Tuesday, September 24, 2013

[RAW] Shitsurakujima ~Hachinin no Kemono to Ikenie Hanayome~

Another random share selected from this week's free ebooks over on ebookjapan. This manga is really horrible, I'm not exactly sure why I downloaded it, even if it was free. WARNING!!!: this manga is pretty much strait-up hentai, and contains multiple rape scenes. Many manga contain questionable sex scenes, but there's no doubt about whether the sex here is consenting-- it's not. Also, there's a whole ton of incest going on here. If you're bothered by that, please don't download this file. 

"The Island of Paradise Lost ~8 Beasts and the Sacrificial Bride~"

This story is about a girl named Misato who has just graduated from high school. Her mother died when she was young and just recently her father was in a car accident in which his car fell off a cliff and his body was never recovered, so they don't know if he's dead or alive, but he's presumed to be dead. Luckily, Misato is approached by the lawyer of her estranged great-uncle (her grandmother's younger brother). Since her grandmother ran away from home when she was young and never spoke of or too her family again, Misato didn't even know she had a great-uncle. Misato travels to her great-uncle's house (mansion) to meet with her only living blood relative, but she gets more than she bargained for when her great-uncle, who seems kind at first, drugs her with some kind of incense and orders her 8 cousins to rape her. Whomever can impregnate her first will become her husband and the heir to the family fortune. Luckily, there's one cousin, Tomoya, who didn't participate in the rape-fest, and he offers to help Misato escape. 

Download: Link Here!


  1. Everything was fine until the "drugs her with some kind of incense and orders her 8 cousins to rape her" part... holy crap, definitely not my cup of tea, but I wanted to thank you anyway for sharing as always! Thanks for you work Icarusbride-sama.

  2. woah.. this is too much ... who's the mangeka?

    but I just wanted to say I love your summaries and that it's basically what I start my day with and end with :) thank you so much for all your hard work Icarusbride-sama :)

  3. please reupload streaming manga~

  4. please, you can upload this manga to imgur. I can't download
    thank you


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