases off here but I wanna say that I'm an ardent fan of this blog (and your excellent taste in scanlating manga)and I check it out all the time; you're the best!!!!! ^-^


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